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50GB Free Usage Per Month Forever @ Windscribe VPN


Greetings everyone, Windscribe are offering 50GB of monthly usage on their VPN using the coupon "BATKA420" :)


  1. Make a Windscribe account (Make sure to enter an email address and verify that email).
  2. Go into My Account
  3. Go down the "account Status" and press "Claim Voucher"
  4. Enter the coupon "BATKA420" and redeem.

As always, enjoy :)

Credit: Chollometro

Note: This offer is intended for citizens in Belarus which is currently undergoing internet connectivity outages. For more information please refer to the Tweet on Windscribe's Twitter profile and make your own informed judgement on whether you should claim this coupon.

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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

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  • Thanks OP.

    Your account has been upgraded to: 50GB Belarus Only Plan

  • thanks OP, now i can have them sell my data :D :D

  • Voucher is not valid?

  • I have a Pro status until 11/21

  • What I'm saying is nothing better than an educated guess, but nothing in the world is free. Nobody is doing charity work in the IT industry so the 50GB per month comes from somewhere, and the only thing you, as the user in this case, have as valuables are your information. So please be very very cautious when using FREE VPN software. The worst thing that could happen when it comes to VPN usage is that you think your data is private, while the company sells your data off because you are free user and they have an entirely different set of T&C for you, as opposed to the paid user.

    • Also you must be subscribed to their promo emails in order to receive these free GBs. I tried to unsubscribe and got a warning that I will lose all free data. Of course, you can filter out these email or use your non-primary mailbox, etc.

      • yeah, got sick of their meme infested email and unsubscribed anyway, their 50gb free is useless with limited number of server location, better spending a few hours settings up openvpn on AWS than this useless junk

  • Windscribe is great. I'm on the free 60gb/month plan from a promotion years ago. I pay an extra $3/ month and get a total of 80gb/ month with two extra locations (WINFLIXUS and WINFLIXUK). Works seamlessly with Netflix to access UK and US content.

  • Im hearing mixed opinions, some are saying free vpns sell ur data, but they also have a paid service so I'm puzzled.

    Also is this like 50gb per month recurring forever, like I know it's in the title but it just seems TOOO good to be true. Anyone else think the same? Surely theres a reason it's free when all the other VPN's are priced higher and this must require some justification right? Skeptical

    • They're likely selling your data. Even for the cost of the Pro they're likely selling data.

      This is a service if you don't mind your browsing data being sold but you'd like e.g. browse region locked Netflix.

      I.e. don't use this for privacy.

    • The first time this deal was offered here was almost 4 years ago.

      Nothing wrong with healthy skepticism but at the same time, there's no evidence to suggest this service is any better or worse than any other similar service, (in terms of ethical behaviour).

      • hmm thats true. Funny because I've read that in the comment section a lot. But actually never heard it actually selling info

    • They've been giving 50G accounts away for ages. 50G doesn't get you far, then your internet stops until you turn off their firewall. They take the opportunity to upsell.
      I'm sure many people try the 50G, and reckon "that was good, I think I'll subscribe". Unlike me "well that's it for internet this month".

      How many sales do they have to make to make it worth giving free VPN to you and me? I reckon they've done the maths, and I have no reason to believe there is anything more sinister to them giving it away.

      Almost every online offering has a free trial.What is winzip playing at?? Are they selling all the data they compress?

  • Had this deal for a couple.of years now and the service has only gotten better over that time.

    The android app is a welcome new(ish) feature and works quite well.

  • I've been using this VPN for nearly 3 years, got a lifetime plan for around $50 back then. Happy with the performance, get around 87/34Mbit speeds connecting via Melbourne server on Vodafone NBN 100/40.

    • Couple of questions - does it work with Netflix? Not wanting to geo-hop at all but I'd lke an always-on VPN on my router which still lets me watch Netflix without having to punch in an exclusion. I'd probably just keep connected to Melbourne (which you referred to), which is why I ask. Secondly do they support WireGuard at all? Like as in you can connect to them with the normal WG tooling.

      Any info appreciated.

      • Just tested Netflix through my browser, and confirmed it works and showing "Top US shows" instead of Australia.

        Not sure about WireGuard, worth getting the free trial and seeing how you go

        • +1 vote

          Yeah, had a quick shuftie and says it's a pro feature. I'll have a play. Thanks a lot for the info, appreciate it.

      • will not work with router enabled vpn, netflix will detect that, in fact most router embedded vpn will get detected, the only safe way is sticking with watching netflix on your 720p or 900i browser with vpn app running in the background, lol

        • It'll work if the vpn supports it, nothing more nothing less. Where you run the client - router or local device - is immaterial.

      • +3 votes

        They support wireguard. You can generate configs if you have Pro. If you don't have Pro, the android app supports it, windows client is in beta. Not sure about apple devices though.

    • I did this too, but it seems that "Lifetime" is 10 years. I just checked my account and it says my expiry date is November 2028.

      What if I'm still alive by then?

  • Already have 60GB in my account, what would happen if claiming this voucher?

    From memory it will actually downgrade it down to 50GB.

  • +2 votes

    This coupon code looks suspiciously Belorussian for a supposedly Canadian company.

    • +14 votes

      I believe this is just Windscribe's way of showing support for Belorussian people. If you aren't aware there are currently mass protests being held in Belarus and the regime has shut down both mobile and residential internet to stop people from coordinating with each other.

      • -10 votes

        That makes sense. You support people by giving them code named after their dictator. Germans would get "FUERER", Victorians - "CHAIRMANDAN"

        • Heh, I was under impression that "Batka" is a demeaning name for their president, but Windscribe could have chosen a better promocode for sure.

    • This coupon code looks suspiciously Belorussian for a supposedly Canadian company.

      I think I saw reddit post where one of Windscribe employees claimed he was form Belarus originally.

    • This offer is intended for citizens in Belarus which is currently undergoing internet connectivity outages. For more information please refer to the Tweet on Windscribe's Twitter

  • Does this come with a gps spoofer? My workplace is enforcing us to "clock in" for work using our mobile phone app and they can see our location, so I'm trying to find an app which can spoof my location when I clock in.

  • Thanks OP! I was on the 20GB deal that was shared here a while ago, so created a new account for 50GB :)

    • You can add voucher in exisitng account to increase that to 50GB also.

    • You can add a voucher in an existing account to increase that to 50GB also.

      As onemufc said, also just to keep in mind that Windscribe doesn't allow multiple accounts - so if they notice you're logging into multiple accounts on the same IP they may ban one or both.

  • AWESOME! Thanks OP

  • they are ahead of the others, just scroll down to the bottom they are already in 2021

  • You must confirm your email to claim this voucher

    • Delete your email address from "My Account" and readd it. It sends a confirmation email again.

  • Already have 50GB no more upgrade.

  • Blaze it

  • What are some of examples of why someone would use a service such as this?

  • It's not sending out confirmation emails. Tried deleting and adding, but no confirmation email sent even after 10mins


    edit. email came after 11mins

  • +17 votes

    This "deal" was apparently set up for people being affected by heavy Internet censorship in Belarus after the elections. The developer even requested on twitter that it be left for people who actually need it in that context.


    I don't think this code was meant to be spread freely. This isn't a business offer - someone was trying to do a good thing. Maybe let's be cool about this and not take advantage of it? OzBargain was even called out on the thread above.

  • Has this VPN improved? I signed up over a year ago on a promo as they have some pretty cool tools, but the speeds for were pretty slow between 15-35mbps depending on where and when. Fine for basic use but thats about it, at least at that time. I went straight back to PIA.

  • Thanks kind citizens of Belarus

  • Whats happening in Belarus?

  • Worked for me. Are there any risks to using free VPNs? Heard they can hack our computers easier.

    • This one should be secure from random hackers and the sites you access, they are based in canada who are apart of the “5 eyes alliance”

  • I upvoted for Windsribe and the people who support Belarusians, not the deal itself.

  • I got confirmation email straight away (but went to junk email). I entered voucher on account creation screen itself and it worked (before even validating email address). Entering voucher on account status section again to check and it said "This voucher is already applied to your account" and shows 50GB Free correctly.

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