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Luv-a-Duck Confit Duck Legs 500g $7 (Was $14) @ Woolworths


Luv a Duck Confit Duck Legs are half price again at Woolies

$7 for a 500g pack

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    Duck Leg + Aldi Jaffas = Duck a l'Orange, mate!

  • Sad that all Woolworths spend X $ get X points offer expires yesterday. No new one coming

  • Am I right to assume 1 pack will only feed two people?

  • This is great in air fryer. Would recommend

  • currently showing as no stock:-(

  • I tried this was nothing special imo

    • I find duck like this is often really tough and also difficult to cook right.

      • I just threw it in the oven and it turned out really good, the fat and oil and juices probably helped to keep it tender. Needed extra flavouring though, quite bland for me.

      • just fry it…

        • I might try that this time, baking it in the oven didn't give much colour or crispiness.

          • @kiitos: You want to pan-fry and then oven-bake like restaurant chefs do.

            Take out legs from fridge, season both sides with salt and pepper, leave for 20-30 mins to get them close to room temperature.

            Heat pan on high heat, dust legs lightly in flour (you can skip this but you will get a better result), when the pan is hot, put in olive oil and butter (adds colour), brown the legs, skin side down first to crisp and colour, resist turning it, lift slightly if you want to check colour, flip onto the other side. You're doing this step purely for colour, cooking happens in the oven.

            Then put the legs on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven 200C for 20-25 mins (this time will vary, maybe longer, depends on your oven). Poke it with a skewer to check the juices run clear, if there is blood, put it back in for another 5 mins. Obviously the longer you leave it the drier it will get so some experimentation for your setup is required.

      • Two words : air fryer

    • Petes duck is much better - it's what most restaurants use.

  • I'm not sure where the "Luv" part comes in. Is it before or after the duck was stabbed in the throat?

    • Ducks are also natural water birds who's bodies are adapted to living a life on open water. When in confined duck farms their legs are constantly under stress and suffer as a result.

    • Wouldn't it be nice if it were both? Unfortunately I doubt that they have a pleasant life before the stabbing. Still love the flavour though.

    • Suffering for the sake of satisfying sensory pleasures.

  • Huge fan of the duck breasts, I have them with stir fry veg at least once a week. Perfect for sous vide.

  • They are great with the air fryer, crispy outside, juicy tender inside.
    I tend to rub them with spices for extra flavour

    • What kind of spices do you recommend?

      • I do my own mix of garlic powder, smoked paprika (lightly), sumac and oregano (oregano).
        Rub it on, leave it for 10 minutes, then air fry.

        I place the duck on the floor of the air fryer (not the mesh plate) so it cooks in it's juices.
        Start with skin side on the bottom, then half way, rotate so skin is on the top.

  • I used these for duck confit cassoulet recently. 20 mins in the oven at 20 degrees, done.