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Silicon Power 128GB SSD $25.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Silicon Power Amazon AU


$2 less than the previous deal and the lowest price yet according to Camels

See previous deals for comparison and discussion.

  • 3D NAND flash are applied to deliver high transfer speeds. Read: 560Mpbs Write: 530Mpbs
  • 3-year warranty. (Please register your product via SP official website to get the complete manufacturer warranty services, product support and more.)

Edit 1/9: Down to $26.20 from $26.99
Edit 7/9: Down to $25.99 from $26.20

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  • Thanks! Been needing to upgrade the OS drive on my security camera PC for a while. The 60GB SSD has been a bit low on space for a while but I couldn't justify spending much on it as it's working fine. This is perfect.

  • Damn i remember back in the days these were super expensive…

  • Bought last time and replaced a spinning SATA HDD on an old Entry-level CPU Windows 10 Desktop PC. That PC is now useable, and much snappier where it used to chug all the time paging out to the HDD. Well worth the small cost of the upgrade and makes that PC usable for light office duties.

  • The 256 version is only $39.99. Pretty good price too.

  • $25 at Umart if you have one closeby for pickup.
    Also 256 for $38, 512 for $72 and 1TB for $126 at Umart.

  • Thanks OP, been on the lookout for a cheap SSD to replace a HDD in an old laptop for my kids.

  • Kingston A400 120GB @ MSY for $32 much better SSD

  • If anyone knows, could you please let me know if this SSD will be compatible with HP Gen 8 MicroServer? I have Gen 8 didn't use for years, I am thinking to make bit of upgrades to it and et it going again. I am not upto date with technology as I was busy with other works last couple of years.

    • It's SATA interface so should be fine for you microserver.

      • I have a HP gen 7 with a ssd tucked up the top under a mechanical drive for the OS drive (just wedge in the gap). If you use in a bay, you need a 2.5" to 3.5" drive adaptor.

        • Thanks, I got an adaptor. I was using s 2.5 drivers before. Now I got the motivation to get this going again.

        • @Uncle BucK, could I also know what is the OS you run on this? My purpose is a NAS, therefore I am looking at FreeNAS. Is there anything better than that?

          • @ozbarg0in: Sadly I just use windows 10 for Kodi and normal storage. I've only heard great things about freeNAS, so if I ever venture down that path, I'd give that a go.

      • Thanks @timhn

    • With the Gen 8 you're better off to mount the SSD in the top using a regular SATA cable and power cable adaptor. That leave your other 4 drives for storage.

      The Gen works fine on Windows 10 and I use a couple of them in that manner for small pharmacies who need a reliable box that just works 24/7 for years on end… There are some tricks re drivers and perhaps BIOS - Google is your friend and if you want to get back into the hardware then this is a good way forward. You'll find all you need to know on the homeservershow website.

      The Gen 8s require ECC RAM which can be a challenge to find and can easily be upgraded to a quad core cpu should you feel the need. Xeon E3-1220V2 from memory and it works fine with the stock cooler/fan etc. The version number is critical. V3 won't work!!

      • @fred Thank you so much for the information. I just need a NAS server, so I am thinking to give a go with FreeNAS, as it is free software. If that wouldn't come up as I expect, I will see if I need to purchase win 10.

        I will try to shop around ECC RAM, I guess upgrading to 4GB with an OS in SSD would be good enough. I saw some YouTube videos that people use SSD as write behind cache, I would like to give a try with that.

  • Am i able to use this as a Portable External SSD? What enclosure should i use?

  • Might get this to install Modern Warfare on.

  • 256GB for A$39.99, I can't see any speeds.

    Honestly for another $6 you can get a Kingston A400 from eBay.
    For +$8.50 if you have eBay Plus, you can try your luck at getting a late delivery voucher (If you're in VIC).

  • Thanks OP! Bought one.

    Recently I got a Crucial BX500 120GB SSD from Amazon for $36 to repurpose an old laptop (3rd gen i7 with 8GB RAM) with Ubuntu - it's definitetly much snappier now than when it had outdated Win7 on the 2.5" HDD.

    Planning to use this Silicon Power SSD to repurpose another old laptop with Ubuntu. Hope to get a similar experience.

  • Is this Better than the Kingston Kingston A400

    The Ace A55's auto-copy technology allows automatic copy operations from the SLC cache to the TLC blocks inside the NAND without using the controller or DDR. This supports higher efficiency by reducing the controller's and DRAM's workload.

    One of the reviews from Amazon
    5.0 out of 5 stars For the price, 5 stars!
    Reviewed in Australia on 16 August 2020
    Verified Purchase
    Well, cheap SSDs are usually TLC or QLC based… but sometimes, they have a really bad performance.
    This one has SLC on cache but has a big drop in speed when you raise the benchmarks files (like 8GB or more).
    But in general, is still much better than any HDD due the superior reading speed and is probably one of the best options for machines that doesn't have NVMe sockets available..

  • Thanks OP.

    Excuse the ignorance. Will this work as a PS3 HDD replacement?

    I understand that SSD doesn't provide much advantage over HDD for a PS3 but there is little price difference between the two.

  • Available again

  • Down to $25.99 from $26.20