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Cooler Master V1200 1200W Fully Modular 80PLUS Platinum PSU $199 Delivered @ CentreCom


Seeing as how PSU prices are quite high, I figure this is a pretty decent deal when even the crummier 650-750w units are now $140-150 while a Corsair RM 850w unit is $199. This is an older PSU platform but it's essentially a Seasonic Platinum XP3 underneath so it's capable of running completely fanless with high efficiency up to 500w for 25 minutes or so. This used to run for $400 or so but has been dropping steadily over the past while. Also comes with a 7-year warranty.

OC3D V1200: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbJI9apO84w
V1200 unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp-qnl6O7Hw
jonnyguru review of Seasonic Platinum XP3: https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2014/06/30/seasonic-platinum-...

Update: mwave deal expired, only pick up remaining at Centre Com
Update August 12th: centrecom has 17 units online

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  • Good price, you’re right it might be an older platform but the thing that counts is stability.

  • Kind of ironic that CoolerMaster still don't make a PSU that fits the mITX cases they make.

  • The same price in Mwave, if you want to pick up locally

  • Thanks OP purchased! Have been looking for a decent priced 1000w for months, the extra 200w is a bonus!

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      What u need so much power for?
      Just curious?

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        This is way overkill for me , but I bought one .
        Reason being is that it is completely fanless up until 40% and basically silent till 50% . I'll never hear it .
        Also its rated platinum plus so it's super efficcient even at quite low loads .
        I looked for platinum plus fanless power supplies around 500-600w and they are actually more expensive .The ludicrous amount of headroom I suspect will enable this thing to last forever as it will never be even close to breaking a sweat .

        Well thats how I justified it to myself .

        • Do PSUs typically make much noise anyway? That is a good reason though, if it's silent most of the time. It's the GPU and CPU fans on my Ryzen that really gets to me, sound like tiny jet engines at load. I'm using only stock coolers.

      • It's a video editing rig with 14 internal HDDs/ssds and 18 in external enclosures. It's probably overkill but my 850w struggled at times.

        • Just asking out of curiosity - with that many hard drives, did you ever get boot errors from the big simultaneous start-up load? 850w PSU did well to get that going consistently, I'd have thought.

          • @Mong: I have power cables with caps in them that helped somewhat and an sas board with staggered start up. It was running ok with 12 drives for a bit then I added another 2 and it's been a headache :)


          fiar enough.

          I don't usually think about HDD/SSD power consumption but when you got so many i guess it adds up.

        • Are you editing some of those five second Facebook ads?

        • HDD's and SSD's use about 2-3W each, so if you have 100 of them you might want to consider 1000w.

          • @Shwayne: Spin up requires considerably more power and some drives are less energy efficient than others.
            Most of mine are more like these:
            Spin up 17-27Watts
            Read/Write: 10.70 Watts
            Idle: 8.20 Watts
            Standby: 1.30 Watts
            Sleep: 1.30 Watts

        • You should never have that many storage devices on an edit machine, local storage is only for current projects, you should always store your work on a server designed for redundancy and also quick loads of projects.
          If for any reason your PC fails whether mobo or PSU it can actually take out yoru storage devices at the same time.
          Personally I would take a safer route, specifically if this is for business use.

      • duo 2080ti to play CS? I guess

      • For the Intel CPUs.

  • Already processed and tracking provided for me, surprisingly quick for a Sunday order

  • Is it actually certified? And at what? I know “platinum” is in the name, but…. I didn’t see the words certified on the page, does anyone know what tier this sits in?

    • Platinum is the certification. It's above Gold.

      And now there's even Titanium that's above platinum.

      • And I thought Bronze was expensive. Do these PSU makers need to pay money to apply for certification? Makes me wonder if over time Bronze certification could mean less and less, unless they keep updating it.

        • Ehhhhh it's not really like that.

          Each tier is based on energy efficiency percentages and stability.

          They achieve that by filtering components into tiers, the same way CPU manufacturers have super high overhead on high end CPUs because they lose a lot of dies to get the high end units (Google CPU die failure rates).

          So to get platinum or titanium tiers you will burn through components that don't meet the spec. Raising the final price.

          Though I think after Silver/Gold there are significant diminished returns. I'll probably still aim for a platinum for my next build because they often come with 10 year warranties.

    • This is Tier A Single Rail on psucultists tier list.

  • For those want to know, Seasonic is the OEM of this power supply, so it's similar to their Prime 1200 Platinum. Always best to check who the OEM is for a power supply before buying a high wattage one. Considering most companies, like Corsair, don't make their own power supplies.

  • Just check this will fit in your case. I think it's 190mm depth so I removed the HDD cages from my case to fit it in. It looks like I could probably fit them in if I run the cables right but I'll cross that if I get to it.

  • Lol and I thought my 850w was already overkill….

  • Need a 500w+ power supply for parent, I think this is overkill……

    Any recommendation?

  • Would y'all take this over a Corsair RM750X for the same price? At least according to the Linus tier list the Corsair is best in class, this one doesn't seem far off though.

    • It's all made by Seasonic anyway.

      Gucci brand of PSU world.

    • This is on the list as Tier A under single rail for PSUCultists. The other tier list has the Seasonic XP3 and the 750w RM at the same tier

    • It depends what your running on your PC. Different power supplies are efficient at different wattages and ranges. Some might be the best at 50% capacity, others at 75%. Bigger isn't always better. Know many people that have the Corsair 750 & and I have the 850w. After going through Seasonics own PSU stock before the Corsair, can definitely say they are the best power supply I've used. More efficient than the two Seasonic platinums I used (which both blew up on me) plus I've only seen the fan come on a handful of times, even under heavy loads including HEVC encoding.

      • Two Seasonic platinums blew up on you? Would you be able to tell me more about that?

        • I lost a Seasonic 760w platinum last weekend in my server, no sign of impending doom, just exploded whilst the rig was idle, can confirm it scared the crap out of me. Purchased 2014 and ran 24/7 for the most part so cant complain too much, the older 1000w platinum is still going strong in my gaming PC.. Tempted by this deal regardless.

          • @botlfed: Sounds like a capacitor went kaboom, which at around 50,000 hr usage is about average for some "long lasting capacitors". Could maybe even fix the psu if you replace the caps with new ones, but could also be a waste of time considering the price and effort.

            • @MilkDrinker: Got XFX XTR 1050w which is based on Seasonic also having problem. It won't boot after shutdown so I need to flip the on/off switch to get it on. After further Googling, I found that this is a common issue.

              2nd rant, bought it from PLE and thought it's under warranty for 5 year as it's stated on the manual and XFXs website. PLE rejected the warranty claim because they only offered 3 year which against their own word regards warranty. Sent email 2 day ago but still no reply aka ignoring me.

              • @kodoq: Why not just contact Seasonic directly? They have an RMA facility in Sydney

                • @Satirical: Nah, need to send it back to XFX Hongkong office unfortunately. It'll cost me almost $100 to RMA this thing.

                  • -1 vote

                    @kodoq: Have you checked Sendle and Interparcel for shipping cost ? Massively cheaper than Auspost sometimes…

                    • @Nom: Have tried getting quotes from them, not much different from AusPost though. Thanks for the suggestion.

                  • @kodoq: Tell them about the postage, ask if they can send you a replacement up on proof of destruction of current psu.

                    • @chenrenchun: XFX Hongkong office told me after they receive and test the unit to check if it's really faulty, they'll send it back to China factory. It'll take up to 6 week. I already bought Corsair Rm850x so no problem except the cost of sending the PSU.

              • @kodoq: Yeah seems a bit shifty, alot of stores pass up the manufacturers warranty saying that you should go to the manufacturer and the manufacturer saying you should go to the store you bought it from etc. Used to hear stories of samsung tvs at the good guys as well.

                You can probably google about it. My advice, if XFX are unwilling to help you/it costs money to return, would have to be to get ple to send it back under some sort of complaint to consumer watchdog deal with email evidence etc. Australian Consumer Law

                YOUR RIGHTS

                • @MilkDrinker: I know it's bloody annoying. As much I want to support local businesses, I would rather buy from Amazon for easier return.

                  I'll send a complaint thru Customer Affair Victoria if they don't respond by the end of the week. Cheers mate.

              • @kodoq: Hmmm, I had something sort of similar to your issue. It got progressively worse in my case.

                I had a couple of Cooler Master v1000 (only because I went through 3 of them with warranty claims) that had similar issues to yours. When they started to become faulty, initially they wouldnt turn on properly and I had to flip the power switch at the back off/on to attempt to turn it back on again (sometimes requiring a couple of attempts). Eventually it won't even turn on or I got fed up. The Cooler Master v1000 I had was also based on a seasonic PSU.

                My first one became faulty after about 4-6 months, 2nd one became faulty after 1-2 months and the third became faulty after almost 4 years. Thankfully Mwave is pretty good with their warranty and allowed me to swap it with a different PSU (definitely not something seasonic based again) after the third unit crapped out…

                Though what PLE told you doesn't sound right. Under consumer law, the vendor isn't allowed to tell you to F off and deal with the manufacturer.

            • @MilkDrinker:

              but could also be a waste of time considering the price and effort.

              Cheaper than buying a brand new one…but of course thats assuming u know what ur doing…i guess…

          • @botlfed: what kind of gaming PC did you build that requires a 1000w plat level PSU?

            • @howard22: This was built back in 2012 originally, sli 680's, 3770k, all on water, lots of drives, fans, lighting etc etc. Probably still didnt need 1000w but I prefer to keep some headroom, and the psu is still in service on this rig so it works for me :)

        • They were the Snow Silent range. First one I had for just over 2 years but wasn't used too much. Would always run hot and fan was always on but quiet. System never changed, didn't add or replace anything with it for the time I had the PSU. On install there was a small spark when first connected. Whenever I would turn the PSU switch off/on it would usually spark sometimes small, sometimes bigger. One day it did a big spark turning it on and shut down everything on the comp. Tried it again then it shocked me and saw a little explosion from it. Caused a blackout in the house. Amazon gave me a replacement after I refused to use Seasonic, who wanted me to pay $75 to test it plus ship it to them. Got the replacement and the first time switching on it does the exact same thing. Looked like I was about half a second away from being electrocuted. Used the Corsair 850 with all the same parts on the comp and no problems for ages now.

  • Was close to pulling the trigger but the 190mm length is a bit too much for the case I want.

  • There's gotta be a catch right?

    • Guess the "catch" is the PSU was released in 2014. But I dont know if the PSU landscape has changed much in the last 6 years to warrant paying more for a newer PSU.

  • If this is built in the old platform I wonder what’s the new platform’s advantage is, and any PSU with the new platform worth checked out?

  • Heads up to PC builder newbies - this PSU is overkill for 90% systems.
    Most gaming towers will be hard pressed to make it to 650W, so save yourself the initial investment and the additional cost over time (due to inefficiency) by using a wattage calculator website.

    • I think one of the benefits of these ‘overkill’ PSUs are they allows the system to run quietly with no fan for normal uses? A 650W PSU will have its fans running all the time I suppose.

      • Not necessarily, just because the the PSU can deal out more power doesn't mean it uses its fan less for lesser loads.
        Same amount of heat is generated by the system regardless of PSU size and the fans need to deal with that heat.

  • Please notice 47% 1-star reviews on Amazon US. I guess this price is for clearance but maybe the fail rate is another reason.

    The PSU itself is based on the old Seasonic platinum platform. One of the major differences between the old and new platform is the efficiency under a light load. I read some reviews that this unit under 230V at 10% load (means 120W) is about 85% efficiency, new models can do close to 90%. The efficiency difference will be even larger for 30~100w normal light load. While this is not that important considering the price is low.

    • damn that does not look good!!

    • Hmm, the efficiency isn't bad. The worrying part is the # of DOAs and random failures reported compared to the SS-1200XP3. I wonder what's different then besides the fan and branding.

    • Just to add to that, I used to have a "couple" of CM v1000 which was probably based on the same platform.

      Over the 5 years I had it, it died 3 times on me. First one died after ~6 months, second one died after 1-2 then the third almost made it to 4 years before it crapped out. The third time it crapped out, it also took out one of my SSD's.

      Thankfully it died just before the warranty period ended so I could return it for something else…

      Seriously, I cannot believe how unreliable the PSU is. I expected the PSU to last the longest out of all the components

      • Yep same here, two dead in five years! Put me off Coolermaster but then Thermaltake (10 year warranty) are as scarce as hens teeth so I will closely watch this one bought last week, (Coolermaster) since it has a five year warranty.

      • CoolerMaster V1000 is actually based on Seasonic KM3 (Seasonic X line of 80Plus Gold or Corsair line of AX760/AX860), different platform

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed one. Was looking at a 750w but figure it’ll future proof upcoming builds.

  • So here's the thing, you probably don't need a 1200W PSU. I mean someone does, for a 64 core, many HDD setup, plus other things (more than 2 GPUs, idk, setups exist), but most people don't, most people need 500-600W.

    But if you only need 500-600W, and it's a reasonable price and within your budget, 50% power usage is where most power supplies are most efficient, this one is 93% according to their website.

    Furthermore, if the PSU has a zero RPM fan mode, which this one does, so much the better for a quieter cleaner system. My PSU fan may have spun up during its 3 year life time, but if so it has been rare as there has never been dust on the filters. I will say it's an overclocked mainstream system and the PSU is only 750W, so maybe it just has never got hot enough, but still.

  • Im looking for a psu for 3900x , 2080ti and x570 master build. This 1200 psu is from 2014.
    Is there a newer tech psu manufactured these days or it does not matter??
    Im also stressing due to reading neg reviews on amazon for this one where people say it destroyed their MB.
    How often does this occur and is the MB covered with the PSU warranty??
    Also, im getting colermaster mesh mid tower for a case just based on looks and info on the web.
    Any advice is welcome..

    P.S This is my first build.


    • You could buy that 850w Corsair RMx on Amazon for $199. EDIT: It went out of stock.

      Newer PSUs are more efficient, this is still a highly rated PSU. Not sure what to make of those reports on Amazon tbh as I don't really see it reported on forums, I just consider it as a Seasonic XP3 which performs pretty well.

  • Anyone tried out their power supply yet? I got mine as a backup so I won't be opening it yet.

    • I just rebuilt my system a couple of hours ago (3900x+ RTX 2080 Super +2 NVMe+3 SATA SSDs+3 SATA HDDs). Good news is it wasn't DOA. Time will tell how well it'll do.

    • Got mine today and yup its DOA lol.. just my luck.

      I'd test yours out if I was you, doesn't need to be installed, just bridge the 16th and 17th pin (google/yt if you're unsure) to jump start it.

      • Mine arrived today and also DOA .

        I ignored the bad reviews as my current Seasonic has been awesome and still is . I'm just thankful it was so dead it didn't take out my motherboard .

        I hope the RMA isn't too painful . I assume I'll have to pay for return and thats not going to be cheap .

        Definitely test it .

        • I emailed Centrecom last night and have got an email this afternoon with a prepaid post label to return it. I'll be opting for a refund rather than a replacement.

      • Wow, I wonder what's going on with all the DOAs then. Doesn't really seem typical and I thought PSUs only degrade once they start running…was gonna sell my old 750w but I guess I'll keep it around just in case

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