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TERSELY Replacement Ear Cushions for Bose Quietcomfort 35 (QC35) $12.70 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Statco Amazon AU


Item Features:
L+R Replacement Ear Pads For Bose
Material: Soft Foam+Artificial Leather
Length: Approx. 9.5cm(3.74"), Width: Approx. 7.2cm(2.83").
This ear cushion is made of soft foam and artificial leather, which makes your wearing cozy and comfortable, you can enjoy your stereo music to the fullest.
Durable and soft, high elasticity.

Compatible With:
Bose QC35,
Bose QC35 II (2nd generation),
Bose QC25,
Bose QC15,
Bose QC2,
Bose AE2,
Bose AE2I,
Bose AE2w

Package Included:
1 x Pair of Ear Pads Cushion
1 x Pair of Ear Cups

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  • Bose being bose claims that these (third party parts) impede NC performance.

  • I'd also be mindful of the breathability of these

  • Can't common on this product, but I've had 3 pairs of genuine earpieces which tend to split after a while. Bought cheap import ebay clones for about $4 and they feel the same yet are lasting much longer

  • Genuine Bose ones last at least couple of years before they wear off. Most of the knock offs just last 3 months before the leather starts peeling. Get Genuine guys and avoid knock offs. In for any genuine cup sale

    • Not true, my non-genuine last just as long or longer than the genuine pads I've had across the entire family who have QC25's and 35's.

      • I had the same experience

      • Ditto. Non genuine last as long as genuine.

        The genuine ones cost $40 from Bose.

        You can get a non-genuine pair for usd$4.50 from Ali.

        • I purchased mine from Aliexpress so thought I'd check. I paid AUD $3.68 plus $3.07 for epacket shipping. They were ordered 22 Jan 2018 and are probably due for replacement soon, the same ones are only $3.74 (plus whatever shipping method) now. They lasted every bit as long as the original pads that were on the headphones and I never noticed a quality or NC difference.

      • Mine lasted 6 months, aftermarket replacement longer but not as soft. Seems ear oils/sweat piss the pleather they use don't age well.

        You can usually get aftermarket pads on eBay for about $10 from multiple sellers no problem.

    • That's it been my experience with my QC35s, my original ones started peeling in about 4 months, I replaced them with cheap imports from Aliexpress that are awesome in comparison and have lasted 18 months with zero issues.

    • I'm just wondering how many "couple of years" you have been using the genuine pads?
      My QC25 that I bought last me 1 year and then I switched to a non-genuine one, used for maybe a year and half until I got a sony xm3 but the non- genuine pad on QC25 still works fine.

    • My genuine ones only lasted a few dozen usages before they tore. The knock offs can't be worse.

    • Definitely not mine barely made it a year and can already see foam, ofcourse though varies depending on the individual

    • I've had a third-party set on my QC35's longer than I had the originals. Never noticed a difference

  • I desperately needed to replace the pads on my QC35s for ages and was adamant on getting the official ones. After farting around I decided to just get some $10 cheapies off eBay and I must say I'm very impressed. They came shrinkwrapped as flat as a pancake, but once installed you absolutely cannot tell the difference from the originals. These are still flawless after daily use from May

  • I have found the material on the genuine starts to flake after 12 months of daily use. I have the original QC35's.

  • i put one of those moisture absorption pad things you get in shoes in my headphone case and have head the original earpads for going on 2 years look brand new.

  • No silver color one?

  • $12.70 Vs $40 for the ones from Bose - I'll take my chances on these.

    • $12.70 vs $8 from Aliexpress… Hmmm…

      My original ones are still good. Don't know if it makes sense to buy spare "just in case"…

  • Hey OP,

    Possible to make an earpad with cotton cushion instead of this steamy plastic.

  • Bought these in Feb after one of my dogs got to my headphones and ripped the old genuine ones off (that were also peeling). No complaints at all. No signs of peeling yet and been used basically every days since then.
    Feel pretty decent too.

    Order details say I paid $11.95 back then with no promo, so can't say it's an amazing price though… the camel confirms

    • Is there a difference in softness compared to the original ones?

      • I bought cheappies after finding the originals where $40.

        In the beginning they felt not as soft as the original but over time they feel the same as the original.

  • Thanks, I have the BOSE soundtrue earphones and the leather has been flaking away for so long, I had no idea I could buy replacements for them. Looks like they go for pretty cheap on aliexpress too, just got to hope they actually get delivered.

    • is this the case for all leather in expensive headphones, mine is aright rrp 250, bought at 100 and flakes even to this day but I find it more comfortable without it.

  • I have to ask the question. Are these any different to the $5 ones on AliExpress?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement ATH-M50x pads? We don't seem to get the range of options that are available overseas. I've been looking for both more comfortable ones and ones that may be better in summer.

  • No longer in stock

  • +1 vote

    I bought these the last time they went on sale. Perfectly comfy and no signs of wear four months in. I wear them prob 3 times a week to watch movies. Happy with the purchase given the price and I likely will upgrade the headphones soon anyway.

  • i must be an outlier in my use case. my original qc35 (1st gen) lasted 3 years before flaking on daily use from commute to office (because open plan agile spaces is a good idea), I replaced them last year with original bose ones ($39.95 delivered from bose) and they are still fine now. I bring the QC35s for my travels (which is a few times a year) as well.

    i ordered on the 12th, it arrived on the 14th. this was pre-covid.

  • You can get similar to these cheaper at $9.13 from other Amazon seller. They are pretty good

  • Please extend offer I really need replacement for mine and I missed out :(

  • Gg i need a replacement missed out too

  • My thoughts:
    - They are different, not as spongy as the original
    - Leather feels almost similar so that's a plus
    - Value for money? Yes
    - Durability? No idea, we ll see.

  • no more stock, but got another one from amazon at $15.99. As I didn't even think about getting replacement pads, I'm still happy. Thanks OP!

  • How the hell does anyone install these, it's like playing whack-a-mole with the clips