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Reusable Face Mask 5 Pack $29.99 + Delivery (Free Delivery over $50) @ Chemist Warehouse (Online Only)


Looks like a good deal.
Works out to be $5.99 per mask if you buy two packs or reach the $50 free shipping threshold in other ways.

3 layers of black 150gsm protective Cotton and Spandex material. 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Black elastic ear straps.

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  • Looks like it doesnt has the metal bar so it might fog up the glasses

    • My fix is to tear a piece of tissue in half, roll it up, stuff in under the mask on my nose bridge. Not saying it's perfect but it saves me using a disposable mask when going for short walks.

  • Do these do anything if they're not n95 etc

    • They are more to reduce the spread of airborne saliva and mucus from you rather than protect you from others.


      • That image has spelling mistakes..

        Which demonstrates the bigger problem of people willing to share anything, misinformation and others taking it for fact.

        • Here's one with no spelling then

          Uncle Rob's mask testing

          • @aragornelessar: That is rediculous.
            Is this what people are viewing to make an educated decision?
            How about one from pubmed

            • @stickymoo: Since you seem too lazy to do any work yourself, here you go.


              *It is well known that surgical masks can prevent the inhalation of large droplets and sprays but have limited ability to filter submicron-sized airborne particles [8, 9]. As SARS-CoV-2 is also embedded in aerosols <5 μm in diameter, it cannot be determined whether they are always effective. However, mask wearing by patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (an airborne infectious disease) has been shown to reduce infectivity to guinea pigs by 56% [9, 10]. The surgical mask has also been shown to intercept other human coronaviruses during coughing [11]. A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials has also shown that surgical masks and N95 respirators were similarly effective in preventing influenza-like illness and laboratory-confirmed influenza among healthcare workers [12]. Similar results were obtained in a case–control study comparing the protective effect of surgical masks and N95 respirators against SARS among healthcare workers in five Hong Kong hospitals [13].

              Controlling a respiratory infection at source using a face mask is a well-established strategy. For example, symptomatic patients with cough or sneezing are generally advised to put on a face mask, and this applies equally to patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (airborne transmission) and influenza (predominantly droplet-transmitted). With the large number of asymptomatic patients unaware of their own infection [1, 2], the comparable viral load in their upper respiratory tract [3], droplet and aerosol dispersion even during talking and breathing [6], and prolonged viral viability outside our body [7], we strongly advocate universal use of face masks as a means of source control in public places during the COVID-19 pandemic.

              P.S. The word you're trying to spell is 'ridiculous'.

    • They do, ideally at least two layers of different fabrics criss-crossed… Primarily protects others, but there is an effect for the wearer too.


      • At least you referenced a reputable source.
        Instead of an image with spelling mistakes.

        You get less likes than the simple image though..

    • Also as a normal person - please don't buy n95 masks - you really don't need them and they should be reserved for medical personnel.

      • No, only Hospital Grade N95 masks should be reserved for medical personnel, not all N95 masks. Medical personnel should only be wearing hospital grade masks.
        There are plenty of professions that require N95 masks for health reasons long before COVID.

        Mind you we have a national stockpile of Hospital Grade N95 masks (It's a different point that 1 in 8 hospitals are denied access) there are plenty to go around.

        You are perhaps confusing the issue of medical supply retailers selling Hospital Grade N95 Masks to the public. This is wrong and just drives up the price to medical professionals.

      • isn't is silly to be told it is compulsory to wear a mask but not set a basic standard to go off. Isn't that what n95 is?

        Because the idea is to help midigate the risk for everyone right?

        Right now you can wear anything in Victoria?

        Which if you don't wear the right minimum standard of mask. Is it giving a false sense of safety?

        • They set the standard. It's just not n95

          Do people know how to wear medical n95? Is it a false sense of safety to wear a n95 incorrectly? If we gonna say particles are small enough and in the air etc you would have to wear a face shield and then another surgical on top of the n95 like in hospital ?
          A hair net as well ?

          • @astarman: Who's they?

            Does a hair net stop airborne droplets?

            Isn't it better to educate on how to wear the correct mask for the occasion than to just wear what ever?

            Shouldn't we have a minimum efficacy for a compulsory mask?

            • @stickymoo: The point is it captures the droplet so it's not on your hair, which you may later touch and put the droplet in your mouth .

              It's already been educated the main transmission is droplet Not aerosol. Therefore a cloth covering and the clearly known rule of 1.5m will stop it.

              But let's not talk about people being educatee. The fact we have come to a stage where mask are mandatory in Victoria shows that many people couldn't be educated in the first. Were we not educated to stay home when positive or awaiting results ?
              Or that it's no time to be having a friend's gathering 50km away ?

              The premier probably should've taught guards that having sex with a potentially infected person is wrong

      • Medical personnel do not get their masks from retail channels. You see doctors and nurses lining up at Bunnings?

    • No, and I think it's silly people spend more for an inferior product too.
      *(to clarify, not no impact, but rather not much in the way of protection for you esp given the price/comparative products)

      Even a cheapie ear-loop KN95 mask (which medicos won't/should not be using anyway) is cheaper and actually does something for you, even if it does fail couple of the standards for China-cynics like me lol. For VIC people anyway minimising movement, a 5 pack of those is enough to sun and rotate through for those trips to the supermarket.

    • Here's an article and video where they filmed people coughing and sneezing while wearing different types of masks

    • So what happens if someone coughs or sneezes on you and the droplets just absorb into the cotton. Do you just breathe that in all day. Could it possibly be worse?

    • Yes, it stops the majority of droplet spray which means anyone wearing one is much less likely to spread the disease. Also stops you from touching your face while out and about.

      Mixed with social distancing and proper handwashing it does a lot. Wearing an n95 mask all day won't do a lot more but will give you a massive headache.

  • I think the bonds one are better, TGA approved

  • +1 vote

    I just realised we wear a mask on our avatar as well. 😷

  • Still too expensive. I rather use a bandana

    • For what it's worth, I'm also using a banana and haven't got sick yet.

      • For what it's worth, I'm not wearing a mask right now and I don't have covid yet

        *i am at home and far from any hotspots


      • Do we realise that wearing a mask is mainly to stop OTHER people from being infected by your droplets and not the vice versa?

        • Yes we do, it's common sense.

          Just as common sense would say if your sick, your should be home isolating not out and about.

          I'm only commenting on the fact that 5 face masks at $30 is a rip.

          • @Bretttick: Common sense won't tell you if you are asymptomatic

            Also 5 face masks at $30 isn't too bad, especially since they are reusable and reusable masks usually are $10 minimum.

            • @PCHammond: Common sense tells ppl to stay home if positive or awaiting test results …. So we thought

              • @astarman: His point was that there’s people that show no symptoms and therefore they don’t isolate or get tested, not because they are being callous but because they legitimately feel as fine as they do at any other time.

                The very same people may have well isolated if feeling sick or awaiting test results, but they are carriers and not subject to either of those scenarios and this go about life as normal.

                Common sense only can help here so far.

  • If you are short on money, most Victorian pharmacies and local councils have the free reusable 3 layer face mask also, provided by Vic government.

  • It's bad quality according to this review 8 hours ago.



    Purchased online as it was a pack of 5 so I could give some to my parents. Soaked them before wearing and they are useless. Basically a flat cloth that doesn't hug the nose or mouth..way too big and feel they are very cheaply made. So disappointed as I am a regular customer and have always purchased at Chemist warehouse for their high quality products. Can't get through to customer service let alone a refund. $30 in the bin. This is why I second guess purchasing online as I can't view the product. Definitely don't recommend. So very disappointed.


  • The only way to minimise the spread is everyone wear masks so as not to spread so far the droplets, since we might not know if we have COVID or not until later.

  • Be warned guys, these are quite small and they have no nose band to keep it on your face so as soon as you talk it will move up or down.
    Also there are gaps in the side because of the size, better off making your own before buying blindly online.

    This would be okay for a teen or somebody with a smaller face.

  • 10% off the price too for a few days