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Dell G5 15" SE Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 16GB 512GB SSD RX 5600M 120hz $1868.99 Delivered @ Dell


Better to trust in official Dell website rather than in 3rd party sites. Many other deals for accessories in their website, which are available for fast delivery.

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  • in my experience, i'd rather have a 3rd party retailer to fall back on. Dell does NOT like to help regular consumers until you bring the ACCC and office of fair trade in.

    • I've had good experience with Dell support even out of their official warranty. That being said, I will always quote ACCC in my first interactions with customer support; seems to get the job done in most cases.

    • Depends on which 3rd party retailer though

    • I had an Alienware with a failed hard drive. They shipped me a replacement one next-day delivery without any fuss. I was pretty happy with the service

    • I actually returned this laptop upon seeing the ebay deal for the dell G7 17. (it was 1990, and i bought the G5 se for 2200)

      I just said I was unhappy with the way the thermals were preforming under load (gaming), saying the cpu was going over 100 degrees (which is normal for this model from what i could see on youtube). They offered a 70 dollar mouse keyboard as compensation or a full refund. I went with the refund, relatively painless and they sent a courier to pick it up from my address.

      • Did you need to package it up?

      • As owner of this laptop, I haven't had any major issues by making sure the drivers and BIOS were up to date. I do notice that the fans kick in later then expected and just created a custom fan curve in the Alienware Control Centre, which keeps the temps under control. Dell BIOS updates keep coming, which are resolving issues. I have had similar issues like what I mentioned with Intel based laptops in the past.

  • How's that laptop compared to this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/554619 one?

    • The other one was much better value if you can make use of the 17". 2070 > 5600m.


    I have asus tuf 15 inch best laptop ever $1800

  • Doesn't really seem that good a price. Been down to 1600 on their Dell eBay sales

    • Yeah received couple of weeks ago my Lenovo T14 And 4750u 32Gb Ram 512 nvme hdd. for $1929 and $263 cashback.
      This is normal price..

      • can't be compared though T14 is a business laptop with integrated graphics card and this is a gaming laptop with a dedicated graphic card, but yeah price should have around 1600 AUD

    • Yep correct has been a lot cheaper before plus this is the model with the worse 120hz screen. The one that was on sale for 1583 had a 144hz screen, and this 120hz variant was also cheaper last eBay sale.

  • Bought this bad boy for $1,580 about a month ago from Dell ebay ><
    I was hesitant at first because it had quite a few bad reviews but the laptop runs like a dream so don't believe all the trash talk you will see out there. No crashes, no problems with overheating, and no problems with drivers etc. I've been running some decent games like Fallout on high settings no issues.

    • Well we all know what happened to Icarus because of the heat.
      Jokes aside though it is a great laptop. Stock shortages and a significantly cheap 240Hz screen, 9th Gen i7 laptop made me get Intel otherwise I would have def got this.
      That one heats up as well with fans on full throttle but hey if you want hardware to do its thing, without throttling you got to bear with the fans. I will get a laptop pad with cooling fans soon, so that should help

  • If you contact dell chat support and ask for a cheaper price they will send a cheaper price like $50-90 cheaper than the advertised price. I received a quote 2 months before for the i7 model for $1650. I am pretty sure this price will come down to ~1600-1700

  • Curious on people's thoughts on how it compares to JB's offering with the the Lenovo 5i:

    Has anyone had good/bad experiences with JB when things go wrong?

    • Dell has much better CPU and GPU, Lenovo has better screen but probably not by a great deal, and thermals well Lenovo will be slightly better (all small laptops tend to run hot out of the box though)

      Depends what you are using it for?

      Sometimes the retailer is better than the manufacturer for issues/returns, sometimes not.

      You could probably spend a bit more on the Lenovo website and get much better specs than the JB model is offering though. Lenovo often have/do discounts either via promo code or if you ask.

      • Hi Dazza,
        It would be used for gaming and work, most gaming would be real time strategy so either system would probably be overkill but Lenovo has a 8 week delay on shipping for orders that need to be configured hence looking at JB with a same day pickup….

        • GTX 1650 and the i5 both suck. It's not worth buying the Lenovo, look elsewhere

          • @Ark94: The i5 is okay compared to the i7 well it was last gen anyway but I agree the value isn't here.

            Armedbandit is going to struggle to find something if they need it asap and without delay.

            I'd personally keep looking out for an ebay sale, Amazon etc, Dell factory outlet etc. Can probably pick up something a lot better for the same, a little less or maybe a little more.

            • @dazza826: Just a quick update guys, I did end up going with the JB option but managed to get $130 off the price and delivery for this Monday. I don't doubt if I waited I could have potentially got a better system but this is more than I need and will be delivered this coming Monday.
              Really appreciate the input.

  • Design is quite retro, like the 90s 😁

  • Does anyone know if I can plug in a freesync monitor into this and play at 144hz?

    Does this even do 144fps on overwatch or final fantasy 1080p?

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