This was posted 1 year 9 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wera Tool-Check Plus 39 Piece Ratchet Set $86.21 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) & More @ Amazon UK via AU


Another edit:
This set has dropped in price - it's the same as the $140 Bunnings one (with the extra bit holder screwdriver) for only $87.01 → $86.21 (2020-08-22 18:30AEST) → ? (price fluctuates daily). Thanks to pegasusx for spotting the both price drops.

Edit: (Version minus the bit holder screwdriver) $85.50$84.99 → ?

Here's yet another Wera deal!
This nicely-made set is the same as this $140 Bunnings one (now removed from the website) minus the extra bit holder screwdriver.

It's the cheapest almost the cheapest it has ever been according to the camel. This low price hasn't even registered on it yet. (Edit: It was cheaper once at $79.63 on 8 July 2020.)

It's a great complement to the other Wera tools you just bought. Thanks to pegasusx for posting the other Wera deals!

A few other interesting Wera tools are also available:

Note that the prices seem to fluctuate on a daily basis, and not just due to the exchange rate. Prices shown in the list above were correct at 2020-08-21 14:00AEST.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +1

    Would someone be keen to upload a 3D file of that sliding piece on top? Mine was lost a week after I got it now the ratchet won’t stay in place.

    • +2

      Hey, I have one of these, I can try and model it

  • Its strange that there are facebook ads selling this kit for $41…..

    I dont even get why these sell for $150+

    • US dollars?

    • Popped up on mine for $28.99. No idea what currency but can assume it is USD as most online stores price in USD

      • Who's the seller? I'd say they're fake. KC Tool are the biggest German tool dealer in the US, they have it for US$109 plus shipping.

        • No idea to be honest. Wasn't looking to buy as I knew it was too good to be true. For a genuine Wera tool at that price, something isn't kosher.

      • +1

        That is a poorly made copy no where near Wera quality.

      • Lol, all the images of Wera but no where in the title does it said Wera.

      • +4

        This site is a scam registered 2020-07-14, SSL is from a This site popup take your money and register and do it again.
        When you look up the registration info it usually links to and if you follow the trail you will see mistakes where they copy the same information over and over again like contact number. +1.4805240066.

        • I know its a scam, I found a few copies of this online "shop"

  • What’s a good basic ratchet set for occasional use? This one or the other set?

    • It depends on what you're going to use them for. This is good for smaller lower-torque bolts (5.5mm - 13mm), the other set is for 10-19mm bolts and can torque them down way more.

  • +1

    Can you attach this to an impact driver?

    • No

      • +1

        well technically you can…

        • +1

          not without an adaptor

          • +2

            @qwerks: and having them shatter and throw metal into your eye.

            In case anyone unsure is reading, don't use non-impact sockets on an impact wrench.

            • @oznik: impact sockets are single hex (6 point) not double hex (12 point) for a reason, that being 6 pt is stronger and also grabs the nut or bolt over larger area,

              • @garage sale: Indeed, they are also a different type of metal so they don't shatter.

  • +2
    • True, that's quite a few bits!

    • Thanks. Bought that as well.

  • How do I get around:

    This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.

    Disregard - was using PO Box

  • +4

    This is also crazy cheap.

    Wera KK VDE 17 Universal 1 Kraft Form Kompakt VDE Screwdriver Set with Interchangeable Blade, 17 Pieces

    • Just noticed this and will pick one up for a mate! This set deserves a post of its own.
      Will cover pretty much all VDE work and its even got the dreaded Pozi-Slotted driver!
      Those things are pretty rare and even seasoned electricians go stuff it and use either a slotted only driver or mash them up with a Pozi driver.

  • Welcome to the Wera craze 🤣.
    Try to go for the ones with the Wera handles. They are the most comfortable / grippy I've ever used. Quite unique in the driver category.

  • Have to be careful, quite a few are PZ (for some reason I rarely see these around). Prices are good but I asked myself how often would I use bits with Torx/Hex where my current tool set don't already cover!

    • For the other sets such as screwdrivers etc i.e.

  • i bought the tool check plus for $109 a few years ago at bunnings. best all in one fix it kit ever. keep it with me at all times.
    this one doesn't come with the mini driver handle, the ratchet it the best though

    • Do you use the ratchet more than the mini handle?

      • yeah, the extension allows you to get into most spots anyway. for smaller things i still use the Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision set. pretty popular here.

    • Only thing holding me back is that the kit doesn’t have the holding spot for the handle.

      Would really like a complete all in one kit.

      Price is attractive though!

      • Life is full of compromise mate. The soon you have realised this the better it is for you.

      • I have the full set and use it for work regularly, I think I've used the handle once as its quite small and not useful for torquing on fasteners.

      • +2

        Add a few dollars and you can have the 29 piece with handle and holder

        $87.70 Wera Tool-Check Plus Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet 39 Piece with Sockets, 39 Pieces

        • +1

          Well spotted! It was $150 or so just a few days ago.

          • @eug: Amazing how much they can drop. Also they are no longer listed on the Bunnings store.. Possibly cause of too many price matches, which is a bummer.

            • @pegasusx: So now you you have to go to a Bunnings store and if they don't have any in stock ask them to check stock levels at nearby stores? Cheeky! (I'm assuming they haven't actually pulled the stock from the shelves.)

              • +1

                @robinCTS: So on the way back from picking up the kids. I went and priced matched it at the Green shed.

                Receipt @$78.33 ea

                • @pegasusx: my locals being annoying.. almost every price match is rejected… saying needs to be same day collection.

                  • @RtN: Hmm.. Yeah its all over the shop. The price beat policy Its up to interpretations of the store manage really.
                    But I dont think this deal is going to be valid any more as a mate said they dropped every thing to Amazon prices. Might go past this arvo and have a look. Might not even need to price match

                    • +1

                      @pegasusx: If they have dropped prices to match (was in a Bunnings yesterday and saw two price drops in the Wera range), as the Amazon UK prices fluctuate daily (I think they change at 00:00UTC), you might still be able to get price matches. Depends on whether or not Bunnings Head Office do a price check and adjustment daily too.

                      However, as far as the the official Price Beat Policy is concerned, whilst it is true that some managers do interpret it differently, in this case it is very clear:

                      Our lowest prices policy applies to any lower price on an item that is in-stock and available for delivery or collection on the same day from a competitor’s online or physical store in Australia.

                      Not sure how long ago1 they sneaked that change in, but it effectively excludes price matching against every online-only store!!

                      Bunnings are being sneaky buggers once again!

                      1. EDIT: According to The Wayback Machine it was sometime between 2019-11-08 and 2020-02-29 

                      • +1

                        @robinCTS: HHm.. I get what you mean. But I read it a second time thats not how I interpret the policy. Available for delivery means that the item has an option on the same day to be delivered. Doesn't specify a date that the item is actually delivered.

                        Anyway, got a Whatsapp of the Updated Wera prices. Not exactly but close to Amazon prices.

                        • +1

                          @pegasusx: Ahh, yes. My interpretation is possibly the at-first-glance, obvious one and so that might be why some managers would see it that way.

                          However, it only makes sense if Bunnings actually do do a same day delivery, which they don't - from the Click and Delivery page:

                          How long will my delivery take?

                          In most cases delivery for products purchased online will take 2-5 days, but for some products it may take from 7-14 days such as special orders items.

                          So, as as per your interpretation the wording should be read as either of:

                          1. available for delivery (at the time of application) or available for collection (at the time of application)
                          2. available for delivery (at the time of application) or available for same-day collection (at the time of application)

                          and not

                          • available for same-day delivery (at the time of application) or available for same-day collection (at the time of application)

                          as per my interpretation.

                          Either way, it definitely does not mean that Price Beats should only occur if a same-day collection is available.

                  • @RtN: That is not how the policy is worded (see my comment above).

                    I would suggest ringing Customer Service and complaining/requesting a Price Beat.

        • Perfect, thank you. I just ordered it. I had already ordered the model without the bit holder but I'll return it.

          • @jallen89: Amazon will accept international change-of-mind returns? Do they pay for postage too?

            • @eug: Yes. I double checked in an online chat with their customer service. I have to pay it send it back but once they receive it, they’ll refund me the shipping cost.

              • +1

                @jallen89: That's great to hear. Their service is unbeatable!

        • Thank you!

          Glad I hesitated as this is exactly the kit I wanted!

          • @dbun1: Not sure whats happening but prices been dropping significantly in the last few weeks (Fathers day promo?)
            But this has dropped slightly now to $86.21

            • +1

              @pegasusx: Yeah. The prices on Amazon UK have been fluctuating daily these last few days, with some products' prices going up and some going down, so not (just) exchange rate based. I've stopped editing them as I can't keep up.

              (Oh, OK. One final edit 😉)

  • what about this one from Bosch (made in Taiwan according to review) for 1/4 of the price if you only need as a backup in the car

    • For light occasional use that's totally fine. It's a different grade of tool though, just like how Bosch has their green line and their blue line.

  • Brilliant, been after a mini ratchet kit for a while. Thanks OP.

  • I've got one of these, it's actually been pretty damn handy

  • +2

    All Wera stuff is gone from Amazon UK.

    • Thanks for the update.

      I wonder what's going on? First the prices were fluctuating daily. Now, a lot/most of the UK products are gone.

      • Maybe it was a mistake or unhealthy internal competition with Amazon.

        • I wonder if retailers complained to Wera UK for allowing Amazon to ship globally. I doubt anyone worldwide could have competed with those prices.

          • @eug: Bunnings might have complained! They even took it off their website, so definitely flagged.

    • +2

      Sigh, the party was fun while it lasted!

      • Yep… $300 well spent haha so excited, have a few coming today actually. Love it when they ship with DHL.

        • I'm afraid to calculate how much I spent! My last order hasn't been shipped yet, I sure hope they don't cancel it!

          • @eug: Amazon's customer service is worlds best in my opinion, I doubt it'd get cancelled.

      • OzBargained. Amazon AU has blocked items from Amazon UK. The entire range.
        Not just that but Wiha / Knipex / Gedore / Facom as well

        • Thank god I ordered a second Wera bottle opener last night.

        • I don't think that's the case, I went into amazon UK and Wera is gone as well.

          • @RtN: RIP. I had on my wish list other kits.

            -Joker 11 pc Ratchet set was $240 AUD
            -Bit Safe 61 Pc set was $94 AUD

            Basically double now with AU only. Looks like Amazon picked up on supplier/ local distros having a melt down.

            This was almost as good as the eBay UK 10-20% off giftcards

            • @pegasusx: What's the difference between bit-safe and the bit-checks? haha how they're presented?

              • +1

                @RtN: Bit check kits are just smaller. Comes in the fold out plastic holders you can attach to tool belts.

                Bit safe has fabric case and has pretty much all the bits to cover every fastener.

      • Its not just Wera. I've noticed a lot of other things from Amazon UK via AU are DOUBLE in price now e.g Bike Lock $65 Amazon UK now $100+ on Amazon AU. Adjusted so that australia based stores are the only option.

    • Nice haul! I wonder why you chose the Comfort grips drivers instead of the Kraftform grips ?

      • In hindsight I should have it was mostly price, was only $23 or something. I only just read about the laser tip now :(

        • Ah I see. For the price would be fair set. But they are priced that way as they are the budget stripped out version.
          So tips are standard. Not Lasertip / holding. Grip is one piece rubber.

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