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[NSW, QLD] $100 Signup Credit When You Join NECTR Energy (for Endeavour / Essential / Ausgrid / Energex Networks)


I signed up with Nectr. Their rates are the cheapest for my area. I didn't have to pay any additional charges when signing up to their Nectr Clean plan and they don't have any credit card charges, while some other providers wanted to charges $42 for an initial meter read under Endeavour network.
Transfer from AGL (Provider of previous tenant) was seamless and took 3 days

This offer started on 25 May 2020 and ends on 30 November 2020 (Offer Period).
Guaranteed sign up credit: $100 credit* on your 2nd bill

They have a different offer under Ausgrid Network (NSW):
Update: Ausgrid $200 offer expired. Now Ausgrid is $100 credit as other providers in this post.

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Referrer and referee receive $50 credit towards next bill after referee has paid the first energy bill in full by the due date.

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  • On the Government Energy Made Easy comparison site, Nectr show as being the cheapest when doing a comparison search (That is they come up at the top of the list, and as you scroll down, the plans go up in price.


    The kw/h price being shown on this site does not show correctly (even when adjusting for GST) - but that is a reflection of the website (and not Nectr).

    • I did my calculations using excel based on Nectr rates and my historical usage. Ended up cheaper than what I was paying with energy Australia under AusGrid, despite getting 29% discount on my previous plan from energy Australia.

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        I think the misleading "29%" discount offers may no longer be permitted.

        They were a joke.

        • You are right that was a plan from 2017. But their newer plans weren’t really cheaper.

    • I can confirm they were the cheapest in my area also using the Australian Government comparison website. The usage charges were accurate when I used the site in September.

  • Question for OP, does the referrer deal end on 30 November 2020 also?

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    Hanwha Energy Retail Australia Pty Ltd - An entity of Hanwha Energy - a South Korean based company.

    Credit on 2nd bill. (not first)

    Monthly billing - if in Qld (Energex) you need to pay for a smart meter to be installed if you don't already have one.

    and whatever you do, don't request a meter test ($850+)

    • Btw I spoke to their support and they where Australian based. Again much better than dealing with energy Australia.

    • Didnt realise it was monthly billing.

      • Yeah. It’s monthly billing with credit applied on 2nd month/bill. I haven’t been billed yet.

    • Thanks for the above - any idea how much they’re charging to install a smart meter? Just want to add that cost into my costs v benefit analysis :)

      • responded below

    • You dont need a smart meter for monthly bills. If you look on Energy Made Easy, you should see that you can have either smart or basic meter.

      Retailer receive an average daily usage based on your historical reads from AEMO. So for the months where your meters aren't read, estimated usages are used to calculate your monthly bill if you have a basic meter and your bill will be trued up when the next reads occur.

      Nothing wrong with monthly billing, in fact I would say for budgeting, it's much easier as you're not paying a big amount every quarter.

  • OP, did AGL make a counter offer to try and keep you as a customer?

    • Nope to the contrary, they sent an invoice addressed to energy customer with expensive rates and covering the period before I moved in, which I will ignore.

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    I see that the Ausgrid $200 offer has been extended to August 10th

  • Was looking to switch over from AGL and did the math but not seeing significant savings that all comparison sites show. Nectr's Controlled Load usage charge (16.39 c/kWh) is much higher than AGL (11.97 c/kWh) which stuffs things up.

    • not for ausgrid, nectar is 12.89

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      Hmm I'm not seeing the AGL offer you're talking about so it must be an old one.

      I would always suggest going with the smaller guys if the offers are similar if not better. The big retailers aims to put the smaller guys out of business so they don't need to be as competitive anymore. By choosing to stay with AGL, you may have won the battle, but lost the war. Read about how Amazon has killed their competitors.

      What they normally do is that when you leave, only then do they offer you a decent enough offer so youll stay. It's like that bf/gf who never changes until you decide to leave then they convince theyll change and for awhile they may before you realise things are back to where they were!

      • I second the thought. AGL is a non ethical company. Support new companies in the market that compete with the greedy big ones.

  • Now same deal for Ausgrid

    • I updated my post by adding Ausgrid. Thanks

  • So you get $150 total if you use a referral link? Do they do a credit check?

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    Yes you get $150. $100 + $50. I don’t believe they do a credit check. I am quite happy with them. Much better than energy Australia.

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    Good deal. Ausgrid area. I signed up to the previous $200 gift card deal and got a bunch of credits too.

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    I see several comments unpublished with "Use Referral System" but can't find Nectr in there.
    They seem to have a referral/invite rule that you can't publish links, you have to ask consent before inviting someone.

    Just in case someone sees this and has Nectr, I'd love a PM with a link.

  • Just be aware that if the person referring you is new, you are unlikely to receive your $50 credit on the 2nd bill and this may be delayed for the 3rd bill
    In my case I was connected before the person who referred me even though they signed up earlier than me.

  • yes

  • I switched electricity providers last month (from Red Energy to Nectr). I was signed up by a customer service representative who came to my door but before signing up I put my details into the Australian Government Energy Made Easy website and the ‘Nectr Friends Clean’ was in fact the cheapest plan in my area. Red Energy were not willing to even match Nectr’s rates.

    There are no sign up or exit fees so if you find a cheaper plan you can simply switch over to another provider. Plan prices are fixed for 12 months and there are no credit card or dishonour fees. All bills are emailed monthly and the customer support team is local.

    I can confirm they are currently offering $100 credit off your second bill for new customers until the end of November and a referral link will get you an additional $50 off your second bill. Once you sign up Nectr organise the transfer from your current provider so you don’t have to do a thing.

    These are the rates I was offered:

    Usage: 20.2
    Service: 72.9/day
    + GST

    Since rates change depending on your area it would be best to upload your last bill to Energy Made Easy, which is the Australian government’s comparison service that includes every single energy company (not just the ones that pay commission).

    Feel free to PM me for more information.

    • Yes checking rates every 6 months is a good practice.

  • So looks like without the discount, reamped rates (advanced) is cheaper in the long run - at least in my area.

    • Below are the rates inc GST
      Peak $0.3428 /kWh
      Shoulder $0.1647 /kWh
      Off-Peak $0.1262 /kWh
      Supply Charge $0.9144 /day

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        Rates differ from one area to another and from one supplier to another in NSW.

  • Please don't ask or solicit for referrals.

    • I'd like to ask, whats the current situation with referrals? I notice Nectr has been removed from the Ozbargain referral system, is Nectr no longer running the promotion? Or they requested removal from the system?

      • Or they requested removal from the system?

        Takedown Request

        • Ah, can’t argue with that. Thankyou

          • @eyebrows7: Problem is it seems someone shared their referral code publicly and things got escalated.

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