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AstiVita Coffee Grinder (Ceramic Burr Mill) $9.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Astivita Amazon AU


The cheapest it has been since the 2019 Black Friday and Boxing Day lightning deals. It hasn't been below $14 since.

For lovers of coffee everywhere, our grinder turns your beans into the finest coffee grinds however you like it - French press, pour over, drip, Aero Press and more.
A durable makeup of brushed stainless steel means it will last you a very long time so you not stress about it breaking or malfunctioning for a long-term purchase.
Enjoy effortless grinding with a premium quality mechanism that is designed to last for years! Easily adjustable from course to fine, choose what you love.12 month Customer Support and Warranty No Matter Where You Are in Australia. Our Brisbane Team know the importance of customer satisfaction and Should Anything go Wrong, We Will Get a Replacement to You ASAP.

Some reviews/comments from previous deals: 1, 2, 3 1 month, 4, 5 couple of months.

Delivery is free with prime or $39 spend.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +12

    not very good reviews, would rather spend more and buy something that lasts a while

    • I've got one of these and it gets old FAST.
      You don't want to sit there for 10 minutes grinding up beans, and that's just for one person!

      If you have an espresso machine then I highly recommend getting a proper electric grinder.
      It makes all the difference in the world.

      The only reason to buy this manual grinder is if you're going out camping.

  • +5

    A decent grinder will go a long way for making better coffee. Minimal I'll go is with the hario.

    • I have the Hario and it takes ages to grind enough even for a couple of cups worth for my Aeropress. Now when I travel I just buy a cheap local electric burr grinder at the beginning of the trip if I'm going to be somewhere for a bit.

      I picked up one of these on sale the last time I was in the UK (I did not pay £60) and it's actually become my main grinder at home:

      • +12

        I attach a usb rechargeable screwdriver. Takes 90sec to grind per cup.

        • +2

          Yep, my aldi grinder works good with the ozito electric screwdriver.

      • +1

        I did some research before I decided on the Aergrind by knock, it's perfect for making one cup of coffee in the morning and I can finish grinding my beans right before the water boils. A nice hand grinder is good if you're looking to save space, easy to travel with and lasting a lifetime.

    • I've thoroughly enjoyed the quality I get out of my Porlex Mini, but the pentagonal driveshaft is moronic (and soft steel so it wears away even with the hand-powered handle). I just drive it with a hexagonal adapter I machined. Apparently there's a hexagonal driveshaft variant out there.

  • +16

    LOL at the first review…

    You get what you pay for
    Reviewed in Australia on 27 February 2020
    Verified Purchase
    This coffee grinder works, but … it took me nearly 10 minutes to grind enough beans for one small pot of coffee. I don't know if it took me longer because I'm left-handed, but I tried switching hands as each arm got tired.

  • +7

    Hi Everyone,
    I picked up one of these in a previous deal.

    Sorry to say that it isn't very good… the grind consistency is pretty poor. (But it's cheap!)

    Given the low price, it might be OK for someone looking to have a spare or one for a different location. (Which is what I got it for)

    Having said that… Any burr grinder (even this one), is still a step-up from pre-ground coffee.

  • I wonder if it would be a good peppercorn grinder… Surely better than the supermarkets ones with the useless plastic teeth

    • This is a very good question. If you can vary the grind size with ceramic burrs this may well be a very good peppercorn grinder.

    • I thought about it, but the ease of use concerns me. When I want pepper, I want it directly over my food or over the stove (even though that's not recommended). Using a normal pepper mill is easier because twisting the knob doesn't introduce "wobble". If you use this grinder, the large circular motions sprays the pepper around, and maybe it's just me, but I don't feel the same control. It's a small thing, but it would annoy me. I'd look into a Cole and Mason set, but those are pretty expensive.

      • This grinder has a built in catchment, you can grind it into that and then spread it with as much precision as you like.

      • Here's a tip: Lock your elbows into the side of your body, and you'll find you'll be a lot more stable.
        You'll still have some wobble, as your grinding arm is moving around, but you'll have more control.

    • Get a good old style Peugeot Paris Wood pepper grinder. Not cheap - $50 - $70 but if you cook a lot it's life changer.

      I have an adjustable one although I always use the coarse setting. Can't live without it.

  • Disappointed. For $10, I decided to look into it. The reviews say this is even poor for pour over coffee, which is what I have at work. This grinder doesn't inspire confidence if grinding 15-20g takes 3 minutes. I'm already slightly annoyed at my Lido-E taking around 30 seconds for espresso.

  • +2

    Bought this on few deals back

    I'm OK with the grind quality as long as you go on the finer side it's perfectly acceptable - especially for the asking price.

    The bottom on mine where it catches the grinds broke however, it was like the glue that connects the clear plastic to the screw. It's also pretty uncomfortable to grind due to the awkward shape.

    Don't regret buying it as I got many uses before the issues occurred. Might have lasted longer if I was a bit more careful.

    • +1

      Contact them here and they'll give you a replacement.

      12 month Customer Support and Warranty No Matter Where You Are in Australia. Our Brisbane Team know the importance of customer satisfaction and Should Anything go Wrong, We Will Get a Replacement to You ASAP.

  • Mine rusted within a month.

    • Bought mine last year - still works fine, but slow. No rust.

  • Could you undo main handle and hook up a drill or something to the main drive shaft? (I'm asking seriously)

    Given my luck with 2 dying BCGs a cheap backup might be prudent, and that would at least fix the cumbersome part of using this.

    • Yeah I've done it, but the drive shaft is only a few mill. and fairly rounded, not great but it works.

  • +4

    After two weeks of use, I decided to cancel my gym membership. I can just do my arm exercises with this little thing.

    • I can just do my arm exercises with this little thing

      Awesome brah it's how you use it that matters.

  • Bought it and regret it. Genuinely too much effort to get enough beans ground for 2 cups.

    That being said the coffee did taste better than the electric metal spice grinder I had been using.

    I think an electric ceramic grinder will be the way forward :/

    • You can attach a drill to it

      • what a great idea. Will give it a shot

  • This is good,
    If you can't be bothered using the handle, leave the top off and attach to a cordless drill - less effort and the same result

  • I've got two, one for normal beans and one for decaf. The normal one works fine, though I just remove the handle and attach the grinder to a battery powered drill. It grinds enough for a large pot in about a minute. No idea how good the one the family uses for decaf is. I mean, it's decaf, what's the point?

  • Hasta la vista baby.
    What's next?

    • you missed Bella Vista

  • I got one, piece of rubbish fell apart at the catcher within a few uses. There's a zolay one on Amazon which is occasionally on lightning deals, much much sturdier

  • Get the Breville when it comes down to $199 again.

  • God, I get tired using my Hario hand grinder with 30g beans let alone get a lower price one that can't hold 30g AND apparently takes longer to grind with… this might be one of those purchases you might want to invest some money = save time and effort

  • Each to their own but I had a hario ceramic hand grinder, used it twice then bought an electric. Just took too long to grind.

  • Are these good for peppercorns?

    • +1

      i use mine with peppercorns, but i also tend to season while cooking and not at the table.

  • Have been using mine while dialing into the morning meetings at work. I'm on mute but the video from others perspectives looks…. interesting.

    Am going to invest in an electric one instead.

  • Ignore these if you have the slightest idea about hand-grinded coffee.

    If you're really serious about grinding your own coffee as a connoisseur. … get a durable and (preferable) European-made one.

    It will last forever, and also grind 20g of coffee in 40secs

  • Bought one for camping but it’s too much effort. I ended up using the Breville at home and took ground coffee in a container.

  • Can this grinder be used to grind other green materials? Asking for a friend.

    • +1

      I think it's overkill for such green materials, unless you have like a big bags worth to grind (far more than one person needs). For a small quantity, those small spice grinders are very good. At least, that's what my friend told me. :-)

  • Is the Kmart espresso machine still the best option for a cheap manual coffee machine? Doesn't look like there's stock of it around though :/

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