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Mcvitie’s Digestives Original | Dark Choc | Milk Choc for Half Price $1.97 (Was $3.95) & More @ Woolworths


McVitie’s Digestives Original for half price at Woolies.
Also, Cadbury Choc Centre & Classic Cookies for Half-Price @ $1.75 ( WAS $3.50 )

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    • Yup.. its added in the title :)

      • Yes sorry I realised after I hit enter

  • but does it really help with digestion?

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    • Meanwhile they sell Coke Zero with fibre (coca cola plus) in Japan which actually does

  • Has anyone tried the caramel variety at Coles?

  • wonder why coles/woolie don't do home brand of this ?

    make it no sugar + more fibre

    • Maybe part of a contract deal not to undermine the manufacturer (for a period of time) and in doing so get the biscuits cheap from the UK. Average regular buyer of these isn't health conscious and the supermarkets would prefer to leave out fat/sugar for a lite version but then charge a lot more because they can.

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    The thin ones are on sale for ½ price at Coles.

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      They should be ½ the price has they are ½ the size.

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        Twice the flavour though as they are more concentrated.

  • Woollies do have a home brand. Choccy Wheats, and they are almost as good as Mcvities but only $1.65. Arnotts make a version too (Chocolate Wheaten), which are MUCH better than Mcvities I reckon but Woolies don't sell those any more unfortunately. Can be bought online directly from Arnotts //edit, there is an online link but it shows no purchase options :(

  • These are delicious but use palm oil I think :(

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