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Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 15.6", AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 8GB DDR4-3200, 256GB SSD $887.07 @ Lenovo AU Store


I was browsing the AU Store in bed on my phone and saw they had this. Only 2 days Shipping! I don't think this is configurable though.
Pretty good deal for the E15 Gen 2 AMD equivalent!

Use CODE THINK-E to take the price down to $887.07!

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  • $756 via Unidays if you have access

    • Thanks, just purchased along with the $10 wifi upgrade.

      • I didnt upgrade to the intel wifi, instead just got the realtec model that ships in 2 days. 8 weeks seems eternity, new models/cpus etc. might be released by than :)

  • Anyone know much about this Laptop? it any good? Was thinking about whether to purchase or not.

    • Yes. It's good.

    • Only had it for a few days but so far so good. The only let down is the screen. Build quality is excellent considering the price.
      Slightly on the hefty side but the larger size actually make it feel lighter than my Macbook Pro 13 inch (it's actually heavier).
      One thing the irked me slightly is that the keyboard and pad is lopsided to make room for the numpad. If you don't use it much I'd go for the 14 inch.

  • Updated with a code

  • You can add RAM (one free slot) and another hdd or ssd

    • on their website or yourself? I ordered one.

      • The customisable more expensive E15 on lenovo's site has the option to add RAM and a second drive, so I assume you can do it yourself

      • RAM definitely yourself - 8gb cost about $65 and 16gb about $120. With the SSD you also pay about $100 for 512gb so similiar price, however if you upgrade it yourself than you will have the 256 stick left over and you can use leave it inside for extra storage or put in in an external case or inside of another computer. However, upgrading the disc yourself also means migrating the system - bit of a hustle esp. if you havent done it before. :)

        p.s. I have also purchased the E15 and will be upgrading both myself.
        p.p.s. the technical aspect is as easy as unscrew the back and slide it in

        • Have you upgraded as yet?
          I have just purchased and will be upgrading the SSD, just trying to check if i understand the capabilities correctly.

          Are you planning on upgrading both? Do you know if:
          The primary drive is m.2 nvme (the normal sticks), with a max capacity is 512gb
          The secondary is m.2 (the short version), with a max capacity is 1tb.

          Struggling to find the max capacity unless it is the storage in the tech specs stating "Up to 1.5TB Dual SSD M.2 PCIe (512GB + 1TB)"

  • Would this still be elegible for shopback if I purchase with unidays?

  • Is it worth upgrade the hdd and rams from website or do it yourself later? Will i save much saving or not worth the hassle?
    Also why most laptop only offer 1tb hdd as additional storage? Is it battery issue or something?
    Can i add 4tb 2.5” hhd later on?

  • Anyone know why:

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    You don't have permission to access "http://www.lenovo.com/au/en/auunidays/addToCart" on this server.
    Reference #18.2fde3717.1597487216.12004059

  • and purchased, thanks.

  • Still works BTW

    I'm looking at buying one now..

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