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Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi Motherboard $175.40 + $18.74 Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


AM4 Mini-ITX motherboard with 4+2 Phase IR Digital PWM, Intel® Dual Band 802.11ac Wave2 WIFI, M.2 with Thermal Guard, RGB FUSION 2.0, ALC1220-VB Audio, Intel® GbE LAN with cFosSpeed

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  • Amazing price
    No complaints about mine except my Corsair lpx 3600 c18 is unstable at 3600 so running at 3444 at the moment with XMP

    I know if I have the patience to work out and manually set the timings it should be fine but I haven't bothered yet

    Otherwise super happy with it after 2 months even when I paid 230

    • have you heard of 1usmus' dram calculator?

    • Interesting.. so this doesn't support 3600mhz well even if it's in their supported ram list? Am I better off buying 3200mhz?

    • Hey,

      just thought i would say that i had a lot of issues with memory speeds on my x570 board with 3600mhz cl 18 ram too, it ended up being an unstable bios so i would suggest trying different version of bios :)

      I had the most recent version and that was the unstable version, an older version worked well with xmp enabled though.

      P.S Also i have this motherboard and have had no issues, paid $229, it was going for around $189 early in the year though.

    • Update BIOS. I contacted support about BIOS F50 being unstable with a lot of memory which prompted them to send my bios F51c and not long after that they posted BIOS F51d with "Improve Memory compatibility"

      TLDR: Use F51d for non XT CPUS

      • Thanks for the heads up, so for a 3400g would you recommend using the F51c instead of the newer F51 bios that was released last week?

        • F51d I know works well but I never tried the newer F51 so I cannot guarantee it will work

  • Dammmm that's cheap. Just paid 330 or so for a asus rog itx :(

  • Dang and my 550i board just got pushed a few more days.

    Is this a sign from the mITX gods…?!

    Edit: oh nevermind it's coming from Amazon UK, so no way will it get here for weeks perhaps even a month (had a duffel bag sent from UK that took close to 3 weeks)

    • It depends my 3800x came within a week. Meanwhile my brother's took 4 weeks.

    • My 3800X from Amazon UK.. took a total of 6 days to arrive..

      It appears one of my amazon US orders have been lost (over 6 weeks now).. amazon.com.au. has refunded.. and told me to keep it.. if it arrives (a small packet of PTOUCH labels)..

  • Waiting for bargain on z390 I….

  • Come on Gigabyte B550I deal, where are you hiding?

    • There's no stock on shore, so doubt we'll see any deals locally. And by the time it's shipped from overseas you may as well but local and spend more

  • Anyone else getting can't be shipped?

    Seems to be a mobile thing. Try the desktop website.

  • +8 votes

    No free delivery even with Prime (showing as $18.74 delivery for here, NSW).

    Only some UK listings have the Prime free delivery.

    Cheapest at the moment is still the US listing, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07GPDJ9R6 , $187.11 with free Prime international delivery.

    • Only issue with the US listing is the wait time (delivery expected between 11-14th of Sept) but great price if you don't mind waiting.

    • How do you even browse for UK products on the AU store?

      • I don't know lol, for the past two weeks I've been noticing for some computer parts or items there may be a UK listing when browsing all the different seller listings for same item.

      • They just show up - ask amazon algorithms team.

        • lol ok so its not just me

          I thought it was some trick to finding these deals because I had trouble doing this during the last batch of Amazon UK posts

  • Indeed, unfortunately no Prime free shipping.

  • Excellent motherboard I have with a 2600. There were reviews about VRM overheating but they had a dud sensor. VRM was fine according to updated reviews.

  • What would people recommend as a good ITX case to go with this mobo? Also would this be compatible with the new desktop ryzen 4000 series APUs out of the box?

    • The new Cooler Master NR200 looks to be a great little case, on the way next month.

      • end of this month :) (official release in about 3-4 days in US)… i've pre-ordered it with pcbyte see if i get it lol

        • Ah cool, I usually just go pick my stuff up from PLE and they say stock isn't in until September. Tempted by it for a second build or new office Pc.

          • @MackemAB: yeh i'd say thats probably right by the time we get it in Aus… i just pre-ordered it because of how well received it is with youtube reviewers which usually leads to it being low in stock across US and Europe (and we are a small market so who knows how many Aus get shipped) …

            i also didnt want it to end up like the nzxt h1 where the price went up $100 due to covid and lack of stock … its a very good price at $109 so i wasnt going to wait for a "bargain" on the case lol

            • @scud70: the nzxt h1 is so beautiful and i wanted that sooo bad. But it was out of stock everywhere and I needed to build my pc last weekend - couldnt hold off any longer for the Nr200. Settled with the Lian Li tu150. Its fine - just a bit of a chode.

              • @Bigredkeg: Haha I've been using my ITX mobo and rest of my build in a m-atx case and a random PSU I bought from centrecom just before Victoria went into another lockdown, my NZXT H1 (after delays) is arriving this week! Can't wait to rebuild

                Completely understand this feel of trying to find the NZXT H1 - even now it seems unavailable at most Aus retailers until October!

        • If you steal my pre-order I will find you and I will…complain loudly and saltily

      • I second the Cooler Master NR200, basically a budget clone of the ever popular NCase M1.

      • I am super keen to do a build in this case, looks clean and minimalist, cooler master did a great job.

    • can't comment on the APU compatibility i'd definitely look at the compatibility list on their website… not sure if the APU's fall into the same category as next gen zen 3's where a branching of BIOS is needed and its up to the board manufacturer to include it.

    • Might be worth going to PCPartPicker and popping the parts in to see if they're compatible, this is the site I used when I built my PC.

    • Have a look at the Cougar QBX if you're on a tight budget (around $90 delivered). It will take a regular ATX PSU (140mm max depth) rather than the more expensive SFX PSUs. It's basically a larger knock-off of the boutique Ncase M1 in terms of layout.. see pictorial comparison here

      • Most recomendations these day is for the NR200 instead, for about 20 more you get a better fan, and more important better airflow to the GPU via the bottom.

        My QBX is getting replaced with the NR200 when it comes in stock here.

        • The QBX isn't without it's flaws and compromises but they can easily be fixed if you put in the effort e.g. better case feet. If you're a fan of the M1 then you won't mind the copy-cat design for a fraction of the price.

          I like the NR200 too but the need for a SFX PSU takes it well beyond the initial $20 price premium. Being newly released, availability poses a challenge too.

          • @OSienna: You can wait for the adaptor for PSU or just mount it to the front for full size PSU. Lots of people are doing it already and it seems to fit well.

  • lol.. my Auros x570 itx board is sitting with DHL .. (from UK) ordered it in July part of that UK "hack" thing… went in back order then they sent it and now its past customs and DHL is not doing anything with it and cant tell me when i'll get it… definitely won't do that again .. i wasn't in a rush and did score $10 credit with amazon for the back order but yeh hope others have better experience ..

    • what UK hack thing?

      • where you untick the "bundle" options to get the item at a cheaper price … you know when you scroll down and they suggest a bundle :)

    • I still remember one time when Toll apparently "attempted" to deliver a USB headlamp I needed before I went hiking.

      They then told me I need to pick it up from the distribution centre in-person… At the docks

      I have an enormous hatred for freight companies

      • Well i emailed and now called… Someone is looking into it and will get me an update.
        I understand their busy these days but now a week and no updates, after item reaches Sydney facility and has cleared customs??… Anyway just a bit annoyed.. I'm not desperate for it but just want it delivered so i can stop chasing it up…. 🙄

  • I wouldn't mind a mini atx build to hook up to the telly, my old pc would do but isn't reliable. Seems to freeze up when pluggin stuff into the usb ports, or randomly on idle. Seems a bit good to bin it (old Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3P-B3 L1155 P67 with i5 2500k, DDR3 etc..) but perhaps not worth stuffing around with anymore. Assume there are no new mobos for this cpu now..

    I think my HD6950 2GB would be too long to fit in a mini atx case anyway, would end up building a whole new pc lol
    EDit: that NR200 fits up to 330mm long GFX ;)

  • I need a new machine due to my old 3rd gen Intel machine's main board packing it up (dead bios) but it's had a good run.

    I'm tempted to go to Ryzen but I read so many issues about stability (especially with RAM)…. Even if this thread I'm seeing it…

    • the RAM stability issue is more for people who want to squeeze out the fast few frames of gaming performance at more than 3600MHz or above. At say 3000MHz it's pretty straightforward with reasonable quality sticks.

    • Most of the issues were with first gen ryzen series stuff. By this point with b450 and higher they've more or less been solved for the most part. If you're OCing past 3600mhz then yes you will need to do a lot of research and compatibility testing but realistically if you're into that then there's a lot of researching to do.

      Also note, in a hugely douchebag move Intel has limited their ram speeds unless you purchase higher end Z series boards.

  • too tempting to revive the old itx build project, stick in something like 3200G and rejoice

    but nah, I don't really need a new build at this stage, would do it if it weren't pandemic and lockdown time.

  • Any good deals on a am4 motherboard with a couple or more pcie slots?

    • I think there was a good price on asrock b550 steel legend matx listed… Give the search bar a go 🙂

  • Local stores selling for around $200 with local warranty. Still bargain here??

  • Not worth getting it from overseas, just pay the extra $20 for local stock.