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[iOS, MAC] Free - Reeder 4 (RSS Reader) @ iTunes / Mac Store (Was $7.99 / $14.99)


Greetings everyone, seems to be the first time Reeder 4 has gone free, last time there was a giveaway, it was for Reeder 3 and was quite popular :)

Mac OS Link

A news reader for iOS with support for various sync services.

Reeder 4 adds new features like…

  • The new Bionic Reading mode
  • An in-app Read Later service which syncs with iCloud
  • Image previews in the articles list (finally)
  • Search
  • Much improved article viewer
  • More layout options
  • Automatic reader view
  • More shortcuts, matching the ones of Reeder for Mac

Supported sync services:

  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Feed Wrangler
  • FeedHQ
  • NewsBlur
  • The Old Reader
  • Inoreader
  • BazQux Reader
  • Instapaper
  • Pocket

If you want to use a self-hosted service, Reeder should work with services which use the Fever or the Google Reader API. Or just standalone RSS (without syncing) if you don't want to use any service.

Reeder 4 is also available for macOS.

Please note: If you rely on image caching, this feature unfortunately wasn't ready for the 4.0 release but it's in the works.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • I was going to write the same post!
    Best RSS reader for iOS and Mac, looks like Reeder 5 is on the way…

  • +3 votes

    Still using Reeder 3 which is still pretty solid apart from the odd formatting glitch.

    Been using Reeder since 1.0, agree this is best of breed.

    • Same for me…till this morning!
      Plus, last update of Reeder 3 (back in 2019) was disabling “temporarily” Feedly auto-sync which is a feature I use so I haven’t updated the app.
      After few days, the developer removed the app from the AppStore (Reeder 3) and, since that, AppStore tells me that I have an update but I cannot do it so is half year that I have the update badge on the AppStore stuck there!

      • That's weird, I did a clean install a few days ago and was able to download Reeder 3 from purchased items…

        • Seriously? That’s really weird!
          I can’t update a screenshot as I’m on the phone and no idea on how upload a screenshot but, if I go in the Reeder 3 page from the updates, I get a blank page with just the app icon and name and the update button and if I push it, it says that the app is no longer available as the developer removed it. Is that first it happens something like that to me honestly…

          • @MatteCar: Well there's some weirdness going on in the app store.

            I have multiple free items that normally display the download cloud icon but are now showing as 'get' as though I've never downloaded before.

            Could be some backend shenaningans.

  • Thanks OP. Looks OK from a quick play.

  • Self hosted FreshRSS and Reeder is the best combination.

    laughs at feedly

    • What’s the difference between a service (like Feedly) and a self hosted?

        • +4 votes

          Self hosted's also free of the danger of being bought out, deprecated or discontinued.

          • @0jay:

            Self hosted's also free of the danger of being bought out, deprecated or discontinued.

            Of course, none of it is true. A recent a really painful reminder of this was when Onlyoffice removed the mobile editing feature from their free tier on NextCloud

            This is just one of the countless examples when a self-hosted stack became unusable - many other examples were due to simply being abandoned by developers and eventually became stale.

            On the other hand, when a feature is being discontinued on large platform, often better alternatives pop up. Such as Feedly after Google Reader, Yahoo Finance portfolio after Google Finance, etc. etc.

            Thinking that self-hosting equals to a future-proof solution is nothing but naiveté.

            • @ocoolio: A free-tier cloud service altering their featureset is in no way analogous to hosting a service from a home server, whether using open-source code or otherwise.

              As to futureproofing, most people use the term ironically. Suggesting it might be idealistic to strive for it is stating the obvious were you to work from the premise that anyone believed that were actually possible.

      • What’s the difference between a service (like Feedly) and a self hosted?

        Feedly is dog shit. The frequency that they update/parse feeds is depended on the popularity of the feed. Ie. if not many other Feedly users follow the feed, you items will show up late.

        You can pay Feedly for “Pro” to update “faster” but I still found it slow for unpopular feeds. Especially true if you host your own feeds and your the only subscriber.

        Mean while, chuck FreshRSS on your server and not pay a cent and get feeds updating every 15 minutes.

        • Thank you! I saw that feedly is pretty slow, that’s why is was thinking to try something else but, from what I got, for free it’s still the best.
          STUPID QUESTION: As a common user (so no owned servers or computers running 24/7), any way to have a self-hosted service? (I know is contradictory, just doublechecking!)

  • Thanks OP,

    Brace yourselves for Reeder 5 😊.

    • I really hope it's not a subscription based model.

      • so far it’s been upfront payment for next version of app… But it’s kinda like a subscription because he makes new version as separate app and separate purchase needed…

        • I can usually deal with yearly/biyearly buy-in for essential apps, although 4 was a bit too pricey for me when 3 was still working fine and I preferred the interface.

          Monthly subs or even yearly tend to be quite a bit more than the odd $8-$14 that my favourite apps used to go for.

          Not into this subscription trend at all, understand they have to make a living but it just really rubs me the wrong way.

  • In case people are using other platforms, I use FeedLab from the Windows store for my desktop and tablets. It's abandonware but still the best I can find.

    Same with Palabre on Android. Abandonware but still the best one.

  • Is this the same as InoReader?

  • Sigh paid for v4 update when it came out for iOS and MacOS and it was buggy crap with memory leaks and crashes on both platforms.

    So I had to keep using v3.

    Now v4 has been patched finally they make it free.

    If v5 is around the corner, I certainly will be reconsidering paying for it again.

    Shame it has always been a great app before v4.

    • So is not just my first impression that v3 was better than v4?

      The only problem will be that if v3 has some incompatibilities with iOS 14, no way they’ll be patched…

      • Yeah I like 3 a lot better myself.

      • 4 was a bit rough at the beginning, but it's been years and the issues have been ironed out.

        • Yep, works pretty good and graphics are smooth and nice, the only worsening I noticed is in the customisation.

          …and I still can’t see why it has be released asking to buy it again!
          From v2 to v3 it has been completely rewritten in Swift so, even if it doesn’t impact the user experience at all, ok, but last time… would be funny next month with the v5!

  • Thanks OP, I paid for Reeder 3 and having been using it for years. Time to jump ship!

    Edit: I just tried R4 on iOS and the swipe gesture feels sluggish compared to R3. It could be because I'm using an iPhone SE ('16). Time to jump ship again!

  • Check out NetNewsWire 5 for a super-polished free and open-source alternative :) https://ranchero.com/netnewswire/

    The only downside is Feedbin is currently the only sync service supported. Additional services are planned for future 5.X releases (feedly is almost ready).

  • Best rss reader for Apple if you enjoy a clean look. I've happily used Reeder with Feedly and Google Reeder before that. Reeder 4 minimum spec is MacOS 10.14 and iOS 12.

    In v4 you can optionally set feeds to always display in "reader" view. That's for RSS feeds that only deliver summary not full texts.

  • Looks like it is free for iOS now too.

  • Never heard of this before. I got it because I like the concept, time to start RSSing.