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[NSW] Save 24% on Electricity & 28% on Gas @ Click Energy via 9 Saver


24% LESS than the Default Market Offer Electricity Reference Price.

$351 LESS per annum than the Default Market Offer Electricity Reference Price.

$1111 per annum estimated cost for an average household using 3900 kWh/year on a flat rate tariff in the Ausgrid Distribution Zone in NSW. Your bill will differ based on your actual usage and tariff type.

28% less than the Click Energy standing gas usage & supply charges.^

My first Deal post. I thought it was a good offer and comparable to Cash back from EA. I think this is cheaper.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $25 at signup & $25 after 12 months.

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    I was with Click for many years with a Platinum 17% discount from the 50 up club.

    Billing was 3 monthly.

    Out of the blue the cancelled the discount, didn't let me know, and I ended up with a bill 3 months down the track that was considerably more than expected. It took another month or so to switch away to Alinta with a 30% discount.

    The support people were useless, claiming my discount should not have been ongoing, and "EVERYONE" knew prices were increasing, therefore Click didn't need to send me notice that they were jacking up the prices.

    Of course after they were notified of the switch away they were like dogs with a bone, promising me the earth to come back, promising things would be diferent, but I wasn't stupid enough to EVER go back to Click.

    Be warned, stay away from this mob.

    • I hear you. When I spoke with them, I had a feeling the reply for "How long is this offer for?" and "Due in 5 days?" were concerning. What you said was exactly what I thought may happen. Will keep a close eye. Thanks, mate.

  • Thanks op ! I was about to sign up with click energy and this is a bit cheaper than their Click Flora Plus plan (https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/plan?id=CLI65157MRE1&postc...)

    Is there an end date on the offer ?

    • I don't know but if you get a chance to call them and find out, let me know and I'll put it in the description.

  • Click have very high standard pricing and rely on the discount to make it competitive. The discount is paid in the next bill once you pay on time. They then make the process difficult to change your payment method and don't advise you that a change is processed. I had to call them and they confirmed it was - then I had a notification the day after payment due that it was missed. How convenient for them. I have since left and will never go back.

  • I hope it works out for you, and new accounts can get a $50 credit each for them and referer. Been with them for maybe 3 years, great service at the start. But recent bill 4x regular cost, emailed to dispute. Reply gave minimal detail except recommended (a) go on a payment plan, which does not mention I'd lose out on my DD discount (b) change plans, which didn't actually save me money. Called to get more detail, firstly get the recorded warning 'emergency going on, so might take a while to get to you, better off emailing'. I'm sure many people abandon at that point, but I hold, maybe a 40sec wait. From there, wasted 30mins of my life and call ended maybe accidentally got hung up. Thankful for the terrible service, got off my ass to do the comparison sites and check out the rates. Yep, Click were doing my over with daily service and usage 30-50% higher than competitors, and I don't want to know how long I've been copping it. Changing mum from Click now, telling family, and now telling whoever I can here too. If Click call me, I'm hanging up.

  • Good discount. Just be sure that the rates don't change abruptly. Some of the small retailers can change rates intrayear.

  • @samkenny I just signed up with Click after viewing ur post. Awesome FIT of 20c/kWh.

    Can you PM me your Click Account details I'd like to see if you can get the $50 referral bonus.

    Anyone else feel free to PM your details in case OP doesn't respond.

  • FYI, this is their Jarrah Solar Plan. Maximum 5kW inverter size, so if it is larger you can't sign up on that plan.