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Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers Pair (Walnut Only) - $999 Delivered (RRP $1599; Last Sold $1399) @ RIO Sound and Vision


PRICE DROP on Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers in WALNUT to ONLY $999 for the pair!
Our sale is only on for a limited time or until stocks last and we only have very limited stock available so don't snooze on this deal because it's first in best dressed!

What HiFi?(whathifi.com) gave these speakers a 5-star review and described them as 'full of energy and even better than their predecessors'­, so getting them at a discounted price is more than satisfying!

As an Authorised Australian Dealer, buy from RIO with peace of mind with a full 5 year Australia-Wide Warranty.


Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Bass Unit: 2 x 165 mm (6.5 in) / Treble Unit: 22 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency Response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 44 Hz – 30 kHz
Average Impedance: 6 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity (2.83 [email protected] m): 91 dB
Crossover Frequency: 2.5 Hz
Dimensions per speaker (H/W/D): 1020 x 310 x 310 mm
Weight (per speaker): 17.8 kg
We've also got a wide range of Q Acoustics(rio.com.au) products also on sale so if you're after something else in their range you can grab it at a great price!

And don't forget that we also have our MASSIVE WAREHOUSE CLEAR-OUT on to move as much stock as possible as we make room for our Preston Store renovations which are currently underway so there are price reductions on all your favourite items store-wide. Head into one of our stores or shop online today for some great bargains!!

If you are also after a different floor stand we have on clearance the System Audio Mantra 50 in Real Walnut 100% made in Denmark for also $999.00 with free delivery (while stock last)

Can't afford to buy outright but want the product now? No problem at all! We have ZipPay available online now so you can have your item now and pay for it later!

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  • +16

    Thanks - got a pair for my desktop PC. Working from home gonna be lit.

    • How do you plan to connect these to your desktop PC? I hope you've an amp setup for that.

      • +3

        I'd say hes probably joking - these as desktop PC speakers would probably blow you off your chair.

        • +1

          Made me chuckle after I understood, yes. :-)

      • +1

        I think he's joking

        • +1

          That was a good one then. :-)

    • +5

      I actually do have a similar pair hooked up to my desktop PC via an amp, together with a centre speaker and two ceiling mounted rear speakers plus sub. Running a 120inch screen projector for gaming. Absolutely fabulous.

  • +1

    The white ones look cool - do you happen to have any of those? I saw them in the pictures for this product.

  • omg. i just bougtht 3030i..

    • +1

      I watched a youtube video, guy says the difference between 3050i and 3030i is almost imperceptible. Depends also on if you have a subwoofer or not. https://youtu.be/DOn9Ov88CW8?t=568

      • +2

        Even so I'd still opt for the floor-standers. a quality pair of stands can easily set you back a few hundred dollars.

        • Thanks for those infos. For 3030i, a speaker stand is like a must. It adds up another 250 AUD around. So the price ends up higher than this 3050i.

          Sad face…

          • @ter: call rio and check, if its not shipped they might help you

            • @4d1in3: Too bad, I received it already and from another seller…

  • I am living in a small apartment. Which speakers should I choose? 3050i or 3030i. I plan to use these with my TV. Please also suggest an AVR to go with.

    • +1

      I am in a small apartment, and I went with Concept 20s secondhand with stands, so similar size to floorstanding. Depends what the 3030i will be sitting on. I just got a centre 3090i from Rio so I now have 5.1.2 atmos setup in a pretty small apartment living room.

      If I were you, I would get surround sound at least 4.1 setup. If you don't have the room, check out gallo acoustics, I use these as my height speakers for the Dolby Atmos, on top of some IKEA Gnedby shelves.

      • Those are now $545.75 :(

    • I would go for the 3050i …. no need for stands and simply plug in and get the full spectrum of sound…

  • +4

    This is sooo 2002

    • A good set of speakers will still sound good even decades later

  • ^I reckon haha.
    I still have two pairs of silver Magnat Vector Needles in boxes in the garage, rrp was $1900 got a great deal but would be lucky to get anything these days.

    These days I'm pretty happy with my Yamaha 8" studio monitors, a DAC and chromecast audio (optical in or USB from PC).

  • @funkyDan - is there a massive difference between the mantra 50 vs the Saxo 50?
    I've got the Saxo, thinking of getting the mantra.. or these 3050i…

    • Yes no comparison the Mantra 50 are 100% made in Denmark and use better drivers and cabinet design, real wood too so not vinyl etc… by far the best in quality for that price guranteed.

      • Hi, do you still have Mantra 50 in stock?

  • @funkyDan - I just bought a pair for my new house. Walnut is a perfect match. What else do I need to go with them? Basically I have only got a TV at the moment. Thank you

    • Nice work mate! these are highly regarded and seem like great value! You'll need a AV receiver to give these power to drive sound from the TV

      • Any recommendations mate?

    • You will need an av receiver we have one for $749 and or if you want to go for 2.1 look at the elipson mc mini it will connect to your tv and you can run a sub off it too

  • These or Mantra 50?

    • Tons on the Q Acoustics, not much at all on the Mantra's…. I'm sitting here about to trigger the 3050s

    • If it were me I'd choose the mantra exclusively for the high quality drivers. Not that you'd go wrong with the Q.

  • +1

    Ok..Mantras are made in Denmark and use Scan Speak drivers one of the very best speaker manufacturers in the world, all products in the Mantra range are hand built.
    The Qs are made in China….still good but the System Audios are generally a much dearer speaker…

    • -1

      I paid 999 for show room stock. After speaking to rob he said that was the last walnut available in the store. Now you have x20 new ones available at 999. Why couldn't you guys just tell me and I would have just waited for this sale. So disappointed! Expected a bit of honesty from Rio. At this price I could have gotten something brand new! Feel totally ripped off!

      • +1

        Hello, not the case as at the time we had zero walnut,
        from time to time we get stock that other retailers can't sell and sometimes we miss out. you paid the same no different, the ones we supplied were display as "show only not used". FYI White and Black we have none at the moment but again if other dealers can't sell then we will take the lot, and this was the case with these last few walnuts. I hope this helps

  • How would there compare with svs prime towers?

    Also, would it work with logitch 5.1 system (w internal reciever in the sub)?


    • Many reasons why you shouldn't use these with a Logitech 5.1 computer system, but short answer is no.

  • pulled the trigger.. moving from 3.1 to 5.1

  • +1

    Yeah, no. It's a 6.5" Dipole with a 22mm tweeter. It has an f6 of 44Hz in a 98l enclosure with an effective volume of 32l??? It has a ripple of over 3dB?

    With a better driver with a higher Xmax in a basic enclosure that size could easily have an f3 of 22Hz and would be impressive.

    I am sure this tower 'sounds great'. But considering you can get a Q90R for around this price which adds 7.1.4 sound stage in a sound bar profile for very little loss in sound quality this is very poor value and definitely not a bargain.

    • +2

      username checks out

      • +1

        If you want to pay for ~$200 of parts and assembly using a 50 year old design then that is your business.

    • +1

      I don't understand what the heck your first and second paragraphs mean. The last one definitely makes sense!!! Upvote

      • +1

        6.5" is the size of the bigger drivers. Some measurement across it is 6.5 inches.

        Dipole positioning is two woofers around a tweeter or horn. It is popular in towers because customers think 'more drivers are better'. Dipole positioning beam forms some frequencies meaning sitting to the side is often quieter than sitting in front. A better layout is coaxial, where a horn driver is screwed onto the back of the woofer, but compatible woofers at 6.5" are generally low Xmax unless you place a customer order (plus the costumer only see's one driver, not three). Coaxial positioning will also create a better sound stage.

        A horn driver is a tiny tweeter that is screwed into the back of a horn (cheaper horns are usually small and plastic) to play sound correctly. The horn driver attached to the horn is also called a horn.

        Xmax is the mechanical limit on how far a cone can move. Lower frequencies need more air moved to maintain constant volume, so with smaller drivers like a 6.5", you need a large Xmax if you want to go low.

        dB is a measure of how loud stuff is.

        f3 is the cut off frequency, the lowest frequency playable with in 3dB of the rest of the frequency response. f6 is used on this produce page which doesn't make sense. It could be a marketing term, or they could be giving a 6dB cut off frequency. Who knows. It's not industry standard.

        The physical size of the box is 98 litres. The site states the tower has an effective volume of 32 litres. This matters as the air behind the driver acts as a spring for the cone at low frequencies, increasing low frequency response and lowering the f3 (more bass).

        This box has a helm hertz cavity. It is a separate box or tube with a small opening. Certain frequencies resonate in it, amplifying those (generally more bass). It can be better than a port as you can reduce phase issues by moving the position of the hole. But a helm hertz cavity generally takes up more space than a port. It can be combined with a port for a higher order design.

        A port is a tube that connects the inside of the box (usually) to the outside. They resonate certain frequencies, making them louder (more bass) but the stuff up timing (phase response).

        The order of a speaker is just how many cavity and ports are inside a box. More orders can mean even more bass (a popular Bose design is 4th order), but even more phase issues. You generally need sound processing with higher order designs.

        A ripple of 3dB is bad, as some frequencies will be louder or quieter. It implies that either the tweeter or woofer is cheap, or that the woofer and tweeter are mismatched. I would gess in this case their is a slight mismatch that is not compensated for with a filter.

        Just like some frequencies can be louder, some might be played earlier. This is the phase response.

        A filter separates frequencies for different drivers and tweeters. They can separate at different rates and they can play one driver a little quieter if there is a mismatch in sensitivity. You don't want a sub playing high frequencies as they will be very quite and muffled because the cone is heavy and slow responding. A tweeter can't play low frequencies as they are small and can't move enough air.

        Sound processing can be a replacement for a filter with more control over how the speaker sounds, but is done at low volumes. Amplification needs to be after sound processing, so it is generally only found in active speakers (one's with power cables) or is done by the receiver (very rarely to the level of a good active speaker). Some brands like Bose, and most current 'Atmos' soundbars appear rely heavily on sound processing.

        Sensitivity is the volume level for a set power level at a set distance. This is usually 1 watt at 1 metre.

        Woofer's at this size (6.5") can also be classed as sub woofers. Using a 6.5" sub woofer and a better enclosure design, (literally change the orientation of the piece of wood they used to create a helm hertz cavity) a tower of this volume could have an f3 of 22Hz. You would not need a sub unless you really like bass. As this is a dipole design the lower sensitivity would not be an issue, it would just need a slightly less sensitive tweeter.


        Better woofers (or sub woofers) could add at least $200 to the parts list for this design or significantly more if they decided on a coaxial design (as they would most likely be a custom design)

        Just copy and paste any words that you still don't understand and I will try to simplify that concept further when I get a chance (might be a fortnight).

    • What are your thoughts on the System Audio Mantra 50?

      • Both will sound great. If you want floor standing speakers I doubt you will be disappointed with either.

  • +2

    Well now this maybe the reason why they are being sold out at Rio, maybe all Q Acoustics.

    OK So Rio is the retailering side of INDI Imports. Who used to be the Australian importer distributor.


    SO a new distributor


    Just be aware through my own experience, that if you have an issue with your product in its warranty period, the new distributor may or may or not honer the warranty.
    If Rio/Indi have no spares, either parts or complete speakers, you could be stuck.
    The HI-FI business and it's distributors are very fickle.

  • +1

    Good point and on the contrary …. under Australian and Consumer Law (ACCC) plus the fact that the new distributor MUST handle any service or warranty related issues. The old disty "INDI" and their legal team have enforced this … however in saying all this we haven't had any issues on the passive speakers, and its usually the new distributor who likes to put the fear in consumers. One thing we do know is the prices are set to rise under them, so grab the lucky few while you can…brand new…

  • +1

    Do not buy Q Acoustics. Cheap quality in my opinion and bad customer service. I purchased the 5.1 7000 series with the 7000is active subwoofer. A few months after the warranty expired my subwoofer stopped working. Spoke to the team in England and got told nothing they can do and referred me to their supplier in Australia. I requested the circuit boards to replace them they told me they couldn't do that as it's an "inclosed system". BS I have already pulled the boards out, I then requested a schematic of the boards and got told they wouldn't give it to me as it's their intellectual property. I just wanted the diagram to troubleshoot the circuit board and buy them on Alibaba and solder them on. Now I have a $600 paperweight. I did get offered a very slight discount on the 3060s for "all my troubles".

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