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Dell 32" QHD Curved HDR Gaming Monitor S3220DGF $678.33 Delivered @ Dell


Pretty good deal from Dell. Use the SITEWIDE3 code for additional 3% discount.

Dell S3220DGF Specifications
Panel Type / Backlight VA / W-LED, edge array
Screen Size, Aspect Ratio & Curve Radius 32 inches / 16:9; Curve radius: 1800mm
Max Resolution & Refresh Rate 2560x1440 @ 165Hz, FreeSync 2 HDR: 48-165Hz
Native Color Depth & Gamut 10-bit (8-bit+FRC) / DCI-P3, DisplayHDR 400, HDR10
Response Time (GTG) 4ms
Brightness 350 nits SDR; 450 nits HDR
Contrast 3,000:1
Speakers X
Video Inputs 1x DisplayPort 1.4; 2x HDMI 2.0
Audio 3.5mm headphone output
USB 3.0 1x up, 2x down
Power Consumption 27w, brightness @ 200 nits
Panel Dimensions WxHxD w/base 27.9 x 18.6-24.4 x 9.8 inches (709 x 472-620 x 249mm)
Panel Thickness 2.5 inches (64mm)
Bezel Width Top/sides: 0.3 inch (7mm); Bottom: 0.7 inch (19mm)
Weight 24.1 pounds (11kg)
Warranty 3 years

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  • Not sure if i should still wait for the S2721DGF to be delivered or cancel and get these.

    • This is VA, S2721DGF is IPS if that affects your decision. Besides that, this screen scores better for brightness/HDR, but it has a 4ms response time compared to 1ms for the S2721DGF.


      TLDR; S2721DGF for better colors/response time, this for size/brightness.

      • And contrast. This has much better contrast.

      • Response time doesn't matter a whole lot in this context. 165hz panel, so it is refreshing every 6ms, so as long as the response time is below that, you're fine. For the most part these response times are referring to the change of colour from gray to different shade of gray too, so it's not the best metric to work off.

        • While they're both 165hz, I beleive the motion blur and ghosting you will see with fast movement on this VA panel will look nowhere as good as the 1ms IPS. This is because the pixel is spending more of the time in transition. When I have compared a 144hz VA to a 120hz OLED, the OLED looked exactly as it should, whereas the VA suffered motion blur with fast movement.

          • @chyawala: Again that 1ms vs 4ms is in reference gray to gray transitions, and not indicative of much. It's a marketing gimmick at best without more parameters.


            While our motion blur test is centered around the response time, the general cause of motion blur is what is called "Persistence". Essentially, the longer a frame is kept on screen before switching to the next one, the blurrier a moving object will appear on-screen. While response time is a good way to reduce persistence, it is greatly affected by other aspects of the screen such as its refresh rate as well as the monitor's ability to use a flickering backlight (also called black frame insertion, BFI, or ULMB) which reduces the time a frame is shown.

            This is why a screen that has an almost instant response time like an OLED TV can still look blurrier than a 120 Hz monitor that has a few milliseconds of average response time (if the content's framerate can match the refresh rate). While the transition time might be instant, the lower amount of "steps" for motion requires our brain to do additional compensation leads to blurrier movement. We've made a series of videos which explain the different aspects that affect motion which you can find on our Youtube channel.

            It's much much more complex than just a response time number.

          • @chyawala: Agreed, and with 99% of VA monitors the dark regions will be in the 20-30ms region leading to dark smearing

    • Tempted to do the same. This one could be better to be honest, so many reviews are good, and its normally $1k

    • I thought of that too but then remember I want to get a VA 4k panel down the line at some point so I won't be swapping over personally. Something to consider.

  • +7 votes

    I got one of these on the last sale and they’re fantastic. Sure it’s VA, but it’s implemented really well and smearing isn’t really noticeable. In fact side by side with my IPS panels, the contrast on this is much better and for gaming I prefer it over my LG IPS gaming monitor.

    No dead/stuck pixels. Very minimal clouding. One of the best monitors I purchased so I highly recommend them.

    At first I thought the size might be too big for a desk, but it’s great for gaming. Really immersive.

    • +2 votes

      I bought one in the last $599 deal as well, and I've had a similar experience. There's a tiny bit of ghosting when you're scrolling text but it doesn't bother me at all. The contrast and clarity is just superb.

  • Hnnnng want but ain't no $599 :(

  • Ummm….this one or Xiaomi 34"? Going to buy the Xiaomi today but this came up…

  • My review after 6 months:

    - Fantastic viewing angles
    - Resolution, Refresh Rate, Contrast, and Image quality is amazing for both office work and gaming
    - Stand is easily adjustable
    - Menu is easy to navigate
    - One of the best monitors I've used for this size, better than most compeditors regardless of the VA Panel - It's fantastic.
    - Curve is perfect, really comfortable to use and immersize.

    - You'll never be able to use a smaller monitor again
    - Minor ghosting when text scrolling

    One tip is to make sure your desk is deep enough to sit a solid distance away from the monitor. I personally sit around 75cm from the display for maximum comfort.

    I haven't used the Xiaomi, but I wouldn't regret buying for this price.

    • Thanks mate.

    • I got one of these last time for $599.
      I agree with eveything you have mentioned.

      Also Con: Once you have played some games in HDR everything else looks flat colour wise with out it.

      • When not playing games in HDR, you should turn the windows HD colour setting off.
        Otherwise it will artificially restrict the colourspace and contrast of ALL other desktop content. It's clear if you check the grays of programs while turning it on and off.

  • I have one of these and am waiting to return it for a refund. My panel has significant clouding - too much for the price.

    I'd also note that the wide colour gamut means that reds and greens are extremely overblown - muting these colours means reducing the accuracy/saturation of others. I wouldn't recommend this if you do any kind of image/video editing.

  • This monitor has The Premium Panel Guarantee.

    I'm a bit fussy about bad pixels, what the chance that I will run into problems? How strict are they on resolving this. I have never had a problem with Dell in the past, they have been good.

    • The premium panel guarantee sucks. This was the first time i had to use it on the S2721DGF. (I have brought loads from dell and never needed to use their warranty service)

      The communication within their technical support is pretty bad. Told them i could wait till they have stock to replace my monitor. Instead they rushed and sent me the S2719DGF displicte the fact that I have mentioned on MULTIPLE occasion that DO NOT want that model (for very obvious reasons)

      Now the warranty status is not showing on my S2721DGF and am still waiting for them to fix it.

      Props wont get anything from them anymore

      • How have you received the S2721dgf already? I thought it was a rather new monitor

        • Was one of the few that ordered when the deal came out. It's an LG ips panel so expect problems down the line. mine is exp bad as its got bright pixel and red tin across the monitor. been dealing with their "amazing" customer service for a month already. Dont call as some of the operator can be EXTREMELY rude. Got shout at insisting that they have sent the correct model after ive got the wrong one :) (showed them photos as well)

          • @sushimaster: Thank you for letting us know. I'm expecting my order to come around late October, hopefully they'll have worked out some of the kinks by then. If not I'll have to get on their arse if theres any issues.

    • Dell has "bright" pixel guarantee, which in most cases is useless as bright pixels are rare, dark pixels are more common. VA monitors tend not to have dark pixel issue, but that can still happen.

      Dell's premium panel guarantee is pretty useless when it comes to dark pixels. Last time I had to use 14 days satisfaction guarantee to return a "premium" monitor with a couple of dead pixels. Because I used that option (nuclear option if you like), Dell CSR insisted that I paid for return postage.

    • Just look at any reviews of Dell Australia (product review, Google etc) and you'll get your answer. They're a nightmare to deal with.

  • Im looking at the aw3420dw model, does anyone know if the SITEWIDE3 Coupon will work with shopback

  • It's not G-Sync compatible like the S2721DGF.

    • But after seeing some reviews online G-sync seems to work though 🤔

    • FreeSync Premium Pro is pretty much G-sync compatible. The only question is whether G-sync "compatible" also works in HDR mode or not on nVidia cards (hearing mixed results). FreeSync Premium Pro is basically AMD's FreeSync with HDR support. However, honestly, HDR400 isn't true HDR.

  • Purchased this monitor for $550 at release. Awesome Panel can't really find many faults.

    I wouldn't sit closer then 40cm though some viewing angles can be dark.

  • Thanks for posting! I bought this, will likely be using it mainly for office stuff as my PC won't be able to handle games at any appropriate res. I also used cashrewards and it seemed to record a cashback of $18.50, not sure if they will pay it out but worth a crack!

    • Probably not mate, even if you follow the rules Cash Rewards will make up something to reject your cashback.
      For example, if you received Dell Reward program code, if you use that, your cashback will get rejected as well.

  • How does 1080p content look on this monitor? I have a few retro machines connected to my existing monitor and they look great, but its native res is 1080p.

  • $599 deal shouldn't be too far away now :)

  • I have 2 MSI MPG27CQ2. I used to use for gaming and work, now work and work…

    My wife has been bugging me to get her 2 monitors for WFH, so I thought it’s a good excuse to upgrade mine and get 2 new ones for me.

    How would 2 x 32” feel? Are they an overkill?

    Are these an upgrade from the MPG27CQ2?

    • I'm seriously looking at a 4K tv as a second monitor. On my PC I have a $10 tv dongle and a gtx 750 ti, so I could have any combo of tv, windows, and sound on either "monitor" (normal or tv).

  • I just purchased a gigabyte G32QC monitor which is the same specs, but slightly cheaper ($599) and I personally think is a better looking monitor. Might be worth checking out as it’s cheaper.

  • I purchased this about 2 weeks ago using the affiliate15%off code, thought it was a good deal the time but obviously this is heaps better, can't help but feel robbed. Trying to get on the chat/phone with them but seems like they're experiencing some issues. Want to try my luck to get a credit, otherwise ill just return as it's within the 15 day policy.

  • Any other codes that can stack with the SITEWIDE3 code?

  • VA can be tiring on the eyes if watching all day. I can't do it, ips only for me. VA can be like looking into a torch after a while, kind of makes sense with those crystals pointing at you like pipes rather than cross ways in ips.

  • I still haven't received mine and I bought it on the last deal

  • Deal is over. I found out the hard way. Oh..,. wait. Sending them a screenshot of the deal. I might be back in business

  • Says $969 after applying code. Is the deal over already?

  • Just curious if anyone actually purchased this at the promotional price of $678?