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AKG 702 Pro Professional Headphones $194.22 (Delivered w/Prime) + Delivery @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU


I have been keeping on eye on these headphones. Locally selling near $400 mark.

This price is near to lowest on Ozbargain, it’s could have been cheapest if as Prime members are eligible for free delivery now and price dropped further.

One of the highly regarded headphones for sound stage. Because of low rated impedance (62 ohms) these should be driven easily, at least theoretically.

Headphone type : Open
Audio Frequency bandwidth : 10 to 39800 Hz
Sensitivity headphones :105 dB SPL/V
Max. Input Power : 200 mW
Rated Impedance : 62 Ohms
Ear pads : Detachable
cable : yes (mini XLR connector)
Cable Length : 3m

AKG K712 are also cheaper now at $305.65.

Don't forget cashback

Update 17/08: Price further dropped.

Thanks to @Bold Eagle, Price updated now.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Now to cosplay as Mio
    Nvm, needs brown

    • Dios Mio!

  • +3

    Daaamn that's a great price. Had a set of Q701's that got broken while moving house, ended up getting the K7XX's to replace them, wish this deal was on back then, would have saved a bundle

  • +3

    Got both Q701 and K7XX and still want these…

  • +12

    Damn always wanted some of these, but have far too many cans now…

    • +2

      Sounds like it's time to pass on some old ones to bring in the new.

      I have had a bunch of recent 2nd hand purchases, trying to control the hoarding.

    • I've already purchased like 5-6 headphones this year, this one is so tempting as well :(

    • 100%

      My go-to cans are still mg Sennheiser HD-25 IIs I bought like a decade ago, back when they were still Irish-made, but these are pretty damn tempting…

  • +1

    Weren't they $156 in July?

    • +3

      Per pricetracker, yes. But I missed out on the price. And checked locally, no where I can find below $350.

  • +26

    Do I need these? No. Do I want these? I didn't think I do. Did I order one? Hell yeah!

    • Oh geez, who's YT channel used to say this hmmmmm

    • Ozbargain'd

  • +2

    I have a pair of these open back cans. Amazing sound. For those that expect bass go elsewhere.

    • Thanks, I was thinking as much…

      • Generally if you’re really into heavy bass, then you probably shouldn’t be looking at open headphones and instead look to closed style.

    • +1

      I mean, that's 100% deliberate. They're reference headphones, which means they're designed to have as flat a response as possible so you can use them for professional audio mixing

    • +13

      They are made for function over form.

  • +1

    The headband on this doesnt gel with me, get quite bad pain after 5 mins use. Pity as they may have been keepers otherwise.

    • Look at Audio-Technica A series wing band design. So light you forget you're wearing anything.

      • +1

        I have and owned an AD700 (my first audiophile headphone), R70x and AD2000x, still the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. And I have owned/tried so many other brands/models.

      • Super fragile though, if you're putting them off/on a lot. I used to use those as my daily and they broke 3 times, ended up giving up on paying the repair costs, such a pain having to wait for them to come back.

        • +1

          That's the trade off for lightweight headphones. I wouldn't say super fragile, mine are 7 years old and lived through 2 moves intact. I have cases for my headphones though to keep them safe.

          • @Skinnerr: Mine were my desktop headphones for about 4 years and they broke three times, always the "wing" bit. Not too bad but annoying enough. I never had a problem with headphone weight, though. The design is super duper comfy though.

            • @Diji: Yeh it's definitely a point of weakness in the design, I was just always super gentle haha. I saw people on head-fi would use rubber bands to tie the wing together and all kinds of macgyver fixes haha.

  • Also you can get these for about 160 delivered from gear4music.

    • @PatoriaN if you are referring to these, then after conversion it is $217.46. For similar price, I would go with Amazon.

      • +3

        Put them in the cart with delivery to Australia It's $110 pounds.

        Yes sorry about 200 au not 160.. Apparently I can't tell the difference between the euro and British flags…

        • I never bought from them, so not sure of custom charges. I checked your link to see the price and update the link if price is cheaper there. But $5-10 cheaper I will stick with Amazon service. Thanks for letting me know another source for musical gear.

  • AKG K712 ?

    • +2

      I have the 712 Pros and I love them. The only issue I have had over the 6 years of owning them is the elastics degrade. However, a rubber band fixes them up better than new.

      • +3

        I found the thin hairbands from Coles are a perfect fit and tension to replace mine

        • +2

          I might have to do this. I'm personally using the purple elastics from a bunch of asparagus, I find it compliments the orange nicely.

    • Fantastic.
      Have two pair.
      Run one off XDuoo portable FLAC players without an amp.Volume is adequate.
      The other off Epson projectors using Topping portable amps.Current NX35 model @ $99.99 on Amazon,or a bit more on eBay.

      If you like excellent sound,don't miss out on this deal.

    • +1

      Amazing monitors right there I have a pair at home but I got a pair of 702s now for work

      • Just weakened and added K702 to the collection an hour or so ago.
        Insane sound stage.Gonna listen to Arthur Lyman,particularly Taboo.
        $213.71 delivered.Meh.

  • +1

    These or the BeyerDynamic DT 990?

    • +2

      I would go dt 990s personally.

    • +1

      I prefer good sound stage, so AKG 702 is my preference. Easily driven another factor.

    • +1

      Bass or soundstage. Music or Games?

  • +2

    Got T5p and Ananda and still wants this and DT990 from the other thread..

    • +2

      Wow! You got Ananda and still want these?!

  • how do they stack up against the HD6XX

    • +3

      Have both, HD6XX is more netural. Almost no bass on the 702. 702 has a bigger sound stage and also better vocals.

      • ok you got me im buying it

      • +1

        Hard to believe 702 has better vocals than HD6xx. Bigger sound stage I can agree.

  • It is a good price. I have been thinking of buying one. Thanks!

  • +3

    Pro Professional!! must be good

  • Can I pair up AKG 712 to the sound blaster x3?

    • +3

      I dont see any reasons why you cant, x3 can drive up to 600ohms

  • +1

    these are great for mixing. relatively flat frequency response.
    if you want bass, you should look elsewhere

  • How do these compare to Sennheiser 598?

    • +1

      This AKG series is more transparent / neutral, the 598's have the Sennheiser V shaped notch

      • I don't know if there's a world where I would describe the 598's (or most other Senn headphones) as V shaped. They have a more warm and laid back sound, the 702's are considerably more bright and forward sounding and will bring out more detail. But honestly I'd take HD58X over both if you can find them around this price.

        • Depends on the price range I guess. Of course all subjective but I would call the 598's muddy ;) (or as you put it laid back).

          Certainly the 702's are much flatter and potentially harsher depending on the source.

          the AKG's are very hard to drive (generally headphone amp required), the 598's very easy to drive

          Anyway I currently have Q701's and HD598's. Gaming and instrumental = Q701's, easy listening pop/rock = HD598's


  • +1

    am I wrong to wish it was the fidelio X2?! I heard the X2 have good bass and good sound stage…

    • For their price they are very good. I prefer them to my HD700.

      I have the X2HR though.

      • thanks but I already got the Hifiman 400i so I think/want something bit more bassy…

        • That's my market segment, I have a number of closed back midfi cans with more bass but overall good sound.
          X2's are on ebay and from aliexpress for around 250, unfortunately we don't get the amazon deals like they do in the US which are much cheaper. Just released the Fidelio X3's as well.

    • i have both

      • How they compare, been looking for a pair of cheap X2HR for a while now

        • hmm they're very similar. akg feel a bit more comfortable to me, as they feel lighter. i end up using the philips more because they sound good without an amp. with the AKG's an amp makes them sound louder and better. honestly they're both good and id be happy with either. they have a nice sound stage which is my fav aspect of headphones

  • +2

    Just a heads up these are not easy to drive as they require a lot of current, so a decent head amp is required

    • Would this help with the bass response as I had a pair before and sold because it felt like the bass wasn't represented at all. Amazing sound stage though. I didn't have a dedicated out, only the headphone out from my Motu 828x.

      • Yeah, you’d need a dedicated desktop amp with lots of current for these cans to start really doing there thing. A portable device or amp just wouldn’t cut it, also these cans don’t have any extra bass, they just play what’s in the music

    • Topping NX3s @ $99.99 on Amazon.

  • +1

    Can anybody recommend a good set of cans for a Yamaha digital piano? Believe it will need to be 32-48 ohm. Other headphones I have sound terrible with it, way too much bass emphasis, looking for something that sounds as close as possible to the real thing.

    • HD598. Great soundstage and easy to drive, use with our Yamaha digital piano.

    • I use the original k702s (the made in Austria ones) with my clavinova.

      They sound fine but the volume slider is always near the top - as mentioned by others, these are in fact not easy to drive well and would benefit from an amp where possible.

  • +1

    Would these run fine on a focusrite scarlett?

  • How do these compare with listening to a concert in person?

    • +15

      Safer, easier to social distance

    • +1

      Fewer people, warmer ears, no need to shower.

    • I don't have these hence giving a more general "good" headphone vs. live concert answer. I believe I hear the music more clearly and intimately when using headphones. In a concert, you feel the physical presence of the performers and audience which could be quite important to many. However, a good recording with a good playback system beats a live performance in terms of clarity and preference for me.

  • Is this comparable to the ATH-AD900X which I bought for around $170 years ago? I'm surprised to see the AD900X being sold for $289 nowadays. Tech sure seems to be getting expensive or maybe it's because old models are running out of stock?

  • Oh hey there Dankpods' headphones :D

  • +1

    Which are more comfortable, these or DT880?

    • +1

      These, way less clamp pressure, but way less bass

      • That's fine by me, thank you so much.

      • These are uncomfortable on my giant head, so check yr head size :)

  • does this have a mic?

    • no

  • +1

    I've had these for at least 10 years. Love them!

  • +1

    I had these years ago - they are insane and I'll be buying another pair, thank you!
    Be warned they are very open backed meaning everyone around you will hear a tinny rendition of what you hear. There are some simple mods on the head-fi forums to reduce the reflective "glare" that you probably won't need to worry about.
    Also these things should have a dedicated headphone amp.

  • +2

    Am I misreading the AD page as it shows?;

    Price: $183.29 + $23.34 Delivery

    Thus $206.63.

  • Welp, new headphones for the first time in like 5 years or something.

  • Just ordered a pair thanks OP these look to be solid units at an excellent price point.

  • My Q701s were the reason I set up a US Amazon account many years ago. Great headphones, agree sound stage is fantastic, but not worth pursuing without a headphone amp.

    • Would a dedicated headphone amp help with the bass representation as I had a pair before but sold them due to the lack of the bottom end. They didn't sound neutral at all due to minimal bass presence but I wasn't running a dedicated hp amp.

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