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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 3X 8G $799 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Down from $999. Seems like a really good price. For those who can’t wait for the 3000 series.

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  • Hey we should flood the computing category with 2070 Supers ;)

    • Is this a great price or is it worth waiting, do you think?

      • Might as well wait at this point. These aren't even great prices considering the AUD is substantially better than it was even 8-9 months ago but RTX 2070 Supers were only $600-700.

      • If you waited this long, might as well stay tuned for the 3000 series.

      • These were consistently $650, and some got as low as low-$600's pre covid. So that's the baseline, but strange times so who knows if they will ever go there again.

  • Would like to buy this if Shopping Express would acknowledge my GTX1080 is faulty, but they've had it for 4 weeks and all I've got back from them is "it didn't have any issues running benchmarks" which I already knew. And they're not contactable by phone to follow up.

    • That sucks. What's the fault?

      • Crashes after ~10 minutes under full load in some games (BF1, BF5, Forza 7), but if you drop settings and cap framerate, it won't. Some games crash immediately (Satisfactory). Others run OK (Rocket League).
        Swapped it with a mate's GTX1080 - his works fine in my PC, mine caused similar issues in his system with different games.

    • well make a note of times you called them and send them an email to have as further proof. if they dont reply do below.
      - open a case with paypal if you used it to pay for it, then escalate the case few days before the escalation if no response from them or come to an agreement on paypal case.

  • It says "No USB-C Port". Does that matter?

  • Wouldnt the Galax be a better value card? Less noisy from the rumours I've heard.

  • What should one expect if we wait for the 3000 series?

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      Stock shortages and a $1k+ price tag.

      • Tbh that's what I'm betting on. I'm upgrading from a Gigabyte Windforce R9 290 to a Galax 2060 Super. Tom's Hardware has an article up about how right now is the worst time to buy anything from a 2060 Super and up due to the new 3000 series coming.

        But I really don't see them releasing anything new at $600, and getting your hands on what they do release will be difficult for a while due to covid and demand.

        Feel free to reply to this message in two months and clown on me for this prediction when there's 3060s available for $550 or whatever.

        • The question for me is whether the 2070/2080 Super cards will fall in price significantly once 3000 series is here… that's what I'm waiting for.

          • @Duckman: Yeah I guess what I was saying-without-saying it in that post is that even with the belief that the 3000 series won't be reasonably priced or much available on release, I wouldn't pay more than 600ish for a card today.

        • Hi this is me from the future, they announced the 3070 at $500 USD.

          F's in the chat.

      • Prices for arms, legs and kidneys will improve though.

      • $1k+ for a 3070? Kind of hoping for sub 1k

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