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15% off iTunes Gift Cards | 5kg SunRice Jasmine Rice $10 | Viva 2 Pack Paper Towel $1.75 @ Coles


From the upcoming catalogue sale starting on Wednesday 12 August.

15% off iTunes applies to $30, $50 and $100 gift cards.

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  • Can we use iTunes gift cards for buying apple phones in Apple Store? 🤔🤔

  • Cheers. I have been waiting for a decent iTunes card discount for awhile now.

  • Standard, “Finally I can save some money paying those back-taxes to the ATO!” comment.

    • Haha na in 2019/20 we all started to get "buy iTunes GC for the CEO" emails instead. I've bought so many as the good employee I am but he says he is still yet to receive any!

  • there are currently some hood movie bundles discounts on the itunes store such as
    hobbit trilogy extended editions $19.99 was $40
    plenty more too.
    some bargains in the $5 movies section too

  • Been waiting for a half price deal on brown rice for months. Why it's always jasmine rice on sale?

  • Hoping Costco brings their 20% discount

  • Officeworks PBG?

  • So far I have seen 3x 15% off Itunes deals but zero on Google Play cards in the last 6 months.


  • Can't buy it online. Pffff

    • Collection options
      Click&Collect Concierge

      Park in a designated bay and contact us using the number supplied. A friendly team member will bring your order straight to your car boot. Enjoy FREE same day collection when you order before midday. Min spend $50.
      Click&Collect Service Desk

      Collect your order at the service desk at your chosen Coles Supermarket store. Enjoy FREE same day collection when you order before 11am. Min spend $50.
      Click&Collect Lockers

      Collect your order from the lockers on site at your chosen Coles Express Convenience & Petrol store. Enter the PIN supplied to open your locker and collect your groceries. Min spend $50. Collection is free.
      Click&Collect Remote Collection

      Remote van collection orders are available at selected locations across Australia. Our remote collection offer becomes visible once you have added a remote address to your Coles Online account. Remote collection windows are a minimum of 5 days from the date the order is placed.

  • I am a simple asian. I see rice I click like.

  • How is this rice compared to the woolies Jasmine from Thailand? Sad I just bought a 5kg bag for $12.50 :(

    • My family likes the woolies Thai Jasmine better than the Sunrise Jasmine. Personally I don't see any difference but my mother says woolies have softer grains when cooked. (We are Vietnamese and eat rice everyday).

  • Thanks for the post mate. I picked up 2x $30 iTunes gift cards at office works with the price match for: $42.75. There was a fellow Ozbarginer buying gift cards at the same time haha, cheers.

    • Wish they'd update their website :( closest store is outside of 5km from me.

      • PBG on phone? Last time when BigW put it on sale I tried OW PBG via phone, worked well and free delivery ($100 face value).

  • Great tip, unfortunately the Coles website doesn't show this but I ducked into Office Works (which for me is on the way to the nearest Coles) in case they had already dropped their iTunes pricing to follow Coles' lead - they hadn't, but on the off chance I asked at the desk about the iTunes cards and a price match against Coles, the woman knew exactly what I was talking about so clearly a few OzBargainers had already been in there today! So, no need to show a catalogue, picked up a $100 iTunes card for $80.75.

  • Thanks. I picked up a $100 iTunes card at coles and paid with a coles gift card. Nett cost $81.60

    • Does paying with Coles gift card work when buying iTunes gift card? Does it have to be the exact same amount for it to work? Self checkout? Thanks

      • I went to self checkout. Bought some bread and milk at the same time, with a balance left over on my coles gift card

  • For anybody who wants to price match at OfficeWorks but can't get to Coles to grab a copy of today's catalogue as 'proof' of the deal (and assuming the Coles website still doesn't have the iTunes special listed) - I've shared a photo of the relevant page of the Coles catalogue to https://www.dropbox.com/s/egoyfewpyk6tb3l/Coles-iTunes-18Aug..., in case that's accepted at OfficeWorks.

  • Just price beat $50 gift card at OW for $40.38

  • Does Coles tend to carry dozens of $100 gift cards or limit you in anyway in purchasing? Thinking of taking the risk and hoping they'll merge gift cards soon (even if it takes awhile, wouldn't matter too much as I'd use it down the line anyway), would pretty much get 15% off new iPhone and an extra 15% off edu store prices for a Macbook.

  • how many ppl are taking risks to buy discounted iTunes gc from the recent announcement of merging App Store and iTunes gc in US?
    imo, it is HIGHLY likely that Apple will be merging them in other countries

    • Not really a risk for people who use the cards to pay for iCloud, Netflix, Kayo etc.

      If they do merge, it will probably be like the US and any iTunes credit can then be used on devices and that's a bonus.
      If they don't merge then I'd still use the credit eventually.

    • I'll be picking up quite a bit tomorrow, hopefully Coles doesn't think I'm doing anything sketchy and restrict my buying.

      • I have purchased numerous Coles Mastercards and one Coles store they were trying to discourage me, even stating it as against "legislation". When I argued with them three staff members surrounded me in a very intimidating manner. In the end they gave up and let me purchase 7. I have done the same in 2 other stores and not a word out of them. So I think some stores make up their own policy.

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        The offer clearly states ‘maximum 5 App Store and iTunes gift cards per customer’…

        • Three was the maximum before an attendant needed to confirm for me at an SA store. Maybe that's their alarm bell level, where they feel obliged to see if you're an aged pensioner about to pay your taxes or not.

  • Just scored 2x $100 iTunes cards for $142.50 from Officeworks with a price beat. I think the operator screwed up.

  • Anyone able to buy iTunes Gift Card using Coles Gift Card at self-service checkout? Wanting to do this for $100 GC for $100 iTunes GC. Can someone share their experience? Thanks

    • I have purchased many Coles Mastercards with Coles GC at self service and manned check out. I think this would be the same. The system allows it (at least in March 2020) but some stores seem to have a policy against it. In one store I purchased 2 when the checkout operator had to go on break and another took over. He told me that it could not be done. I showed him I had done 2 and then he did another one. At self checkout I had a CC in plain sight but used the GC for the purchase. The attendants only have to come to authorise at one point. Also some stores try to stop you purchasing over a set number of cards.

      • Thanks for helpful info! So no explicit rules such as gift card must cover the amount of the gift card you are buying, no split payment, etc..?

        • You are welcome, just paying it forward.
          I have split payment over 2 GC's or GC and CC but only at a manned check out. Never tried at self checkout, only used cards covering the total cost, but many have reported you cannot split. I do not know why. Maybe try and report back and add to the knowledge base.

          • @Yola: Thanks mate, just did a run at Coles, manned checkout, vegetables + $100 iTunes card. No problems and no questions asked. Will probably do a couple more runs later. Thanks!

  • Just at officeworks Perth CBD and they are now enforcing A new restriction of 2 iTunes cards per person per day . They said the limit was store dependent