This was posted 1 year 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50x Face Masks 3 Ply $15 (Shipping from $8.99) @ JohnnyBoy


New Stock Just arrived.
In our Melbourne warehouse ready to post Australia wide.
Face Masks are 3 ply and great quality.
Box designs may vary but masks are the same due to a few different suppliers.
Bulk orders welcomed.
No pick up available at this point in time sorry.

TGA approved masks also available.

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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    Such a shame $9 shipping for about 500 metres 😂😂😂

    Decent price though.

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      Knock on the door and ask for Charlie or Johnny 😅

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    Where are they made?

    • +8

      At this price most likely China. We buy masks from AMA products (an Australian medical equipment and product suppliers) at three times the price of OP's mask and even they're made in china. They still do the job.

      • +23

        factory produce 200 thousand dairy

        Masks may smell and taste like milk

      • +31

        We are all Made in Va-china

        • hmm - sounds like a 3 minute tim minchin song…

          • @dr_ rusko: you mean the Mao ze dong anthem

      • +3

        Because people are products? Nice logic there

        • technically yes we are products of reproduction. and genetics is a thing. but that's beside the point is it now?

          • @ashtrayc2c: "technically yes we are products of reproduction…"
            What are you 16yo???!!! Quit it with the cryptic, pepsuedo philiosophical statements. Grow the f up. Get off the internet man you're ruining it for the rest of us

            • +1

              @Villainous: RUOK? He gave you a clue but seems you've missed his point twice now.

              but that's beside the point is it now?
              Neither of his comments were difficult to understand if you've followed the ridiculous anti-chinese made garbage on Ozb in recent times.

            • @Villainous: its not funny anymore when someone has to explain the punchline is it?
              you do you ;)

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          nice imagination you have there. venture where? what day?

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    Dude got a good share of hate in his last post, from what I can tell, Melbourne company that's been in business 21 years. Got plenty of negs - clearly that was over people guessing at quality of mask. They appear to be of the quality of all the other random ones out there. I'm just impressed he took a beating (undeserved in my opinion) and responded to our difficult asses. He is back for another round. If everything he is saying is true, no reason to think it's not, cut him some slack. I'm not buying as I have enough but much <3 to all family Melbourne businesses.

    • +11

      Yeah Johnny Boy is a pretty decent company.
      they (as stated above) are literally 500 metres from my home and have bought stuff from them before.
      They are kind of like Catch of the day USED to be with daily deals etc
      They are upfront and honest about the quality and country of origin when asked etc

      • Was hoping for a simple answer to the origin question but haven't seen one from them yet?

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    does this mask have a proper metal bar to allow fitting around the nose? a lot of cheap masks don't have or have a plastic one that isn't as malleable which results in poor fit
    also does not appear to be a surgical mask, no comments on the filtration efficiency or waterproofing. so i suppose it's good for victorians to avoid a fine but not much else

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      Want to know as well before I buy 😷

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      I bought masks that look identical to these pictures. They do not have the metal bar for fitting around the nose. But they curve around it. I find it to be fine.

      • Does it stay in shape around the nose for long or does it require continual reshaping every now and again?

        • +1

          The longest I've worn one of them so far has been about 2 hours. I have a pretty big nose, and I found it stayed in place fine. I mean, depends what you're after. There were some gaps between my nose and eyeballs, which led to the occasional glasses fog, but I didn't find any of this to be too annoying given the price I paid (similar to this, I paid $28 for the 50 pack). Pretty good value in my opinion.

          I just had to get the sweet spot with the mask (I also have a big chin… it works for me, I'm not hideous. I swear!) When I got it resting on my chin and nose in the right spot, I didn't have to touch it anymore.

    • +1

      The 2nd photo shows an embedded metal strip in the nose area.

    • Do you wear filtered googles on your eyes doc? If not your concern about these masks is unwarranted - unless you're a carrier/infected.

      • Agreed, its more about protection for others instead of the wearer.

      • the fit is the biggest factor in terms of protection together with filtration efficiency, even if you don't wear n95s. think of a loose fitting mask as a cloth dangling over your face, it's all about the size of gaps around yoir face. yes surgical mask won't be as good as n95 and act more to protect others, obviously but a well fitting mask will make a huge difference compared to a non fitted loose mask and the studies back it up. so if you get the choice..

  • I'll bite as running low on disposables and dont feel like being gouged again from a chemist. Thanks OP!

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    Made in ????

    • +27

      Germany using Swiss labour. Angela Merkel personally makes sure every box is sealed properly before leaving their factory.

    • China!!!!

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    Good deal bought 2 boxes. I paid $50 for box of 50 from office works and they were also made in China and I have no idea if they would be any better than this. Thanks OP

    Edit: Shipping was only $7.32 for metro Melbourne.

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    i bought two packs. These look exactly like the ones i bought from another place and the same as they provide at work. 8.99 postage to NSW.

    Fingers crossed they are decent.

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      I thought that was when wiping your butt, to ensure your finger doesn't break through??

  • +2

    mmmm looks like Masks have joined Gillette in number of ply versus number of blades….

    • +1

      No lubricating strip just yet on these

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    So I guess $6 less is how you can turn OzBargain community around 😂

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    Due to popular demand we are about to sell out.
    Boxes of 4 still some available.
    Also another lot of boxes (50 Face Masks) at $17.50 available from Thursday 20th August.
    Can order now so you do not miss out.
    Thank You for your support.

  • Made in China? Are they even medical grade?

    • -1

      Do they need to be?

      • +2

        Seeing that people can have the COVID19 without showing any symptoms or might still be in the incubation period and this virus is airborne which can also stay in the air or surfaces for a period of time, using medical grade face masks is definitely a better option if you are going to wear one. Normal paper or activated charcoal face masks which are used for dust can not stop the respiratory droplets going into you.

        • +2

          It was a rhetorical question and the upvoters/downvoters need to get properly informed, not rely on OzB comments - including mine. Your China comment is uninformed and puerile. There are good and lesser-quality masks coming out of that country.

          These are 3 ply as recommended for general public use, altho it would be nice to know if they have the melt-blown layer. The point of public use of masks is to limit the transfer of droplets (and some aerosol) from an infected carrier, and to a (much) lesser extent to reduce your ingestion of same. If you're seriously concerned about airborne transmission (direct and aerosol) then you need to protect your eyes as well as your mouth and nose, AND use the best quality mask you can - as you've suggested.

          • @DisabledUser67242: At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences and what's available and affordable. Considering not everyone needs the BEST quality face masks and wears goggles all the time, the medical grade masks perform better than non-medical ones at least.

            After knowing where they are made and are non-medical grade, I'll pass! Wearing a scarf or a home-made cloth mask can do the same job.

            • @myah: Thanks for clarifying, finally. That's what you should have said in the first place. Your last sentence is guesswork at best.

              Here are the Vic Health guidelines. Note no mention of the place of origin of the mask.

              • @DisabledUser67242: Feel free to correct and change any sentence into the ones you like. Thanks for your time on my comments anyway : )

                • @myah: Feel free to read what you write before you post rubbish like

                  Made in China? Are they even medical grade?

                  • @DisabledUser67242: Wow so we can't even ask questions about the products now? That's very polite of you by the way.

                    • @myah: Lol. Your comment was loaded with obvious inuendo. Do us a favour and choose your words better and do some reading about masks.

                      • @DisabledUser67242: Well, I can't control how you interpret comments. If this is how you like to see things, I feel sorry for you and it's not my business tbh. I have the right to comment and you have the right to disagree so if you don't like my words feel free to ignore and leave : )

                        Maybe teach yourself some manners and find some more important things to do would be a better idea if you have too much time to waste here.

                        • @myah: Lol. Nothing to do with interpretation. Your meaning was obvious, and ignorant, and ignorance doesn't deserve respect.

                          • @DisabledUser67242: Oh thanks for your meaningless feedback! Don't forget to click on "←" so you don't need to see these ignorant comments aymore lol

  • keen to buy if you get more stock!

    • There seems to be a pre-order in the link, albeit at higher cost?

    • -1

      Just received another 40

  • -1

    Just received another 40

    • Do they have a melt-blown layer or are they lower quality Charlie? Your link has sfa detail which in these times is unsatisfactory.

  • So I see we are still selling Chinese products with marked up prices!
    Good job, i am sure chinese are doing good in terms of quality and out of this world beautiful packing

    • It'll be a long time before we see you produce better products at cheaper prices no doubt. I'm guessing your new nic won't last long.

  • Anybody got there order already?
    Was given tracking number twice but it was not working 😷

    • Hi once you receive the tracking number it is activated within 24 hours once the courier or Aust post activate it.

      • Thanks.Received it yesterday 😷

        • Thank You for letting us know.