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Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphones $329.97 Delivered @ SONY Australia (BT Super for Life Special Partner Deal)


I had missed out on TGG Commercial deal but realised I was able to get it for even cheaper because I was had BT Super For Life, Hopefully it comes in handy for someone on here.

Screenshot for proof,

Price reverted back to RRP and “Special Partner Price” tag removed

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    Thanks! Ordered.

    When I ordered:
    Black is estimated available on 28th AUG
    Silver is on backorder

    • Saw that in cart, however when place the order, it shows in stock. Strange.

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    Any suggestion for getting the membership without too much commitment?

    • I'd like to know this as well. I tried to log in using my deactivated St George account, but couldn't.

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    Thanks op, you made me spend 330 even my xm3 is still as new. This should be the rrp, that's why so many partner sites are doing the promo. Anyway too good to pass this deal. At this moment.

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      Funny thing is that yesterday I was thinking of swapping my bt super to sunsuper that I can get access to TGG commercial to make sure I do not miss these deal next time. Toady when I wake up, bt gained me an even cheaper price. What a world.

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        You don’t need to move your super across to Sunsuper to get access to TGGc

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        You literally just sign up as a member for sunsuper, don't need to move your super around lol

        • Thanks for the info.

  • Man I need access to these awesome sites! Sigh.

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    What a “super” deal !

  • How do i get one!?!? :( By the time my account is activated the deal will be over

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      I signed up with my bank login(St. George)
      Activated instantly.

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        Good to know.
        The 4 banks that may instantly activate BT Super for Life (if you link the accounts) https://www.bt.com.au/personal/superannuation/solutions/bt-s...
        St george
        Bank of SA
        Bank of Melbourne

        I don't have any of those 4… :( RIP

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          I signed up to Westpac in ~5 minutes then did the same with BT Super for Life. Doesn't take long!

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            @JenCap: What about the fees?

            Ad­min­is­tra­tion fee

            $6.50 per month + 0.45% p.a

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              @danyool: This.
              I guess you could instantly close it or pay the 1 month and the headphones are still "worth"

              I signed up only under BT Super and i have to wait 5 days

              "Within 5 business days of submitting your BT Super for Life application, you will receive a call from a BT Super Specialist to set up your account. We will also provide you with access to Westpac Online Banking so you can view your balance and manage your account.

              If you have any questions please call us on 1300 653 553"

              Welp, thats it for me today :0

        • Can confirm, I signed up under my Westpac account and my BT Super for life account was activated immediately. Only question is, what do I do with this new super account? Do I have to deposit into it to keep it?

  • What's rrp?

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      $550 AUD

    • $549.50

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      $549.95 on the Sony site

      Hilarious that you can get four different answers to such a straightforward question

      • That's the joke. That's why they are supposed to be hilarious but not really they are

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  • Great find OP! Managed to sign up to Westpac and use that to sign up to BT and then purchase. Thanks :)

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    Yay got one! My wife being at BT finally had a benefit :)

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      At least that's one good benefit of having a wife!

  • That is a super deal. Ordered two from different BT accounts, hopefully they will be delivered soon.

    • Are you selling the second pair?

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    Dont fotget shopback 7% cashback. If you got Amex there is an offer shop $500 and get $50 back. The price will be extremely low!

    • How do I get cashback if it uses BT to gain access to the site?

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      You must login via btsuper or Westpac, I don’t think cashback is available in this case.

      • I think the only deal to get it cheaper is the AMEX deal

    • Just received an email from shopback.

      Got 7% cashback ($23.10).

      I had the shopback plugin active when I purchased the headphone, so looks like it works?

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    Good price but whys everyone so hyped about these ? They're literally xm3's with a 200 price gauge for better voice and bluetooth. I own xm3's and I didn't find the voice issues a deal breaker

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      Just hit the buy bottom, think later. Sure you can either sell you 3 to make up part of the cost. Or sell the 4 for $50 profit which is still a fair price for those unable to get the deal.

      • whats the going rate of 3's atm for resale?

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        Downvote for brodenmongering

    • The ANC is even better then XM3 and these have multi-point pairing. 2 Devices at the same time.

      The only downfall is they don't support aptX anymore so using them on a PC requires a transmitter / receiver for better quality.

    • "better voice and bluetooth"

      You said it bro

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      "Good price but why is everyone so hyped about these? They're literally xm3's with better features for a bit more money"

      Also I don't know where you're getting the $200 from. These are brand spanking new and can already be purchased for the same prices as the XM3's have been for the past 2 years.

      People are hyped because they're better headphones for, if you're astute, similar money as the previous model which were best in class.

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    If you have AMEX, there is spend $500, get $50 back at the moment. Handy for those who are buying 2 pairs. Assuming you are purchasing directly from the Sony site. Not sure if that's the case looking at this deal as I am unfortunately not eligible!

  • Thanks OP! Got a pair! :) Wonder how easy it is to cancel the BT super membership now

  • Thanks so much OP!

  • Great find OP Thank you.

    Signed up to Westpac account, created BT Super for life and all activated instantly. Done and dusted in about 5 minutes for anyone else wondering.

  • Arhhhhh
    Already have my Bose QC35 for the past 4 years and working fine without any issue.

    But just spend $330 for new headphones -_-.

    Thanks, OP.

    • At least you have different brands. I had my xm3 only used 20 times, still ordered this 4.

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    Doesn't seem to show up at $329 anymore..

    • Yep only shows full price for me as well

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        Hopefully anyone that's already placed orders don't receive cancellations. Good luck ladies and gents.

    • Party is over, let's see if next deal will be sub 300

  • Oos

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    Anyone from Sydney want to help me out with a pair? Miss the TGG commercial one and don’t want to miss out again. Thanks so much

    • Deal is no longer available.

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    My super's heading down, may as well have my bank account follow suit.

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    man.. signed up for nothing

    • me too man just missed out - damn. how do we close this account now lol

      • call them up and tell them you signed up for the wrong thing

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          can confirm - rang them up and account was closed with no issues

  • Great price.
    Good luck everyone, hopefully deal gets honoured

  • Is the price still available?

    • This is an "expired" deal.

  • Wow are they going to be giving these things away soon?

  • It’ll be 350ish soon everywhere

    • In that case, still $20 profit. Not too bad.every cent counts here as an ozbargainer.

      • I never thought I'd be salty about only getting c.28% off ($400) a freshly released flagship product (RRP$550).

  • Now next challenge cancel both Westpac and BT accounts! I guess we should wait till the headphone is delivered before doing this?

  • Tool 3min to canx with bt super

    Nice and easy no questions asked.

    • +1

      Wish we could say the same with your first sentence.

    • did they charge you any fees?

      • No fees.

        Sorry was still burning that I set it up and missed out haha

        *Took three minutes to cancel with BT superannuation fund. Happy lol

  • Wow that's a really steep discount for a recently released product.

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      I wonder this was a price mistake for a XM3, if not why would they pull out the offer when they still have stock available.

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    A bit late for the party. Opened the account for nothing. Tried requesting price match and the response I got from Sony "this falls under exclusion…. We can offer $499.95". I forgot to add my signature as "Member of Ozbargain", probably that's why they look down on me 🙂🙂

  • Smashing price! Missed it. But then again, waiting for what Airpods Studio has in store.

  • damn missed the deal~ are there any other deals at bt super? is it worth signing up?

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