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Flight Delay Pass with 28 Degrees Mastercard - Free Food and Lounge for Flight Delays over 2 Hours (Pre-Registration Required)


Register your flight

Just register your card and flight details for you and up to four additional guests online, at least six hours before your scheduled departure.

Receive your pass

We'll track your flight, and if it's delayed by 2 hours or more, we'll email and SMS your pass(es) to you automatically - too easy!

Sit back and relax

Show your one-time-use code to participating airport partners and treat yourself, on us.

Thought I'd share an OzReminder - original - last posted on OzBargain 322 days ago. Imagine this does not disagree with the Deal Posting Guidelines since spotting an OzReminder posted much sooner, which was widely accepted. This should come in handy to register and think it is a timely reminder as the borders open (except for ours).

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  • Haha our flights to Europe are now 5 months old… and a 28 degrees customer too ;)

  • I had this on my flight Tokyo-Gold coast…and by the time the flight was 2hrs delayed the lounge was closed :( Plus was airside anyway.

    I bet this is good for domestic flights in USA where they get delayed all the time.

    • Man do they have shitty airports and lounges.

    • Yeah, I did 2 big trips in 2019, with 15 flights total, registered every flight for these flight delay passes, and it only triggered once. That was at Paris Orly airport, and it only applied to Hall 1, and the automated email said "the lounge is not accessible to passengers departing from Halls 2, 3 & 4. International and Non-Schengen passengers only." Of course we were taking an EasyJet flight within Europe from Hall 4, and could not enter the international hall. The same lounge chain was in our hall, but that lounge would not accept the lounge passes (I asked, we had a 3 hour flight delay, so no downside), even though their lounge was completely empty. So, in theory these flight delay passes sound great, in practice they can be difficult to use if you're not in the right hall / terminal, at the right time. That said, you have no downside in registering your flights on this site if you have this card.

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    What is a flight ;)?

    • ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

  • This is great. Used it the other day, when my travel from the bedroom to the living room was delayed. I got unlimited access to the kitchen!


    great deal if youre willing to take the risk.

  • Will be a deal breaker if your phone is not roaming..

  • Flight delay would be the least of my worries.

  • This is an awesome feature. Our family had a flight delay from Bali in January, I received the lounge passes in my email from Mastercard before I even knew the flight was delayed. The airline's own app didn't even show a delay at that stage. Then we spent 4 hours drinking free beer and stuffing ourselves on pretty decent free food. I now prefer if all my flights are delayed. Although in the COVID-19 world, I don't think there would be many lounges open anywhere… but will be great again next year, or the year after.

  • Good timing

  • Just to confirm, you don't need to pay for the flights with the credit card, just register the flight details with them?

    Also "no specific minimum income requirement". Very interesting

    • I got the card approved with an annual income of ~$20k, and I think my friends on Centrelink make more than me, so the bar seems pretty low for this card…

      • That's Latitude Financial for you. I thought the banking commission would have scared them into more strict lending and not making it easier. I got a $1k card on application years ago and then they bumped it to a $15k card with these guys 3 months later, with no job and getting Centrelink for studying. Pretty amazed

        • On the bright side, it means you can take advantage of the 1 year price guarantee on this card and the free travel insurance on the Bankwest card without having to wait for a high-income job. No real downsides as far as I can see, as long as you spend responsibly with all that credit.

          • @TimeWaster: Very true. I'm just worried about my credit rating. I already have the Coles Mastercard, so might sleep on it. Hopefully, if I got ahead they can offer a low credit amount. My cards are always in the positive, but i know the more money you can access on the cards, the higher your risk.

      • The guy on centrelink who lives next to me just bought a new car, so he must be doing something right

    • you don't need to pay for the flights with the credit card, just register the flight details with them?


      • Awesome. Thanks for the info. Prob just stick with my coles credit card and ING orange for overseas use then. Point and no fees. Prob not flying anytime soon anyway and I already get free domestic lounge access with velocity

  • Is there a list of participating lounges?

  • Meh, probably find that as soon as we start flying again they just remove the benefit

    Give me the free international atm withdraws again, then we will talk

  • +1 vote

    What is this 'flight' of which you speak?

  • Price insurance/price protection is gone for all new signups for 28 degrees now right unfortunately?

  • Snide comments aside on how many people are using this benefit right now, does anyone know if the lounges are running at reduced capacity/operation due to the travel downturn?

  • This is an unobtainable deal.

    • Unobtainable because lounges are not open/operating?

      I'm sure there is a small number of travellers still flying who can make use of this facility (if they have a 28C card).

    • I would say when I tried to use this about 70% of the time I was unable to due to small print or the lounge being closed

  • Should come in handy when international flights open up in 4 years

  • My flights have been delayed since March 2020. Wonder whether I can use this…..

    • they've probably been cancelled not delayed.

      Also, you were probably turned around pre-immigration, meaning you probably cant claim this.

  • This or the bankwest platinum?

    What is better and why, genuinely curious pls help! (if i had a lounge pass acess via amex/westpac black etc anyways?)

    • BW platinum has $99 per year fee though? 28 degrees is free AFAIK.

      • Bankwest Zero Platinum has no annual fee and complimentary travel insurance (with no spend requirement, although the coverage has been reduced).

        28 Degrees has no annual fee and Flight Delay Pass. Paying off the card with BPay incurs a fee and the no-fee way of paying is a bit annoying, but not necessarily a show-stopper.

        Better is subjective personal opinion. With no annual fee, some people keep both.

        • Is the insurance the same on both of them?

          Do flight delay passes even work well? just not sure of how they all work!

          Cheers, wasn't aware of the 28 degrees bpay fee, that's annoying

          • @blinkybro:

            Is the insurance the same on both of them?

            Bankwest Zero Platinum has complimentary travel insurance, 28 Degrees doesn't. So it's definitely not the same :)

            Do flight delay passes even work well? just not sure of how they all work!

            Flight delay pass works when things aren't going well (delay of two hours or more). The automated system seems to work well enough (sample size of one). The experience depends on the quality of the lounge you're getting into.

          • @blinkybro: why would you question whether the flight delay passes work well.
            So many people in this discussion have said they have already used them.
            The information on the website is very clear and simple.

          • @blinkybro: Do they work - yes

            Do they work well - not if the lounge is closed or the lounge refuses to accept you for x y z reason (good luck contacting the lounge company and pleading your case then and there)