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Dell 27" QHD 144Hz (165Hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $507.93 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Greetings everyone, I went on a big hunt this morning to find another coupon code for Dell which may make this monitor cheaper and finally found one, makes this to be an awesome price for this monitor :)

Use both "AUAFFILIATES15%OFF" and "ECU5" to get the price in title :)

Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments: Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm
Compliant Standards: RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

No harm in trying cashback also, although the coupons aren't listed so they might not pay out. See the comment by Tightarse regarding this.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +7

    The urge to resist is crumbling

    • +3

      Someone make it $499.99 and I'll cave in lol

      • +6

        I'll give you that $8

        • +2

          My PayPal addy:

          [email protected]

          • +1

            @montorola: well played

          • +20

            @montorola: Show me a receipt of your purchase and I’ll transfer the $8, honest, promise, genuine.

            • -9

              @Ameowzon: I'm working off shore in an oil rig at the moment, I'll need $8 from you to release the $8 payment. Pls make payment via Western Union. No reception on phone kthxbye

    • +4

      Can someone please explain why is this such a big deal ? There are many other monitors in the market that looks similar to this one and yet cheaper.

      For example these …

      I note that Samsung has a VA panel, ViewSonic has IPS panel like this Dell. I have read that VA panels are somewhere in between IPS and TN panels, and offer best of both worlds.

      Can any monitor gurus please shed some light on this ?

      • +9

        The Samsung monitor is using a VA panel, not IPS and the Viewsonic monitor is generally considered a budget monitor with very little in the way of ergonomics. It's also using a cheap panel with poor build quality. Dell offers exceptional aftersale support/warranty and pixel guarantees etc. It's also a very new updated monitor only released a few days ago.

      • +5

        Dell monitors are just a premium look and feel.

        Typically they are fully adjustable with pivot and tilt options, and have less bezel so good those of us who WFH with dual displays for example.

        Viewsonic is typically a very cheap housing and b grade displays that others reject, and Samsung have a mix of cheap to expensive options.

        Size isn’t everything.

        Also dell warranty is second to none.

        • How often do you rub your monitor you dirty

      • Simple answer: Dell has better (less frustrating?) sales support, and better build quality (especially when it comes to the stand).

        • To be fair to ViewSonic Support, I've got the monitor mentioned and had an issue with it not achieving [email protected] on Xbox One X, they were extremely helpful and after trying many things offered me an RMA # if I wanted to take it. I could only assume they would be just as helpful with a proper issue. Not a knock on Dell either as their support is also fantastic.

      • +1

        ViewSonic Monitor(centrecom.com.au), this has a bigger screen. $469 shipped

        I got THAT monitor from centrecom as well. Using it as we speak but goddam it sometimes flickers. its barely enough to make you mad but enough for you to notice every now and then.

        Open the picture 1A and 1B


        full screen it then alternate between 1a and 1b.

        I was playing assassins creed odyssey and whenever i sync i can see the flicker.

        The difference as well is the arm it stands on. Viewsonic stays in plays and only tilts. The dell you can turn portait and even adjust the height.

      • +2

        if you are comparing ViewSonic monitors to Dell monitors, then you aren't the target market for Dell.

      • Not all panels are the same. This is a gaming monitor so speed is a factor. A better quality panel will give you that speed with fewer artifacts, corona, etc.
        Also need to consider things like colour gamut, brightness, etc.
        Taking all of these things into consideration, the LG27gl850 panel that this monitor uses is a very high quality panel. It's probably not the best you can find, but at this price it definitely punches above it's weight.

        • My son has the ViewSonic and it is a fantastic 144Mhz 1440p 27" IPS gaming monitor for the price. The colours are vibrant, and generally very happy with it. I however have ordered this Dell monitor as a 2nd monitor next to my UltraSharp 27" 1440p so have the same look and feel… one for my business stuff, the other for my gaming stuff. Like everyone else was told it was delayed till the end of October, but just got an update that I now can expect it by the end of September. maybe because other people have canceled their orders, or Dell has been able to ramp up production and delivery…


    • +11


  • I am on a journey to building my tower. No money for a monitor lol.

    • -2


    • +10

      You must fortify your tower.

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat, I'm pricing up a new machine too, but this is $200 cheaper than the Asus VG27AQ I've been coveting for a while now, for essentially the same specs, so I couldn't say no.

      • so you bought?

        • +1

          Yes I did.

  • anyone tried with Cashrewards yet, can you please be the guinea pig and let us know if CR acknowledged the purchase…

    • +2

      at this price, any cashback is just gravy

    • +8

      See my comment here re cashback on these Dell codes. Cheers.

      • +1

        thanks for clarification

      • +1

        Hey TA, any update on whether the code will track?

    • +1

      They deny cashback now. They used to allow it
      but it looks like some of the recent deals made them aware of it.

    • Yes I can confirm that I got an email from Cash Rewards of $13.85.

  • How would I be able to connect a usb c laptop to this?

    • +2

      Hdmi or DisplayPort only

    • +2

      Easy, usb-c to displayport cable. Can even buy one with usb pd passthrough if it charges via usbc

      • +2

        The ones with USB PD passthrough i've seen won't do 144hz though… Just be mindful of that…

        • Which one would you recommend?

        • This is the one I've purchased to go with the Dell to connect my Macbook Pro. I will probably have to wait at least 6 weeks for it though.


          • @spitsw: Oh does DP support PD?

            • @Ebaygiftcards: The PD in the adapter is simply passthrough to the connected laptop so it can be powered / charged. You will still have to have a separate PD power supply plugged into the adapter.

          • @spitsw: This one linked above should be good… Its just that there are a lot of USB-C to DP that doesn't have DP 1.4 standard…

            If ig says DP 1.4 like the link above i think it should be good…

      • Oh wow didn't know there were displayports with usb PD pass. Yes my laptop charges though usb c.

        I would use this monitor with my desktop but when required I want to be able to plug my laptop in as well.

      • +1

        Really? So I can plug it into my Surface USB-C port and it will do PD and everything else a monitor with USB-C does?

        • I don't think it will PD from the HDMI or DP.

          It varies so much from model to model of laptop and screen.

          I have a USBC to DP cable that works fine for 4K 60hz but I am not sure if any higher is supported TBH.

        • The power is supplied separately using an adaptor that merges the power and DP signal into a single USB-C.

      • I think I may have jumped the gun a bit on the PD passthrough. There is a cable online I have seen that claims to do it but idk if it really works as its from aliexpress. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001085594250.html

        As for this rez and framerate, you may need to look into other options. I have a usbc to displayport cable (https://www.msy.com.au/cablelist-cltpdp2m-type-c-to-displayp...) and it manages 3440x1440 100hz (may even do more but I can't remember atm). But it looks like there may be cables / adapters that support usb-c to dp 1.4

        There is also a usbc to dp with power passthrough adapter but kinda expensive.

        • I'm looking at the Vava and Hootoo usb c with hdmi and PD.

          I don't think I need full display port functionality for my laptop.

  • +2

    Is it possible to cancel an existing order and reorder?

    • Ugh, also interested - pulled the trigger just a few hours ago, very frustrated!

    • +6

      Hey Notoriousbird,

      I pulled the trigger yesterday and bought one, but I was chatting to their online team now and they said you can get a refund on the difference that I have paid. I have to call tomorrow and ask as they are closed now, not sure if I'll be successful.

      • +1

        Will give it a shot tomorrow if the deal is still active and there aren't mass cancellations. Thanks!

      • Can I ask where you were chatting to them? I tried to get through to their chat on the website, but seems like they're closed on the weekend? :/

        EDIT: Despite the website saying that chat isn't available, I also managed to get through to chat. Confirmed that orders can be cancelled tomorrow by calling up.

        • Hey Poppingtags,

          Yeah I used their main site chat, I couldn't get through first time I just refreshed a few times and finally got through. I think I'll just get the difference on the price I paid yesterday and I'll be happy with that.

      • +1

        Contacted the Sales team this morning and asked about the option to apply further discount on placed order otherwise cancel and re-purchase (so not "get refund on the difference"). I was told I need to cancel the order via Customer Care team ([email protected]). I wasn't told this "get difference" option but different sales may vary.

        I think, even in worst case you missed both 15% and 5%, you could still try to ask online sales nicely for 20% discount, just not too far from the promotion end, even better with some proof: D

        • This is the same advice that chat support gave me. Hopefully they come through with a simple refund on the difference.

  • How did you manage to find the 5% code? I tried but came up with nothing. Well done and thank you ! I bought it woot 👍

  • +6

    I lost

  • Looking for a second monitor to match my 5K 27” iMac. Would this be a good match?

    • +7

      No don't think so.

      Have you tried looking on the Dark Side of the Moon?

    • +1

      Short of splashing out on the LG UltraFine 5K panel, which rarely comes on special, you’ll be hard-pressed to match the same quality. I ended up getting the Dell U2721DE Ultrasharp when it was on special to go with my 2020 MBP and I think it’s a great pairing (although, strangely it seems to work best when plugged in on the right-hand side). I just tested and the codes above will work to get the same price as before.

      • U2721DE is QHD too, why would it be any better than this one? Ultrasharp Dpi?

        • Probably the main difference is U2721DE is a USB-C hub panel. Not needed by everyone, but this was something that I particularly wanted.

  • So tempting, got S2719DGF, could turn that in to my second monitor and use this a main!

  • +2

    Damn, just ordered without the ECU code. Oh well, still happy overall.

  • +2

    Damn, not much more than my Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD… I'll pretend I didn't see this :p

    • Me too, just got 2 of those viewsonics last week :'(

      • Same! Got one last friday, but bought one of these today too. May use it as a second monitor :P

  • Where did you find the ecu5 code?

    Cashback will be denied. My claim from previous got denied a week or 2 after it tracked. Used odes from previous deals.

  • +1

    Thanks, I was in two minds yesterday but bit the bullet this morning.

    • same, not sure if i'm gonna regret it or not but i bought 2 =/

  • Thanks op, ordered one.

  • +1

    Wow, the true bargain hunter!
    I bought from the other thread, CBF messing around with that order.

  • Hi !
    If my laptop doesnt have DP but has hdmi 2.0 port, so it can be able to 144hz with hdmi 2.0 cable ???
    My lap is 1660ti i7 9750
    Im nub to this …

    • yes

    • AMD says its fully freesync compatible 48-144Hz over HDMI. Pretty sure that would be HDMI 2.0 so it should work fine.

    • Hmmmm it varies SO much from laptop to laptop. What are the specs on the laptop manufacturers website? I know they often don't specifically state this sort of stuff which is very frustrating.

      • U mean my lap specs ?

    • I would be very cautious… I bought 2 vx2758-2kp-mhd and they only do 144hz with DP. When I used HDMI it could only do 60hz. Windows also has to be licensed to enable 144hz

  • +3

    nice find! very tempting but my pocket says no, sadly :(

  • Bought the 32" Dell off ebay last week. Thinking 2 x 27 will work better as most of the usage will be adobe apps.
    Wondering if I can cancel? Hasn't shipped and eta is showing 20th August.

    • If the 32" is 4k, might be worth keeping, otherwise, 2x 27 would be good too.

    • +1

      The 34" U3415W is $859 on the outlet store. Might be something to consider especially if you work with Abobe, the extra real estate makes a huge difference if you want expanded timelines.

    • I regret not getting the 32" from ebay. If you want to ship it to my address I am happy to pay you back!!!!

      I want HDR (for Flight Sim 2020) and the 27" does not have sadly :(

      But seriously though. If you want to do a deal I am keen.

      • I will buy it off you

  • Seems like a great deal - picked one up! Thanks for posting the codes!
    (Note - title says 144Hz - I believe S2721DGF is actually 165Hz?)

    • Apparently 144hz with HDMI and 165hz with DP :)

    • I had ordered one too but just got an email saying that order is delayed by a month and half.. did your get shipped ?

  • I have the G-Sync VN panel version of this monitor. Even that is amazing, so id imagine this one is even better.

  • I have a Dell U2717D, would effectively be a 144hz version of it? Needing at least that level of colour accuracy.

    Trying to find an IPS that has the same colours as the 2717D which I’ve found From experience is a pretty close to match the apple screens. Which I need as I bounce between pc and Mac.

    • Specs show this has 98% DCI-P3, so pretty good colour gamut

  • I have bought 2 x s3220dgf from last ebay deal from dell and it is on the way with the courier. Wondering if it's worth the hassle to cancel and get this one?

    • +1

      Should be free return with eBayPlus and they don't charge a restocking fee on the eBay store

      • Do you know if they do charge a restocking fee on the normal store? I see their policy states that they may charge a restocking fee, but is that often enforced?

        • +1

          Not sure about the normal store, I've only asked the rep on the eBay store

    • Sell me one, or redirect it. I am happy to buy one. I was looking at lunch time, had a meeting and all sold out after I refresh. :(

  • +1

    Holy moly. I've got x2 2414h on my periphery. Resisting the urge to replace them to match my 27GL850. Or should I save up for the G9 instead? Gah.

  • +3

    If only this was 3440 x 1440 not 2560 x 1440

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