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Lenovo Legion 7i 15" i7-10875H 32GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 2070 Max-Q 144hz 500nits Display $3,115.05 Shipped (+$1 M500 Mouse) @ Lenovo


This is $3115 with Lenovo GAMEON ecoupon plus the 5% standard cart discount. If you add in Cashrewards 6.5% cashback it comes down further to the $2913 price. The 20% off flash sale Cashrewards sale this afternoon (2pm - 5pm) will take it down to $2865. Original deal. Mod note: "Cashback may be ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards."

The reviews on this laptop seem really positive and this is a very high spec with an amazing quality screen.

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  • Prices displayed in title should be the price paid during checkout, not after Cashbacks or commission refunds. Guideline

    • Ok - it should be $3115 then at checkout they apply a 5% cart discount on top of the ecoupon.

      • fixed now.

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    Ahhh Cashrewards will probably be denied. You can't stack with discount codes that arnt on their cashrewards page and you titled it all wrong with including cashrewards

    warning: cashrewards might be denied

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      Not talking about stacking Cashrewards. You can use either the standard 6.5% off at Lenovo OR the 20% ($250 cap) this afternoon. I just got a confirmation of my money from Cashrewards on this laptop.

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        If you used "GAMEON" and tried tracking it with cashrewards it will be denied. Even if it shows that its tracked

        Cashback may be ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

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    At this price, I wouldn't say it's good for value.

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      To get a gaming laptop with a 500nit, 100% AdobeRGB, 144Hz screen plus 32GB/1TB/2070 RTX all for around $3k seems like a pretty decent deal to me. What else would come in around that price?

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        Honestly at that point best to aim for a rtx 2080 super laptop for a few hundred more.

        It's not bad it's just not the best value wise.

        For example last month you could get a Dell g7 17 rtx2070 max q 17 inch 144hz Full HD 16gb ram 512gb nvme + 1tb hdd for $1999 from eBay with promo code pclap20 or something like that.

        This is $1100 more for not that much of an upgrade that's probably what the other user meant.

        Above $2700 is rtx 2080 minimum for me personally from looking at ebay deals and sales.

        • I think the dell came with a RTX2070 max p

          • @l005e: Oh that's good news if true but personally I think the 2060 was the deal winner.

            Not really much of an upgrade from 2060 to 2070 iirc might as well go for the 2080.

      • Main difference would be short of 512gb ssd and 16gb ram while price is competitive. The performance of 2060 is very similar to 2070mq (I would say 98%).

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        +gsync display. If it was rtx 2080 - it would be a great bargain. As is, with new ryzen laptop chips and new gen amd graphics - it is good value, just not great.

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          Well I would rather go for something like this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551320

          Over this deal at least you can upgrade the other parts later.

          Me personally would want a 17 inch but yeah $3k+ for a 2070 max q does not seem like a good deal to me.

          Edit: after looking at the specs again I think the thing that makes this really stand out is the 100% AdobeRGB and 500 nits screen most laptops have 300 nits and less than 100% AdobeRGB.

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            @AlienC: Not a fan of HP's reliability or cooling system - if you could add more warranty, that HP Omen would be good value too, just not great value.

            The screen on the Lenovo is probably one of the best screen's available for its hardware specs (higher resolution or oled would be an improvement), where as the HP Omen is average at best. But with the $500+ saved with HP Omen, you can always spec out a good monitor + extra cooling fans haha.

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            @AlienC: Correct, 500 nits screens with proper colour gamuts are not cheap, they are used in Macbook Pros and Dell XPS. People usually compare prices by looking at the CPU/GPU/SDD/RAM and forget about the rest of the laptop components and build… A bit like comparing the prices of two 65" TVs and not considering one is more expensive because it is OLED ;-)

      • Fyi, I paid ~$3300 for a 10th Gen 16GB Alienware M15 R3 with 2070 Super Max-P (not Max-Q) and 300hz screen…

        I don't think this Legion 7i is a good value too… With this price you should at least get 2070 Super Max-Q

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    My lenovo was ordered mid June, shipping end of Sept.

    Just FYI for anyone customizing a model online… It's already been replaced with a newer version lmao.

  • good specs. Wish you could have Ryzen with it. Fair price but beyond my budget.

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