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Woolworths Canned Tuna 95g $0.50 (Tom Yum, Massaman Curry or Thai Red Curry Varieties) @ Woolworths


It looks like Woolworths have a few of their flavoured Tuna varieties on special or clearance, down from $0.90 (everyday low price).

Woolworths Tuna Tom Yum 95g
Woolworths Tuna Massaman Curry 95g
Woolworths Tuna Thai Red Curry 95g

Thanks to Pricehipster

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  • Cheapest cat food can is $1.20 at Woolworth………… just saying.

    • Finally I can eat human food again

    • although nutritionally catfood is probably better than this pulverised bottom of the barrel crap :) Fact that TUNA is not the first item on the ingredients list should also tell you something.

  • Yellowfin tuna is the only good canned tuna.

    • I would argue that Sirena is the best, but it's obscenely expensive so I usually just buy the Aldi one (Oceanrise I think?) and that is pretty damn good for half the price of Sirena.

  • My taste expectations for these is quite low

  • Massaman curry actually tastes pretty good, just don’t expect the can to be full of tuna lol

  • Thai red curry is life. <3

  • Luxurious yellowfin @ $1.3 /can

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    A tip for any canned fish - check out the percentage of fish making up the contents. Some of the 'better names' are often only 60%; some cheaper brands can be 90% (for salmon at least).

    Flavoured fish has less fish, more flavourings.

    Unfortunately, the massaman curry here has only 40% tuna and 50% massamum curry flavour. Red Thai is only 42% tuna….

    • When did tuna % drop so much>? Wow, When I used to buy in bulk 20 years ago or so it was around the 80-90% mark. Then the flavours came out and I did notice they were like 70-80%. But wow 40% is a joke.

  • Thay Tom yum one is probably the worst flavoured tuna I've ever tasted. Other two lush but.

  • lime & pepper @ 45c at BNE cbd mcarthur central

    57% tuna

  • Thanks OP. I went to shop for this deal and ended up spotting 50% off the WW Salmon cans. 60cents for Woolworths 95g Wild Alaskan Salmon (Honey & Soy, Chilli & Coriander). At unit price of $6 per kilo that made the Salmon too good a deal compared to the tuna.