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BeyerDynamic DT 990 Edition 600 Ohm Hifi Headphones $234.66 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Been looking for these for a while at a good price, found them! 2 In stock but more on the way.

  • The famous DT 990 Premium, 600 ohm version; Stereo Headphone for high power requirements, headphone amps, home audio applications. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Made in Germany, innovative "Bass reflex" system for excellent audio performance
  • Open design, includes protective carry case
  • Gold vaporized stereo 3.5 mm mini-jack & 6.35 mm adapter
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty only when purchased from an authorised beyerdynamic dealer.

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  • The DT1990 and DT1770 is very cheap at the moment as well

  • I use to have one but it is too damn bright for my ear and it is just unbearable. Also having problem with no signal to one side of the headphone on 2 occasions. The first time they have fixed it under warranty and the second time they have replace with a different unit despite being out of warranty. I quickly sold it. Very good after sale service I must add despite buying the headphone from Amazon USA a few years ago. I may be unlucky as there are a lot of happy customers out there.

    • No, Beyers have a distinctly bright sound signature. I also had a pair of DT990's and had the same issue - but they do have many fans and aside from the brightness, they really are excellent - so really depends on taste. I think something like the Massdrop HD58X would be an easier headphone for more people to get into at a similar price point (when it goes on sale), with sound quality that is just as good if not better.

      • I can personally vouch for the 58x. A really impressively performing headphone with a nice wide soundstage and relatively balanced response. Top tier contender in the price range for sure.

        For potential buyers, just be aware that they're open-back cans, meaning there will be sound leakage if you plan to use them in public or shared spaces.

        They're my daily drivers at home and I would recommend them to anyone.

      • HD 58X and 6xx give the listener a really relaxing and enjoyable first auditory impression than DT 770 880 990 (Same situation among DT1990/T1 and HD800), as are their sound signature. But when it comes to other sound quality/analytical or costeffectiveness beyerdynamic is definately better. My first and second hifi headphones were HD25 and HD58X, I thought i like the feeling or the signature of the sound until i bought DT880 and tried DT1990..

    • bright is BD's sound signature

      • It's why Head-fi's reviews of headphones are invaluable. User reviews are much more detailed.

      • "Sound signature" is one way of looking at it. The other is they simply have poor treble, which is my opinion of the DT990 Pros. I used them for years without realising how skewed the high frequencies were until I finally got better headphones that showed me what treble should sound like.

  • Damn, just bought a pair at $350 a few weeks back. Love them though.

  • Damn wish the 32 Ohm version was on sale instead. For 250 ohms and above you really need an amplifier for that amount of resistance to even hear or else you have to turn the voume way up and that will distort sound quality.

    • I have 250ohm version and the amplifier built into my SoundBlaster Zx sound card powers it fine, have also tried on my onboard with no problem. If you are going to be using it for PC use I can vouch there's no worries. I use them between 6% and 8% volume depending on what I'm doing on the PC. Sometimes as high as 12% when watching particular movies that have a lot of low volume dialog. The 600ohm in this deal might be an issue though.

      If you want them for a portable player with bad DAC you could get 32ohm but I think 250ohm the way to go.

  • DT 770 PRO only $200 as well, $240 everywhere else
    might buy one

    • Where's the link to the DT770 PRO's?

    • Got the Limited Edition a few years ago from Amazon UK for about $167 delivered. The Aussie dollar has been going downhill.

    • Beyer's fullcloseback headphones was somehow a nightmare in the sound signature. The sound was so close or 'smothering'. It's not really enjoyable listening to them. I have ordered a DT 1770 on Massdrop and tried DT 770 880 990 1770 1990 in store dj sydney, Dt 770 really leaves me an unpleasant experience…. It might be a good mixing or recording playback headphone but there are many other choices even those cheaper ones…

      • So strange how two people can have such differing opinions on the same headphones. The huge majority of users consider them among the greatest headphones at the price range and even people who have tried many other high quality headphones praise them over more expensive competitors. Guess there is a lot of subjectivity to it or maybe it just varies from ears to ears.

        • Maybe but you will know what i mean if you make a comparison among DT 770/880/990 at the same time. Just go to any headphone store where they are. I am having DT880 and 1770 with me right now

  • I like those cans.

  • Had these in 600ohms as well in my unit days.

    Ran it from Schitt tube amp. Bloody magic it was upgrading from mid range Sennheisers.

    • Which Sennheisers did you upgrade from? Are these going to be better than HD600s?

      • I do have the HD600. I am using the HD650 (yet another headphone. Don't judge.) with a modmic for my PC rig, plugged into a Essence STX soundcard.

        The DT990 600ohm is only as good as the amp. Having said that, if you have a fantastic amp, these cans are amazing! It is a brighter sound signature.

        I prefer the DT990 but if I can only afford one pair of headphones on a sub $500 price, it would be the HD650.

        (Upgraded from a 5xx series I used since I was a small child. It served for 15+years.)

        • I prefer the DT990 but if I can only afford one pair of headphones on a sub $500 price, it would be the HD650.

          Really? What about the Focal Elear $499 deal earlier this year that I jumped on? It's on a complete other level compared to the HD6XX I got a few months prior to that. I'll go as far as saying that Elear are my end-game headphones. Have used both with an LG V-series phone and an Auralic Gemeni 2000 (the difference between the amps wasn't as night and day as you might expect).

          • @elektron: I'm sure the Focals are great. I gave them a listen (loan unit from dealer). I ran them through all my amps and I thought they were nice but not double the price of the HD650 nice and not as comfortable.

            End-game… Hmmm. I have owned the Abyss and a couple of Stax. No such thing as end game but if there were, the Focals are not it.

            HD800 maybe because it doesn't feel like I'm strapping a toaster to my head both in terms of weight and heat.

            • @tshow: The end-game is subjective (as is comfort), which is why I qualified that statement by saying "my end-game". With the Elears I have found the sound that is incredibly close to what have always looked for - with a rare balance of clarity / detail and emotion / intimacy. I bought the HD6XX for $270 and the Elears for $600 (with the optional case) and to me they're definitely worth the difference.

  • Great reviews on them

  • damn I wanna game with these but no microphone gets me hesitant.

    • +2 votes

      You got two options if you plan on using mid to high-end headphones for gaming:

      1) Buy a ModMic - they're easily attachable to any pair of headphones, but means that you have an additional cable dangling off from your headphones


      2) Buy an external condenser/dynamic microphone - if you have enough desk space

    • Thank you guys for your suggestions :)

    • Aren't these open headphones?

      Because if they then picking up sound with microphones is probably going to be a problem unless you listen to them at low volume levels.

  • I recently bought the 250 Ohm 'Pro' version (vs 'Edition' version above) and am happy with it. It's $207 delivered and is basically identical to the 600 ohm posted.


    Few minor differences detailed here i.e. tightness on head, carrying bag, coiled vs straight cable


  • Should have I waited for these? ordered Philips SHP9500 for $147 last week. I appreciate if someone can comment who experienced both.

    • https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/beyerdynamic...

      Looks like they're about the same on "Neutral sound" but the Philips is slightly better. Bit better on comfort too.

    • Can't comment on the DT990 pro, but I have the SHP9500. The cups are shallow, so the phones sound a bit bright because the drivers are closer to the ears. The build quality is ok. For the price, they are great value and sound very good.

    • Thanks @captaincabinets and @xiangtan. No regrets then. I did fair bit of research before buying SHP9500, but after seeing this post I was in dilemma.

    • I have both. They both sound great, the Beyer has the edge for overall transparency. Something I noticed was they both need a good amp to really come into their own, even though the Philips are low impedance, they sound pretty average when run out of a dap or laptop.

    • Accompany the SHP9500s with a budget DAC and it'll be good.

    • Where did you order from?

      • @akbermo from B&H, with delivery and custom charges, total is $147.03. They included custom charges upfront, so don't have to worry about hassle here. They used DHL Express, my order due for delivery tomorrow.

      • Don't bother with the SHP9500 at that price, it's stupidly high because it's out of stock everywhere.

        If you're spending that much, look instead at getting them on AliExpress for closer to $100 before discounts, or alternatively take a look at the SHP9600 on there instead.

        You also have the option of waiting around for another sale of the Fidelio X2HR, or reaching up for the HD58X, the HD6XX or the AKG K371.

        • I am worried about fakes, so wouldn't buy from AliExpress. Next cheapest and available source is B&H, a reputable site.

          Not much talk about 9600 yet, so for now I will stick with 9500. Thanks for your advise though.

          I am buying my first open back, so don't want spend much. With all these constraints I found this price to be reasonable for SHP9500, which are highly reviewed and out of production.

          • @808: I mean when the HD6XX are on sale for $260, it's a no-brainer versus the SHP9500 @ $150, likewise the Fidelio X2HR @ $170, though I'd still point to the HD6XX despite the bass roll-off as the X2HR has some sibilance issues due to some peaks at 7-8kHz.

            Sadly there's not really many good open backs under $200, unless you're willing to dabble in Grados and deal with their bright tuning that tries to make all music sound like a live performance, or opt for Chi-Fi options like the Takstar HF-580 on sale. Too many of them reach too hard with their treble response after trying to get the bass up to par, like the HE-4XX when on sale, or the Fostex T50RP MK3.

            The HD58X and the SHP9500 have a graininess in the treble that prevents them from being worth the reach compared to some very good closed backs in the $200 and under price point such as the Takstar GM200, the AKG K371 on sale, or the Takstar Pro 82, the AKG K361 if you want a flatter response.

            The budget open back situation should change over time as automated assembly and improved acoustic simulations produce better products for cheaper, but there are inherent tuning issues when it comes to low bass and sub-bass delivery that present quirks for lower-quality drivers and enclosures.

            The TLDR version is be prepared to spend at least $250 if you want a nice open back. If you're getting daily use out of a headphone anyway, it's easy enough to buy new pads every few years to justify reaching into the $250-$500 range due to longevity and re-sale value.

            • @jasswolf: Thanks for detailed suggestion. I was looking to buy Sennheiser 58X or 6XX, but at the moment they are too pricey.

              While reading reviews of 6XX, I came across lot comparisons between SHP9500 and 600s. So ended up buying 9500.

              Definitely I will buy HD6XX later.

  • dont know if it really matters but the 250ohms are like $207.17 with free prime delivery


  • You better have a good amp if your getting these.

  • It sucks that I can't find a shop to try their fit. I wear glasses, and my Senn 5 something wasn't comfortable after I started wearing glasses.

    I'm using some tin T2 on the go and Xiaomi HD Pro 2 at home, but I want some cans for gaming and orchestral music.

    • Their clamp isn't that strong and with velour pads you shouldn't have any comfort issues with them. You could also try stretching them over a box or something overnight if you find it uncomfortable.

    • If I recall, they come with a cardboard headphone stand which I thought was neat. I kept mine on this for a while and haven't had problems with the clamp (I wear glasses)

  • I have the 32 ohm version of the same headphones and can't use them because with a longer than average head, the band doesn't extend far enough. Be warned.

  • I'm surprised I used this 20yrs ago, still existing?
    My first headphone was dt770 and this was second. I loved BeyerDynamic's sound characters.

    • Same here, I'm changing back to them from the Hifiman's HE4xx's :)

    • I bought my first DT770s as a young audio student at uni. I thrashed that poor pair to death at the start of my pro audio career, and they still lasted ~12 years.

      I replaced them, and added DT990s to the collection. I really love both sets, but for different reasons.

      They're both supremely comfortable. Velour earmuffs let your skin breath, so you can work with the things on for many long hours without it becoming awful.

      Highly recommend these!

  • You'll need a good amp to make the most of these 600 Ohm headphones. I thought the Topping A30 was doing a good job driving my 300 Ohm Drop HD6XX. I didn't realise what I have been missing out until I got the A90. The headphones sounded bright because it doesn't have enough power to drive them properly in the first place. So you ended up with pretty much all the high end frequencies.

  • I've always wanted Beyerdynamics and now finally getting the 770 pros.

  • I have the DT990PRO. Really tempted to go 1990 Pro but it's $700.

  • the brand new one on ebay was $199, dt 770 pro as well… Most of the prices of those headphones have been increased for a while during covid..

  • OZBARGAINERS: Oh look, this 200+ headphones are such a "bargain"

    ME: Rather surprised that absolutely no one brought up the comparison between the DT 770, 990, against the true bargain Superlux HD660 (or HD330).

    • if you dont consider the product quality or the life of use of headphones Superlux is cost effective on mixing and other working of course. I have to say that DT990 sounds better than than Superlux and doesn't have many quality control issues compared with it.Worth it if you spent $200 once and can use it for 5+ years than $50 for one or two years…

  • Will Sound Blaster X3 has enough juice to power this 600 ohm headphone?
    If not, which DAC and Amp would you recommend?

  • Hnnnnngh. Been juggling between these and a pair of Hifimans.

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