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MacBook Pro 16" Core i9 1TB $3959, Core i7 512GB $3419 @ Officeworks


Pretty good price with the i9 1TB macbook pro 16"

Space Gray available here: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/macbook-pr...

Remember to price match with your favourite resellers if you can get discounted gift cards.

Ref: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards for GC discounts.

i7 512GB version is slightly discounted too but not as good as the i9 version:
Silver: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/macbook-pr...

Space Gray: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/macbook-pr...

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  • Thanks, just order 10.

    • pants on fire

      $4000 for a laptop with a hard disk soldered to motherboard, lol

      • hahahahahaha

        • Hahaha every modern computer.

      • +1

        You're looking at it from the wrong angle

  • +2

    The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 1.4GHz i5 256GB (Space Grey) [2020] is 10c cheaper at OW compared to JB - so can't get the OW 5% price beat. Boo.

  • -1

    Wow, no wonder Apple are worth nearly 2 trillion US dollars and the CEO is a billionaire.

    Progressive company too, I hear.

    • +2

      Funny! Only about 10% of revenue is from Mac. The majority of Apple's revenue is iPhone and services. Mac always seem to stay around 10% mark in terms of market share as well. If you look at Intel, the sale of CPUs to Apple is only about 5% of their businesses.

    • +2

      Good OW price match option brings it down another ~$190

      • JEE 5% of that thing is $190?!

      • OW don't price match things they don't have in stock. Can't spot any stores near me that have it.

        • Maybe not currently in stock but I bought this model by price match at Melbourne OW less then 5 months ago. Just took some calling around to stores despite the shown ‘no stock’.

          • @Gradesbrah: @gradesbrah : so its possible to pricematch with umart in melbourne ? which store ?

            • +1

              @shinkudo: I did Melbourne QV, others said they would however I went to where had Space Grey.

    • -3

      even better, ordered another 20.

  • +5

    If only they stocked 32gb models :(

  • -2

    Was about to buy 100 of those unfortunately, they hadn't have enough stock. Lol 🤣

    • +3

      Lol @ original joke

  • These become increasingly hard to justify. That said, thanks OP bought 3.

  • -1

    Some tosser comments in here, maybe when you grow up you will be able to afford one.

    • +1

      I'm over 40.. afford maybe..justify..no.
      Got a 2017 MacBook Air for $350 though. But in fairness i don't need an i9, or even an i5

      • where'd you get it for that price?

        • +1

          Second hand, business cleared a heap for upgrades. I like the old no dongle required version.

          • @tunzafun001: well below market price for something that holds value fairly well, nice one.

  • 4000 dollar laptop. I can’t afford :(

  • +3

    Am I the only one who think's it's madness to get a super-powered i9 processor with a paltry never-upgradeable 16GB of Ram?
    When do you need that much CPU without a care for low RAM overhead?

    Heck, even Chrome would chew that up by itself ಥ_ಥ

    • 16GB is still plenty for most people and If you need more ram you can always upgrade to 32 GB to 64 GB when your order.

      Also, Windows w/ 16 GB Ram ≠ macOS w/ 16 GB Ram

      • +1

        You can't upgrade. There's no ability to customise the models that are not sold via Apple Store - at other stores the laptop comes shrink-wrapped.
        The RAM is soldered on the board and can't be upgraded later.

        You might consider 16GB "still plenty" today, but for how many years do you expect to keep and use a $4k laptop?

        • There's no ability to customise the models that are not sold via Apple Store

          JB sometimes let's you do a custom order when they have a 10% off sale.

          • -1

            @fireforce: If that's true it's not relevant to this deal, nor does it support the argument that 16GB ram is sufficient for a i9 MBP

            • @blackfrancis75:

              If that's true it's not relevant to this deal, nor does it support the argument that 16GB ram is sufficient for a i9 MBP

              OK, no worries

  • Thanks OP.

    Going to try and see if OW will pricebeat Umarts price of $3849. The missus is an Apple person (have never been able to talk her out of it), so it should drop the price to $3,656.55.

    Also had a look at the official Apple store. This thing is insanely expensive even moreso with the upgrades.

    Base Price $4,134.90
    + CPU 2.4Ghz $281.60
    + 64GB DDR4 $1127.50
    + AMD Radeon Pro 5600M $986.70
    + 8TB SSD $3102
    + Final Cut Pro X $499.99
    = $$9,851.09

    • Is the 8 TB SSD really necessary? That costs almost as much as a base 16" MBP!

      I'd go with 2 TB and get an external drive