Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite N770F 8GB/128GB Dual Sim - Aura Red $538.65 Shipped (HK) @ Tobydeals


I am pretty sure this has NFC even though it is not listed on the site. It's a good deal . But, then, it's Tobydeals. YMMV.


Processor Exynos 9810
Processor frequency 2.7, 1.7 GHz
Internal storage 128GB
2G Network
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
3G Network
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1700MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
4G Network
☑ 700MHZ
☑ (B20) 800MHZ
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1700MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
☑ 2300MHZ
☑ 2600MHZ
SIM card size Nano-SIM
Dual sim Yes
Card slots microSD
Ports USB Type-C
Stylus Yes
Type Super AMOLED
Touch LCD Yes
Screen size 6.7 inches
Screen pixel density 394 ppi
Screen resolution 2400 x 1080
Primary 12 + 12 + 12 Megapixel
Secondary 32 Megapixel
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth V5.0
Capacity 4500 mAh
Dimensions (L x H x W) 8.7 mm x 163.7 mm x 76.1 mm
Weight (with battery) 199 g

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  • hmmm.. the wife has been at me for a new phone since she smashed her note 8 (and hated the note 9). Wonder if i pull the trigger on this.
    I see there is no waterproof rating on this one as well.

    • and hated the note 9

      Hmm, any reason? Note 9 was a worthy upgrade from 8.

      • sometimes its not worth asking lol. Ended up buying her an 8 again and has been using it since…. until she smashed the screen. Now she wants a note10+ -_-

        • looking for note 10 (!+) dual sim for wife. only option i see is Kogan but price was too high.

  • "Type Super AMOLED
    Touch LCD Yes"

    This doesn't make any sense!

  • Can anyone confirm that this model has 8gb and not 6gb ram please?

  • Has anyone had troubles dealing with Toby? I'm particular when it comes to warranty

    • +4 votes

      No issues with delivery unless they are out of stock in which case you still see the item advertised on their website, only after purchasing and not getting update for few days you try to contact them and they tell its out of stock.

      Forget warranty. Among around 10 purchases, just one turned out to be faulty and I contacted them but felt like they never existed. Got refund from PayPal though.

    • It's my new favourite site to buy stuff. Galaxy Buds + for $136 delivered. Came in less than a week. I didn't like them and sold them on gumtree for $190. Warranty may be an issue but for me, the saving upfront is worth the risk.

    • Now, to find a case that goes with this

  • It is the same spec as 2018 Samsung Note 9. Similar price range.

    I would go with the premium Note9.

  • Use CART3 and shopback too

  • I think my S10 Lite finally is in the country, Ordered 24th July from this mob

    That 8Gb model says it's the Samsung CPU, but Anything I have seen online says it's the SD 855 (which is the primary reason I got my 6G one, I REALLY hope it's not a shitty Exynos, such laggy power wasting cpu's)

    • @menvert
      Please let us know how it goes.
      Also interested to know if you have to pay GST to receive it.

    • Says in plain English both in the advert and on the website: "Exynos 9810". It's the "laggy power wasting CPU" not the snapdragon.

    • @check
      Ah, @screwball, I see it's the note 10 Lite, my mistake.

      Anyway I got my S10 Lite today, They mistakenly sent me the 8Gb /128Gb model, in the chosen colour, so winning on that front.
      It is the 855 SD cpu (It seems the Note Lite gets the Exynos as it's not focused to gamers but business types, so that's a better way to do it than lump AU and other smaller markets with all the lesser performing Exynos variants)

      The box had been opened and the port opened, and some IMEI stickers removed (not sure if this is a factory thing or not though)
      Everything appears to be new though, with the protective stickers all over, usual Samsung pre-applied screen protector and basic case, which is great.

      Shits all over my A50, so pretty happy at this point.

      Edit: No additional GST charged on receipt (paperwork says $52.90, I guess they forgot an extra zero ;) )

  • Looks good, but no warranty!

  • Pretty promising reviews!

  • I bought 10 lite (but blue one) from Tobydeals ~1.5 months ago. Took ~2 weeks to deliver (to Vic with stage 3 lockdown, YMMV), great phone, SD 855, 8 GB RAM.

  • Hi, just wondering if any of you got your Note 10 lite? I'm looking at purchasing one and it's cheapest at Tobydeals (around 530 delivered after coupons). If you got one could you please comment on how you like it. Thanks

  • i even bought the phone but i got too scared after reading people’s comment i immediately emailed them and cancelled my order. is this site any good?

  • If anyone has any comments on actually owning this phone would be fantastic. Would be sold on it but I don't like the absence of the Snapdragon chip. Would much prefer that one

  • Why is this phone on TobyDeal being $100+ cheaper than other sites? I do wonder if there's a catch……