Dell U2721DE 27" QHD IPS 2560x1440 $645 (with Coupons) @ Dell Australia


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I can't confirm this for certain as the product seems relatively 'new' and the reviews are light on detail and only seem to start around April 2020 but this monitor appears to be a 'new' version of the well-known and liked U2719D/U2719DC

Here's a tech spec comparison with the U2719DC:

Pic of my shopping cart with the two coupons applied:

Connectivity on the U2721DE appears to be quite good (and improved? over the U2719D/DC):
-DisplayPort (HDCP)
-USB-C upstream/DisplayPort (power up to 65W)
-DisplayPort output (MST)
-2 x USB 3.0 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
-2 x USB 3.0 downstream
-Audio line-out (mini-jack)
-Ethernet (which i'm assuming it passes over USB-C to the connected device like laptop, a nice feature I thought)

Suitable for home office but refresh rate (60Hz) probably not going to suit gamers.

Shopback currently has 10% off on Dell so don't forget to click through from Shopback to bring the total down to $580.

Personally I was looking for q QHD IPS 27" for home office. I started at the U2719DC (which is out of stock at Dell), then I stumbled on good comments here and on other sites about the HP 27n G2 (but the HP lacks USB-C power delivery which I wanted for my laptop). Both of these screens are $630 and $600 cheapest on staticice in NSW. When I found the U2721DE for $580 (after coupons and Shopback) I was happy to buy. I considered something with similar specs but cheaper from the likes of AOC but coming from a U2415 currently I was worried I wouldn't 'like' the AOC.

EDIT: 3:50pm 27/6 - removed Shopback references due to comments in chat; seems like Shopback not possible unless the codes are from the Shopback site. Sorry for the bum steer!

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