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Energy Australia: up to $200 Cashback (New Signups: Gas & Electricity $200, Electricity $110, Gas $90) @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

New Gas & Electricity Signups $200.00
New Electricity Signups $110.00
New Gas Signups $90.00

Special Terms
EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex network in QLD.

Cashback will only be paid on new EnergyAustralia accounts, which includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises. Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will not be eligible for cashback.

If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.

Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas and electricity plans via the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page by clicking the Shop Now button from this page.

Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans.

Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia.

Cashback may take up to 14 days to track into your Cashrewards account.

Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

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$15 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days (Ends 31st Oct 2020)

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  • +7 votes

    Compare their rates against others.

    • Actually not too bad for electricity. Been looking at ReAmped, roughly 80c daily supply charge + 20c/kWh, but these guys reckon they're 17% cheaper than the average elec provider in my area, quoting a 68.5c daily supply charge and 24c/kWh. Add on the cashback and it works out a bit better for a light-electricity using family like mine.


      On my current rates with Red energy the quarterly prices for electricity are:

      Red energy $481.23

      EnergyAustralia Predicted: $521

  • anny connection cost?

  • I found Nectr cheaper for my area than EA. Been with a Nectr for over a month and I am happy with their billing.

    • Yeah they come up as 2nd cheapest in my area, how's their customer service? We're things easy to set up?

      • Very easy and customer care was AU based and very friendly when I called them and they answered immediately. Make sure you ask for a referral from myself or other OZB members for an extra $50 credit

      • Also they didn’t charge a connection fee. While others do from my research.

  • What about gas? Currently with agl and it's quite expensive.

  • Churn to EnergyAustralia, then AGL, and so on. :)


    when does it expire?

  • As long as there’s no contract it’s always a good idea to keep churning

    • How long does one normally stick around before moving to the next retailer for the sign up bonuses?

      • 6 mo to 1 year, the hassle of looking around too much isn't worth it. Sometimes you can't change (contract or fees). Many factors to consider

        • Cool, switched from Red to Origin a few months back and have pocketed the $110 or $120. Will give it a bit longer before moving.

  • It would be good if these prix paid tax to the Australian people, especially now that we need it more than ever:

  • I just purchased new house and was trying to sign up with this deal(month ago), however I found out that, on the front page of the deal, the price per unit is different to the order confirmation page.

    I run the numbers and found out that if I use just about my previous average, not only I won't gain anything from that cash back, but it is actually more expensive than if I sign up with the Origin deal without any sort of cash back.

    • What's the origin deal?

      I found origin were super expensive for me with both gas and electricity just after a year ago, I changed to Tango for electricity and tried to go globird for gas but they wouldn't accept me for some arbitrary reason.

      These companies all change their rates so often, hard to keep up with who's the cheapest.

  • Ffs just signed up not long ago

  • Which other NSW electricity and gas retailer gives sign up bonus these days? Keen to move away from EA and capitalise on this in the future.

  • I'm paying 19.250 c/kWh. Tango

  • I am already with Energy Australia. Its just on my name though. Can I get it on my wife's name?

    • You should be still able to either add her to that account or transfer the account to her name

  • Thank you. I just signed up.
    1y ago I received 10000 flybuys point and $25 gc from AGL.

  • Anyone got any experience with Amber?

    • Yeah, great value. Overall you are better off with the wholesale pricing. Flat rate plans are generally better over summer, especially during heatwaves where I have seen wholesale prices at $10/kw (yes dollars not cents) for 30min-1hr period. Extreme example, but you get what I mean.

    • I'm very happy with them, but you want to be aware that your price can be very variable. If you use a lot of electricity in the evening peak (5-9pm) or running AC on very hot days it could work out more expensive.

      Summer wholesale prices are generally about double the rest of the year, so I'm planning on switching away to a deal like this for summer and then returning to amber in march.

      Their support and billing is very good too, if you're interested in electricity and want to understand all the different charges that are normally bundled together with another retailer it's really good.

      • Thanks to you both for the input! Did you have to go on a waitlist? I joined the waitlist yesterday and the automated email said 1-2 months before I get in front of the queue.

        My eyes watered yesterday when I saw the live wholesale price was only 6c/kWh. Ridiculous to think most of us are being charged 4 - 5 times that amount. Even with the crazy surges that happen occasionally, still seems like we'll be way ahead over a 1-year period.

        • That would be 6c/kWh before network and market charges. They adds another 12c/kWh to my bill, the exact amount depends on your network provider.

          My average price is around 19c/kWh all in, which is a couple of cents cheaper than the next cheapest offer (Tango). The daily charge is 30c lower per day too.

          I was on the waitlist for around 6 weeks.

  • How do they compare with Lumo? I'm getting 30% off electricity and 15% off gas (from my memory)

    • 30% off what?

      Find the actually rates or energy price fact sheets for each offer and you should be able to work out how they compare.

  • I wish I could purchase electricity from one retailer and sell solar power to the other.

    • 'Silence, puny consumer! Get back to the task of being farmed for money for the oligopoly of the few.'

      That's what I hear from the Big Energy sector and the rest anyway….

  • For gas account how long do I need to be stick with energy Australia to get the cash back?

  • They have this same deal last month with 16% off electricity + $50 and 16% off gas + $50. That deal is better than current offer for 17% off.


  • Can't change my gas over due to my address and meter number not matching. Gonna take a month or two to fix apparently

  • I am with Kogan Energy for electricity only (the gas is strata title).

    Rates (inc GST):
    - Daily supply charge 100.91c
    - Off peak per kW 18.04c
    - Peak per kW 27.79c
    - Dedicated Circuit per kW (for the electric hot water) 16.95c

    The average monthly bill is around $215 per 30 days…averaging 930kW/30 days…

    Have tried to compare with others and Kogan Energy seems to be cheapest…Would luv to go to a cheaper rate plan… Maybe I should sign up to this deal, grab the $110 and then move again.

  • Aaaand as usual, WA only has synergy >.<

  • 180 days I have to stick with them to get the cashback. Meh.

  • When I tried last time it seems like you cannot sign up online if you have solar? Is that still the case?

  • They're are really trying to get customers back after their FIT debacle earlier in the year. Incompetent reps and even worse support staff. I wouldn't go near EA unless their rates and FIT were too good to pass up. Unfortunately for them, they still suck!

  • Regardless of what retailer you guys choose. I suggest going with the smaller retailer rather than the big guys (EnergyAustralia, AGL, Origin, Momentum) if the rates are not too significantly different and more so if they only give you a decent offer when you leave.

    The smaller retailers are the ones who are actually making prices more competitive. Big retailers are only offering competitive prices once you leave and hoping they can do this long enough to put the smaller guys out of business so they can keep prices high over the long term. They are also doing this because there are sticky customers who are unengaged and stuck on uncompetitive plans for years.

    Me, former employee of an incumbent.

  • Anyone know how this compares 9saver promo with click energy?

  • So do i have to stay with them for 180 days to get the cashback?

  • My final invoice from EA came 3 months late. And the usage was up 19% compared to same period last year and much more than any other period over the last 3 yrs.
    how can I dispute that? They claim that this was the reading they got.