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Bandai Digimon Digivice 20th Anniversary $19 + Delivery ($0 via eBay with Plus - Sold Out) @ BIG W (Online or via eBay)


Digimon digital monsters, Digimon are the champions! Change into digital champions to save the digital world!

Relive the best parts of the 90s with a monochrome digital pet! Includes all Digimon from Ver1-5 original Digivice and new transparent versions available since original release. This version is great as you can have two Digimon active simultaneously (with some that can be merged together to create the all powerful Jogress form) and also give you double the disappointment when you forget about it for a couple of hours and come back to two tombstones. Prices usually from $35-$40 elsewhere.

Available in:

Blue (Sold Out)
Brown (Sold Out)
Grey (Sold Out)
Yellow (Sold Out. Sometimes shows up at $34; sometimes $19)
Transparent Purple (Sold Out)
Transparent Yellow (Sold Out)
Transparent Green (Sold Out)
Transparent Blue (Sold Out)

In-store pickup is available but it's $29 and a random colour. - YMMV

Also available in the Big Dub eBay store - Free shipping with eBay+ (Out of Stock from BIG W eBay.)

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  • Plus delivery.

  • Pick up
    Not available for this product

    Interesting! hmmm

  • +35 votes

    Listed on their eBay Store and can get free shipping with eBay plus :)

  • Bit off topic but if anyone has the old version 6 Digivice from back in the day, they're going for about $1k atm. Managed to sell mine pretty quickly. You might be sitting on a gold mine :P Also I think version 5 is going for $500ish

  • They still make these….

    • This is the 20th anniversary re-release. Contains everything that the first 5 devices had and more :)

  • OMG I had the exact colour in the photo.

    The memories are all coming back even the fact that my primary school banned these after people would battle and the occasional death would happen

  • I notice these aren't quite the same colourways as the originals (different bezel/buttons) but I think I'll get one anyway to repay my younger self. This one won't accidentally go through the washing machine!

    • I'm glad there's a transparent yellow, which is what I had. My friend had a transparent green but the buttons and frame outline was light grey, not red like this one.

  • So these are Digimon Tamagotchi?

  • oh man i remember getting one for christmas when i was younger!

  • For anyone who wants more info on these, these are basically like the old ones but much better.

    You have all the digimon from 5 versions plus a little extra, can raise two digimon at once, can battle by yourself which helps you evolve your digimon without needing someone else to battle against and digimon evolve much faster.

    It keeps to its roots but just has a lot of quality of life improvements.

    • I was so excited when I had my Level 50, genuinely raised, Metal Greymon.

      All the kids who had "tabbed" their pet into existence had no hope.
      In fact, because a lot of those are like Age5 or something, just glitched to be able to battle too soon; I'd often tombstone them from 1 battle.

      I wasn't popular in primary school…..

      • Back then, for me just getting past Champion stage was difficult. I think at the time, internet was still growing and so we don't have as much shared global information as we do now.

        So no one in my friend group knew the secret to evolve to Ultimate.

        Fast forward today I find out battling others is important as well as care mistakes.

        • I have no idea what the 'secret' is even now.

          All I know, is he evolved one day. It happened just out of naturally raising him, and battling as much as possible, and 'guessing' when to stop, so he didnt die. lol

    • I’ll also add this version has been slightly sped up so they reach their evolutions quicker than the originals.

      They poop a lot which can get really frustrating as they get sick and it’s a care mistake if you leave it too long. Raising two at the same time can get annoying because the number of poop are shared between the two and affect them both the same.


  • Better investment than bitcoin?

  • I had a transparent clear one back in primary school in the late 90s. I remember finding a bug where if you jiggled the battery tab (that came with it to separate the battery from the terminal) when you restarted it you could trick it into giving you a fully developed randomly selected Monster.

    • I remember something like this! Man those were some good times. I was easily impressed by a lot of things.

    • Yes I remember this - I did it and got Leomon if my memory serves me correctly. I had the original 1997 purple and white one!

    • Tabbing was part and parcel with owning a Digimon. I had little bits of cut up coke bottles lying around everywhere! Unfortunately there is no bottom access to the battery in these new versions :(

      • Unfortunately there is no bottom access to the battery in these new versions :(

        Unfortunately for the developers, 3D printers exist….

    • Oh man you have just given me in my mid twenties the biggest wave of nostalgia, thank you!

    • I remember there was a trick where you unscrewed the device and took the back out, you use a graphite pencil and if you 'color' a little metal tab in the inside it turned your 3rd button into a fast forward button… Don't know how it worked or how someone found this out but it worked

    • "Tabbing", was common.

      RIP Pokemon Energy Cards, you were cut up for the greater good all around school.

  • For anyone collecting:

    Wave 1

    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Yellow
    • Navy Blue

    Wave 2

    • Transparent Purple
    • Transparent Yellow
    • Transparent Green
    • Transparent Blue

    Wave 3 (Released October 2020)

    • Are they all the same except for colour? Or do you get different monsters?


      oh god. The october release almost doubles the collection size… Hopefully those drop to $19 eventually too, because I am not dropping $343.

  • What is this product

    • Tamagotchi style digital pet - a re-release of the original 90s super popular version based on the Digimon anime.

  • went to get purple, loaded bigw, click add to cart, magically gone now :(

  • +5 votes

    Have you little monsters been fighting again?

  • Am trying to avoid clicking - I always liked the concept of the tamagotchi - but got bored of it quickly. Is this much better - or really just the Digimon theme that is the point of difference?

    • you can battle others by putting two together

      • Thanks mate - the interactivity is a step up, but also a driver to need two! I'm going to walk away and get food - hopefully they're all sold before I get back…

  • Anyone remember carefully feeding and training your digimon only for it to evolve into a poop monster?

    takes pen and stab reset button

    • There's actually a very specific set of prerequisites to evolve into what you want. Numemon (poo shooter) is basically the overflow for any evolve conditions not met - check this out for a better understanding.

      • WOW, i never knew there was 7th stage of evolution.

        The closest I ever got was 6th stage once and 5th stage on occasional basis. Often I get up to the 4th stage then I get killed

      • Taken from Wikimon.net:
        "In order to defend itself against intruders, it uses a disgusting attack in which it throws its own poop."

    • Tab cheats FTW!

  • A final send off to eBay Plus $1 sub ending in 3days. That $1 just squeaked in to being worthwhile. Legitimately had no use for it for a whole year.

  • Thanks OP. Great for Christmas presents. Got 4.

  • way better than real pets!!!

  • danggit wanted the transparent purple one.

    i still have my originals , transparent blue and solid white, how ever the soldering from the inside is all crumbled need a techy to repair it

  • Do these still have those rubber buttons that fall out after a while? I remember a few of my original ones the middle button would fall out after a couple of months.

  • Im not sure i'll enjoy this as much as i'll just be googling how to min/max the best one.

    The unknown was the fun part of the 90s, especially since you didnt have reliable or fast internet.

  • Awesome price, can't believe i paid $34 last time..
    Is it just me or does $19 seem more expensive to me now more than it did when I was 10..

    • I pre-order all four colours from Wave 1 (Brown, Grey, Yellow, Navy Blue) as I though they were limited edition…

  • This takes me back.

  • 1v1 me with my Metal Greymon.

  • Jesus I have yellow with blue outline and its sold for $450… is there a guide on versions somewhere