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Free 2x30g Jerky Sample Bags @ Barbell Foods


First post so go easy on me.

Free 2x30g jerky sample bags at Barbell Foods. You can get one of each flavour (benchmark and burn) with free shipping. Enjoy!

—From their website—
Don't you dare go through life without knowing what could have been! Try before you buy. You might just find that our biltong is the healthy, on-the-go snack that you've been searching for. One bag limit per flavour.

When we found the benchmark our faces were beaming with grins - we had struck gold. We nicknamed our original spice, The Benchmark as it well and truly set the standard for the best biltong we had ever had.

The Burn is our mild chilli spice and a true athlete's food. Abiding by the KISS principle, we simply added a lot of chilli to our Benchmark spice.

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  • +19 votes

    On the page:

  • Thanks OP. Ordered. And if it's good I will place an order for at least one full priced item to support local business and show appreciation for the free offer.

  • Always love trying new jerky :D

  • Hey I’m also down to support, if I like the sample I’ll certainly order.

  • Cheers OP, if it's good I'll be placing an order too.

  • No ordering but +ed for opportunity

  • Thks OP.

  • I love jerky but it is a little out of my price range. So, I won't order it. Cheers though.

  • +3 votes

    You call this a first post?

    What do you think this is?!

    You're as useless as a left-handed football bat.

    Hey pal, great first post well done.

  • Great thanks a lot

  • 1000 clicks in 30 minutes, I can't see this ever being fulfilled…

  • This is why OzBargain is the best site EVER! 🥰
    Thank you, oneup. 💐💋

  • Fyi. Once order us placed you get an email for 15% off for a friend and a $10 bonus once they make a purchase.

  • Thanks, just ordered!

  • Any pork jerky?

  • This stuff is goooood! Thanks OP!

  • Out of stock when I checkout, now page not found. Ozbargained!

  • Noo looks like I was late to the party Burn & Benchmark flavours both coming up with Sold out :(

  • Lol, page not found anymore when I click on the link lol. Good job OzBargainers! :P

  • +18 votes

    I don't post free sample deals. There will always be a degenerate that'll abuse it with multiple accounts. Let's see how many of these get honoured.

  • This stuff is excellent.

  • +33 votes

    Hi folks,

    Tom from Barbell Foods. Due to an unprecedented number of free sample orders that have come from this thread, we have decided to temporarily put the price up to $5 (which is an at cost price for us). We are still a small business with a limited marketing budget, so we think this is a sensible action to take until we gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of the provision of free samples for our business. We appreciate your understanding, and would still love for you to jump on our website a grab a sample bag. Let me know if you have any questions about our meat snacks.

    For those who have ordered free samples in the last hour, it would be greatly appreciated if you could reply to this thread to express that you have a genuine interest in becoming a return customer of ours if you enjoy the samples we provide.


    • Of course. Love jerky but never had yours.

    • Thanks mate, love jerky, would be interested in getting more should we love the samples (I'm sure we will).

    • +7 votes

      Would definitely give it a shot if the product’s good. Sorry that you’ve been ozbargained. Hopefully this gives your business a lot more exposure to “real” customers and not blatant greed.

    • Super keen on trying this (Got in while it was free). At present I do bulk buys from Jims Jerky (The larger bags) but would totally be open to ordering if it is as good. Great to support small biz.

    • Of course, if your jerky is good then it speaks for itself. I usually only buy once or twice a year or so, but if its good i will be a return customer.

    • Keen to try the samples.
      I have previously been ordering Geronimo Jerky, still trying to find a quality replacement

    • Always on the lookout for good jerky so would definitely buy some more if I enjoy it.

    • I used to buy a lot of geronimo jerky.. Unfortunately no jerky I've tried ever come close. But I'll keep on searching

    • I'm keen to support local well run business during Covid. Happy to pay the premium price if the product is good. Perhaps if the sending of samples hurts the bottom line too much you could try an OzBargain special one time only super dooper discount code.

    • This is my first adventure into the world of jerky after contemplating for a long while, here's hoping it hits my expectations because if so I can see myself ordering a lot more.

    • gunna put in a real order, where do you guys ship from?

    • Definitely keen to give the samples a fair go and happy to make a purchase in future if good.

    • Ordered samples of each to try. I'm always on the hunt for different brands so it'll be good to see how your are.

    • Hi Tom,
      I genuinely only ordered it to try, as I’ve never had beef jerky so I thought it was the opportunity. I don’t know if I will even like it, but I considered ordering a free sample was a way of trying to find out, so I can’t say if I would become a return customer or not.
      There have been many free samples posted on here and if I’ve had a genuine interest I’ve ordered and some have resulted in further custom, but some haven’t. It’s a way of trying before buying.
      I’m happy for you to cancel my order if that helps you out at this stage of your business.
      Order# 9283

  • jumped onto website and saw the message about it being ozbargained and now they have to charge a small cost price charge. Keen to try so bought one of each sample pack and if i like it happy to support small business and will buy more

  • I missed this….

  • 200g for $45…..hmmm these must be premium jerky.

    I usually buy cheap ones from costco about 375g (i think) for approx $15

    • Number one priority for any biz plan with social media nowadays is a good story !

      The old days use to be competitive price lol .

      • Time has changed indeed.

        Just want to enjoy eating something during my movies instead of fighting with my mrs on food and the unfortunate last person whining "is that it!"

    • +4 votes

      Please note that our prices are:
      400g - $45
      800g - $75
      1.6Kg - $135

      We only used Australian organic, grass-fed beef and our biltong contains no sugar or preservatives.

      We are more expensive than the ones you'll find in Costco, however, unlike these brands, we only use ingredients of the highest quality and nutritional value.

      • Nice Tom , another important thing to nail is good reviews like 100% 5/5 with 70+ reviews on 1 of your products on your WS :)

  • As a bit of feedback, you really need to clean up some of the confusion on your website.

    The link of the following


    Leads me to a page with a picture of 2 bags, with a byline of "BOTH 400G"
    One of the bags is obscured so I have no idea what it is.

    Now, I ask myself "Do I…."

    a) get a 200g bag, of one variety, that there is no description of
    b) get 2x200g bag, one of each variety, where there is no description of either variety
    c) get both bags, which are 400g each

    When you get confused prospective customers they are going to do one of two things.
    a) try to do some research and find out exactly it is they are getting.
    b) not bother, and click off your website

    I can guarantee which will happen more often….

    • Thanks for this feedback, John.

      I must concede that our website is well overdue for a revamp, and the problem you've mentioned is right up the top of our list for ones that need resolving.

      Clarity is key in ecommerce.

      • No problems. I have no issues in seeing small businesses succeed. Yes clarity is key. Unless you can capture that sale on the first time they click through your website, the chances of a prospective customer "remembering" your business and clicking through in the future is pretty slim. Your website is what fuels your sales, and what will fuel your future growth.

        I am also happy to take up the $2 offer. However, is there any chance of extending the 20% off offer?
        By the time I receive the sample, especially to W.A, the 20% offer will most likely be expired.

  • I usually buy biltong from my local butcher for $59 a kilo which tastes good to me. I ordered the free samples to see if paying more will make a difference in taste and if it does, I will definitely make a future purchase to support your business, especially for your effort of sending free samples at these unprecedented times. Thank you.

    • I'm in the exact same boat - always willing to give a new place a go and would be worth paying extra for quality.

  • I got the deal but always by protectors pepper. Hope this is as good.

  • On Saturday morning we were inundated with an unprecedented number of free sample orders which came from the OzBargain deal you saw. Unfortunately, a significant number of people abused the goodwill of the free sample offering by using multiple accounts to order freebies multiple times.

    We do believe that many people were ordering in good faith, however the abuse of the offer forced us to question the intentions of the average OzBargain user.

    recieved an email update for my free sample order 😬 I'm sure most people purchased in good faith, but there are always the minority who are greedy 😒

    btw theyre offering the samples for $2 now LOL yikes to those who ordered at $5. (though not sure if I should post the generic code)

  • From Barbell

    "On Saturday morning we were inundated with an unprecedented number of free sample orders which came from the OzBargain deal you saw. Unfortunately, a significant number of people abused the goodwill of the free sample offering by using multiple accounts to order freebies multiple times.

    We do believe that many people were ordering in good faith, however the abuse of the offer forced us to question the intentions of the average OzBargain user.

    As a small business with a limited marketing budget, we simply can’t afford to fulfill all the free sample orders placed.

    If you were one of the many who were genuinely interested in trying our meat snacks and potentially coming back for more, we truly regret that we haven’t been able to honour your order right away.

    Instead, we can provide you with the following for the next 7 days:

    Get a sample for $2 using the discount code:

    Get 20% off store wide using the discount code:

  • I'm not surprised with something like 1000 clicks in half an hour that this fell to pieces.

    Saw the email from them this morning and I'm still keen to try it so I purchased one of the discount $2 samples rather than email them to get it for free.

    Free is great, but for $2 I can both support them a little and satiate my curiosity to try their biltong. :-)

    Edit: ah damn, I didn't realise the Barbell guys had actually replied in the comments, I'm just now seeing that the $5 price is cost price for them on the sample packs! Would have just ordered at full $5 to try it out had I seen earlier sorry!

    • At $2 I assume the Biltong is free and we are paying most of the postage. Very fair compromise imo. I ordered 2 packs. If it was a big company id email to get them free but $4 to a small company seems the better thing to do.

  • Ordered a few of the $2 samples.
    Pity the 20% coupon expires before the samples will likely arrive.

  • Yep, got their email this morning. Had a gut feeling this might be a fake deal just to get your personal details. 🤔

    • +1 vote


      I am sorry to hear you see the situation this way. This was not a fake deal. It was something we had been running, albeit on a much smaller scale, for the past 2 months.

      It certainly was not our intention to build a mailing list through our free sample program. The free samples were instead intended for people who came across our website and were keen to try out our product and potentially return to buy if they enjoyed the sample.

      We did not choose to put this deal on OzBargain, and did not anticipate it being used to the extent it was. Perhaps this was naive on our part.

      The fact it was abused by a significant number of people made us question whether we were generally being taken advantage of and is why we came to the compromised offer detailed in the email sent.

      Please note that we have said that we will honour any free sample orders made by anyone who replies to our email giving their word that they ordered in good faith. If this is you, then please just write back confirming this and I'll arrange for your samples to be sent.

      All the best,

      • I bought a sample of each to try.

      • Hi Tom,

        Might be worth keeping the 20% off offer on for an extra week.
        Once people get their samples they will likely want to order a first batch if it's to their liking.
        Once you get the first main order you set yourself up for repeat business.
        Just a thought.

      • Hi Tom,

        When I posted this deal it definitely wasn't my intention to have it abused in the way you say it was. I was purely trying to spread the word of your products. I actually didn't get a sample myself as I have previously tried your jerky and buy it regularly from my local supermarket.

        Again, I'm sorry if posting this deal caused you any headaches. I think your compromise of charging a small amount for samples is definitely a fair path to go down. I hope you at least get a number of return customers from the samples!

        • +1 vote

          No need to be sorry. We know there was no ill intention on your part.

          We honestly didn't know that sites like this had such prolific user bases. It's been a learning experience.

          I hope we have been able to offer everyone a fair compromise, whilst also managing our own costs wisely.

      • I replied back to you saying that if it will put you in a difficult position, you don't need to honour the free samples for me, but you still did. Shipped only one day after, too. Hence, I have just bought 1 kg. of unsliced Biltong with the discount code without even waiting for the samples to arrive. I'm sure they will taste as good as your customer service. Keep up the good work.

  • Bought a sample. Hope its good.

  • Got the sample - and the billtong is very good (pretty much equivalent to a South African butcher that I sometimes get it from in St Ives, NSW).

    Have ordered some 200g bags to support their business

  • Bought one of each sample bag. Really nice, so ordered a kg of uncut and a kg of jumbles

  • ymmv but imo, honestly Costco ones taste better. too much fat in these ones

  • Still have not got my sample yet, in fact I forgot all about it until looking back on my voted deals.

  • Comments reopened by request.

  • Just wondering if anyone has not yet received their free samples? I only ordered two.