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Dell U2721DE 27" QHD IPS 2560x1440 $645.19 (with Coupons) @ Dell Australia


Original Coupon Deal

I can't confirm this for certain as the product seems relatively 'new' and the reviews are light on detail and only seem to start around April 2020 but this monitor appears to be a 'new' version of the well-known and liked U2719D/U2719DC

Here's a tech spec comparison with the U2719DC:

Pic of my shopping cart with the two coupons applied:

Connectivity on the U2721DE appears to be quite good (and improved? over the U2719D/DC):
-DisplayPort (HDCP)
-USB-C upstream/DisplayPort (power up to 65W)
-DisplayPort output (MST)
-2 x USB 3.0 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
-2 x USB 3.0 downstream
-Audio line-out (mini-jack)
-Ethernet (which i'm assuming it passes over USB-C to the connected device like laptop, a nice feature I thought)

Suitable for home office but refresh rate (60Hz) probably not going to suit gamers.

Shopback currently has 10% off on Dell so don't forget to click through from Shopback to bring the total down to $580.

Personally I was looking for q QHD IPS 27" for home office. I started at the U2719DC (which is out of stock at Dell), then I stumbled on good comments here and on other sites about the HP 27n G2 (but the HP lacks USB-C power delivery which I wanted for my laptop). Both of these screens are $630 and $600 cheapest on staticice in NSW. When I found the U2721DE for $580 (after coupons and Shopback) I was happy to buy. I considered something with similar specs but cheaper from the likes of AOC but coming from a U2415 currently I was worried I wouldn't 'like' the AOC.

EDIT: 3:50pm 27/6 - removed Shopback references due to comments in chat; seems like Shopback not possible unless the codes are from the Shopback site. Sorry for the bum steer!

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  • Would this work well with usb c on a 2019 macbook pro?

    • +1

      This article from Dell seems to suggest 'yes'

    • +1

      Yep I use it with a 2017, charges and works fine

    • That’s what I’m hoping, I’ve been keeping my eye on these monitors and glad to see this deal. Grabbed one this evening, should arrive late next week. Thanks OP!

      • I scored an extra $70 cash back on this. The employee benefits program through my work (Reward Gateway) has increased it to 12% for all Dell purchases. Although I wasn’t expecting it to happen because I was using the coupons above, I’ve just checked my balance and it’s come through anyway. Sweet!

        • It's just "tracked" right? Pending not confirmed and available to withdraw.
          Afaik the T&C for rewards are "not work with coupon unless otherwise stated in the offer".

          • @Meovel: Hmmm…good point. I’m just looking in the phone app and it’s showing ‘Balance - available now’ so I’m assuming it’s all good. I guess I’ll know when it’s reconciled at the end of the month. I’ll also take a look on the web site later when I’m using a computer, in case it shows anything different.

            • @Chazzozz: Mind sharing which page of the app shows this info? I played around didn't seem to find one showing Balance - available now :)

            • @Chazzozz: Is it under "My Account - Your confirmed balance - Available to withdraw right now"?

              • @Meovel: Yes, that's the one. I'm looking at it in the Smart Spending phone app. I haven't looked in the full web site yet, so I can't confirm if it's still pending or genuinely available.

                • @Chazzozz: If it's in "Your confirmed balance" section then should be available, all mine were in "Your total balance" which is pending.
                  I'm amazed if it directly goes into your confirmed balance, haven't seen cashback without need for merchant approval. Would be too good to be true :)

      • +13

        I'm a gamer on a 60Hz panel…guess I've been doing it wrong all these years

  • Not eligible for ShopBack as per their T&Cs.

    • Hi please do elaborate; for my sake and others.

      I reviewed the T&C's before my purchase and couldn't find how this would be excluded. I hope I'm not wrong :(

      Here they are:
      Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras

      Terms & Conditions
      ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites)
      Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to Dell every time you are making a new transaction
      Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited

      • You're looking at other T&Cs. Look under 'To ensure your cashback is tracked' - DONT's point 1:
        Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
        Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
        Returns, exchanges & cancellations
        Purchases through the Dell mobile app and Dell Outlet purchases
        Negotiated offers (for example through live chat and the phone)

        $645 is still a good price!

      • on the Apps, it says

        Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by Shopback

        so I think that the cashback may track but won't be approved

        Also, this one is not as good as the S2719DC right?

        • Thanks for all for correcting my mistake re. whether 10% Shopback will work (NO, it appears) and apologies for misleading.
          Removed Shopback references from original deal.
          Thank you.

        • This is an ultrasharp which is a higher tier than the S series.

          • @Circly: The other one just lack the stand but has hdr600 though

  • Will cash back work for these two codes?

    • +5

      It will track but will be declined as the codes aren't listed on the SB/CR website

  • +1

    Just got a U2720Q for office use - USB-C and 4K.
    I would prefer this U2721DE to that 4K one. QHD is good enough for a 27" monitor, while not putting too much pressure on computer.
    USB-C is great - now my desk has only two cables.

    • +2

      USB-C is great for office use, but any gamers wanting higher refresh rate stuff reading this comment should stick with DP. USB-C is typically limited to 60hz.

    • How do you find the resolution at 27”? I got a 32” 4K recently (Benq EW3270U) and finding the color shifting on the panel that big a bit distracting..

      • +1

        4K at 100% scaling on a 27" is too small to read anything. Windows defaults to 150% scaling which is good.

    • Do you see darkness around the corners of the monitor. It's an issue on U2719DC.

      • No, but brightness at the centre of the monitor. When the room is dark, screen's brightness is at 0, and the screen has a grey/black background, I could see that the centre area is noticeably brighter than the rest of the screen. It looks like having a bright LED behind it.
        I didn't have that issue with my U2417H

    • hi mate how does USB C cut your cables down to 2?

      • Power cable for the monitor?

      • It's one power cable for the monitor, and one USB-C cable which handles both video signal as well as power supply for the laptop.
        Technically with this monitor you don't need a separate docking station (one of the things Dell is selling for around $400) anymore.

  • I picked up a U2520D 25” QHD USB-C for $491

    A decent buy for anyone on a tighter budget

    • +1

      wow RJ45 too.

      • No RJ45, need suffix E to have

  • +1

    My Ultrasharp 2407 from 2007 is still going strong! Can't believe it's been 13years.. would have upgraded to this if it was better than 60hz.

    • Still running the Ultrasharp U2707 here, now on the kids' computer. Looks as good as day one.

      Replaced with U2715 which was a very nice upgrade.

    • Me too! It's be an amazingly reliable workhorse of a monitor. I got mine in a group buy deal on Whirlpool I think?

  • I need a second U2719DC - this looks identical, can anyone confirm?

  • I'm looking for a second 27" Dell to pair with my U2713HM.
    Will this one work?

  • -3

    This monitor will cost me more than my whole week of salary :( (jobseeker)

    • +4

      Everyone here makes $250k+ pa. I just stick to the 50% off food deals on here.

      • +1

        I spend money like I make $250k a year… sadly I do not. Do keep the local post office guys in a job.

    • Must you shit post on every thread? Your post history suggest you can't help yourself.

        • +4

          Mallard's reply is against Homr not yours. Maybe

          You need to start laughing and stop feeling like everyone is giving you sour lemons to suck on

  • Thanks OP!
    First available on 31 May 2020

  • +1

    Anyone able to find an estimate for shipping time to Melbourne?

    • +1

      Bought the Alienware 25, got it in 2 days

  • This or a new bicycle……

    • Very few opportunities to do PC gaming in the great outdoors.

      That settles most dilemmas of whether to leave the house, for me.

  • 4Y Premium Panel with Advanced Exchange Service

    Worth paying $76 for the extended warranty though?

    I haven't had any monitors fail on me……

    edit: $63 after discounts

    • Not worth it for me. $63 for 1 extra year.

      • iS it 3 years by default now?

  • Does that mean it has got a docking station built in? Can you plug a 2nd monitor on it?

  • U2719DC panel is shit, it looks good when you sit like 1.5 meters away from it, any closer you start to notice the grains on the screen which makes anything in white looks dirty, the darkness around the corners, and the uneven uniformity.

    • You mean the backlight is uneven? Thanks was wanting to replace my current monitors as i feel the white is uneven.

  • if 27' QHD with 144hz IPS will be good, but this one is only 60-75hz, too expensive.

    • +1

      this is not really for gaming


    kogan ips 75hz QHD 27' only 299, Dell is a better brand, but double the price?

    LG,ASUS ips 144hz QHD 27' gaming monitor is around $600 every now and then.

    • +1

      Yeah but no pivot, not height adjustable, no usb-c

      Really depends what you're buying it for and what your use case is, usb-c, pivot, height adjustable stand, dell premium warranty will be worth it for some over say free-sync.

      • +1

        But the LG he's referring to the LG 27GL850 does have USB-C, does have pivot and is height adjustable. I've got one sitting on my desk now.

        • I was clearly commenting on the Kogan that Simonlee references, specifically links to and comments on being half the price, not some non-descript LG/Asus which may or may not be around the $600 mark.

        • +1

          Does the LG also charge the laptop via usb-c?

      • yes, the features you mentioned are good. But not worth extra $300, in my opinion $150 tops. If this Dell was around $450, it would be a good deal.

        For $600+, I would be looking at IPS, 2K, 27'/32', 120hz+, plus some small features like usb-c, height adj, pivot etc.

  • Does it support daisy chain?

    • Ok the video suggests support daisy chain.
      According to the referenced displayspec, U2721DE with HDCP 1.4 while U2919DC with HDCP 2.2?

  • Would this be ok for casual gaming?

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