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[PS4, XB1] Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 - $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Another price drop. Was $59, then $58, then $54 and now $49.

This price drop is due to price matching Mighty Ape who have reduced their price from $59 to $55 and now $49 + $5.90 Delivery.

If you already preordered on Amazon in the past, you don't need to do anything, as per their pre order guarantee, when it ships you only get charged the cheapest price it was listed as.

Release Date - 04/09/20

Edit 4/9: Released, no longer preorder. Amazon remains the cheapest, however if you want it today JB Hi-Fi $54.

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  • Not liking only owning a discless Xbox at the moment, won't lie.

    • Ill never buy a discless version aslong as theres a disc version, physical games can go much cheaper since they have to clear stock eventually.

      • Ehhh, having to get up and swap discs gets old fast. I try to get digital versions when they are on sale for at least close to what they cost on disc. And I try to only buy games I know I will want to keep, otherwise I'll just rent them from EB Games.

        • I prefer digital content at this point in time but I would never go without a Blu-ray drive on a console because that limits you in such a way that you potentially will have to pay more money to get what you want

        • How short is your attention span that you need to change games so often it becomes "old" lol.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: I mean, I get it. I'm playing a single player game and a multiplayer game with mates at the moment, both on disc. Switching disks is annoying. But it was worth getting them on disc cause it was so much cheaper than digital.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: Think that's bad? You know nothing until you get serious into emulation. Doing save states at various points to skip the loading and menus and shit is an absolute godsend and enables my short attention span having, game hopping ass.

        • replying to the laziest man on earth: Hello

        • I agree about the swapping discs…

        • I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted so hard. I completely agree. Swapping discs sucks. I also find with my Switch where I’ve bought a lot of digital games that I’m more likely to play my whole library. There’s something about having all your games right there on the display just a click away that encourages you to play a wider range of games. With my PS4 I often forget I even own some of my games.

      • Agree, I bought an Xbone SAD to help a friend (long story) and give them my old one but they (profanity) me over, anyway, I was fine with it because I knew I'd be getting a Series X anyway so this was basically just a cheap Xbox to leave at the missus' full of Game Pass games come November. I paid 180 for it new, w/ 3 games, sold the games for 60, sold the remote for 60 (had spares), so basically 60 bucks for a shiny new Xbox with twice the storage of my OG I had beforehand.

        • lmao I got downvoted for talking about a deal I got wherein I leave my new Xbox at the missus' place… @Ex I can't name because of court proceedings… that you? :D

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: braggadocious

            • @abuch47: Look mang, I said I was digital only at the moment, a dude said that's a stupid option, I explained how I landed in said option.

              If I was bragging I'd have said that it was 200 on the MS eBay listing but I got a friend who's in uni to make an account on Student Beans to get a 10% off eBay code which knocked off another 20 for me and she got in with like 10 minutes left before the listing ended.

      • The console market place is pretty messed up. PC have steam, 100% digital and games go on massive sales, once a game is 1+ years old you get 50% discounts, after 2 yrs, the games frequently get sold for change in your pocket on sales.

        The problem isn't digital downloads, the problem is from supply and demand, which leads to a market dominated by a tech from the 1990's(I think? I'm slightly too young to remember!) . If it works for you, then great, but buying CD's is a bit quaint in 2020, when most newer games exceed CD storage by a large factor.

        • Oh 100% Steam is my main platform I have like 500 games on it cos of sales.

          I was specifically referring to consoles cos their sales are garbage (most of the time)

      • I like having a nice collection on my shelves too.

  • Thanks OP!

    For those without prime, it might not come day 1 using the standard free delivery. Not a deal breaker for me though.

    • Even with Prime, I don't think I've ever had a preordered game arrive day 1. Always at least 2 days late :\ the past 3 I've had weren't even shipped until either a day before or day of release.

      • Oh wow that's pretty poor effort.

        I'm not too fussed when I get it, it'll be a chill game that I won't need to play day 1.

        Games like BL3 I wanted day 1 though.

      • Used to live in Germany until a few years ago and preordered games would arrive on the release date or even earlier at times! I read somewhere that they have accepted penalties for this to beat the competition… Not sure if the last bit is true though.

      • Was just thinking this. With the Auspost delays at Melbourne warehouses due to reduction of staff due to covid I think you'll be waiting about 4 days. This could get a lot worse for Victorians by September.

      • Mine just shipped from Amazon, with Prime, Express Post. Fingers crossed for Friday!

        • Mine is still yet to be shipped, hopefully it gets sent tomorrow and overnighted or something. Otherwise I'll enjoy it on Monday I guess :-)

      • Preordered this on Amazon with Prime a few weeks ago. I live in country SA and checked my eta for delivery a couple of days ago and it was September 15th..
        Cancelled preorder and paid the extra to get it from Big W.

    • Yeah even with Prime, doubtful to come release day.

      I had TLOU2 pre-ordered with Amazon Prime, and it didn't come on release day.

      • Same. So I went down to my local JB Hifi and picked up a copy on release day (more expensive) then when my Amazon copy arrived I returned that to JB Hi-fi so I could keep one copy at the Amazon price and still play on release day!

    • I have 100% success rate of receiving PS4 games on release day from Amazon. It might be because I’m in Melbourne and their warehouse is here.

      • That's not the reason, I live in suburban Melbourne near the CBD and the last 4 pre orders with my Prime membership never arrived on release day. You are just lucky.

    • FYI For anyone who pre-ordered months ago and signed up for a Prime membership afterwards - you'll have to manually change delivery on the item - it won't throttle to 'Expedited' automatically. Just noticed this today.

    • Borderlands 3, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and now Tony Hawks haven't come on release day. Not sure why I even bother getting games on Amazon anymore

  • Listening to the soundtrack as getting the pre order..

  • Blood brothers keep it real to the end!

    Good price!

  • Not a massive gamer but I played the original 1 & 2 to death when I was younger and I’m keen on getting this remaster. Will have to be for PC though which sucks as Epic Games is the only place to get it and they want $70 :(

  • If you already ordered it on Amazon you can cancel before dispatch real easy, usually just in the orders section, then reorder.

  • Just cancelled mine to get the warehouse demo. $69 though..

  • Wish I got the collectors edition with deck ;(

  • Anyone know what the multiplayer situation would be?

    • from reading (wow!) it looks like it is 2 player local multiplayer only, online looks to be a leaderboard style event.. so no actual multiple skaters riding around.. hopefully ghost skaters so you can compete against their best times etc.

  • Thanks, just pre ordered. Some really good first impressions coming out the last few days commenting on it feeling right unlike those other shitty remakes, cemented it for me

  • Such a good price! Preordered at the original price and has updated in my amazon order to the new price. Can’t wait to play these. So many good memories.

    • Can confirm "best price guarantee". I've had a copy pre-ordered since May ($59), and I've checked my account, which has updated to $49.

  • the game seems to have a much quicker pace to it than the original.

  • Got one thanks op!

  • Ordered, thanks OP

  • Done, thanks OP. Estimated delivery Sept 8th - Sept 15th. Must be using carrier pigeon to Tassie, sheesh.

  • Sweet, they even got the airport hangar on the boxart to hit nostalgia in the guts.

  • Very tempted, as a big Tony hawk fan back in the day, but there's no way I'm preordering this without hearing some hands on impressions from people familiar with the originals.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who remembers THPS HD, which more or less was marketed as this exact same thing.

    (Yes I know it's a different developer - but I'm being purposefully low on my expectations so I won't be disappointed again. )

    • There are some impressions up on youtube from people who have played the demo and it sounds promising.

    • I to this day replay the OG 3 regularly. I clocked 1 and 2's Dreamcast ports 100% a couple months back, made my way through 3 on GameCube again not too long after, and am slowly burning through the dodgy ass PS1 port of THPS4 in my downtime lately too.

      I'm playing the demo now, and you have nothing to worry about, buddy. This is the real (profanity) deal.

      You can go into the options and set it to THPS1 or THPS2 mode too, so no manuals (in the case of THPS1), no reverts, no double taps, no wall plants, no grind / lip / manual alt. tricks, just the original shit, which is (profanity) sick, because I was landing 5 or 6 million point combos with the new style quite regularly and would smash the old goals.

      The ONLY thing I don't like as an old school fan (well, old school…ish, THPS4 was like the 5th game I ever owned, around age 8, and then checked out all of them on the PS2 gen and earlier, didn't get a PS3 until much later), and these are incredibly minor PERSONAL gripes, 1. clicking the right stick skips the song playing, which is cool, but I actually liked twisting the camera in 4 and beyond and clicking it in to keep the camera at that angle, and 2. when you bail you static for a sec, a rewind noise plays, and you just appear back up, it's better than the respawning in HD and 5 by miles, but I still would like an option to watch him fully get up.

      They are teeny tiny personal nitpicks. The gameplay, performance, graphics, audio, it's all top (profanity) notch. If the rest of the game is the same level of quality as this demo, then we are all in for a (profanity) hell of a fun time.

      Edit: I also re-platinum'd THPSHD on an alternate PSN account from start to finish the other day, while I grew to hate it a lot less in the years since (and since THPS5 too), this is not that. That is a shallow imitation, this IS Tony (profanity) Hawk.

      • Yep. This game is incredible.

        The graphics are insane. The gameplay feels authentic and this is pretty much the exact treatment I have always wanted for this game and many others from that era. My first THPS experience was on PSX playing the demo that came on a CD with a magazine. I must have put hundreds of hours into the one level before getting the real game. Getting access to this demo early like that even adds to the feel of the game for my first experience.

  • Maybe a dumb question, but does anyone know if this price will stay like this until release date or is it a limited time deal?

    • +1 vote

      Its limited. Release will likely be $64.95 or around that mark.

      Just buy it now, it wont take the money till the game ships anyway so you can cancel any time. But this is likely the lowest it'll go until after release sales.

  • +2 votes

    Anyone chasing it on PC, you should be able to use the $10 off coupon that you get on epicgames once it releases (coupon is not allowed with pre-orders)

  • Is there any plans to release any DLCs or anything with this?

    I'm sick of buying games and not getting round to playing them until after there's like 5 DLCs that I have to pay more for.

    • Look, you never know, but I feel it's unlikely. All the OG levels are included out the gate, they're not gonna make up new levels for the old game later too, if this does well I could see a Crash 4 situation where they make a new one (though they already cashed in on the THPS5 name), also don't see THPS3/4+ DLC happening either as they'd also likely just save it for a full blown full priced sequel.

      I mean obviously we have no idea, but I doubt it.

      THPS HD did have a THPS3 DLC pack admittedly, despite not being a big fan of HD I'm spewing I didn't buy it, THPS3 is my fave and I didn't know it was delisted until it was too late. Airport is probably my all time favorite THPS level for the sick line you can do from the start all the way to the end, perfect practice line to land combos and shit, like how people say the Don't Blink episode is the best introduction to Doctor Who, I say Airport is the best introduction to Tony Hawk, anyway point being,

      Nah, I don't think they'd do any DLC for this one, bro.

  • Which version to get if you have both consoles?

  • Thanks. Decided to bite bullet and preorder on Xbox One (since I traded in PS4 Pro thanks to recent EB deal)

  • Any brick and mortar retailers have it at this price?
    Prefer to support local businesses in the economy if possible.

  • Is there any shopback cashrewards with Amazon etc?