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Kogan 27" QHD IPS 75Hz FreeSync Monitor (2560 x 1440) $299 Delivered @ Kogan


$30 cheaper than the last deal and now with free shipping also.

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  • FWIW I had a 1080p TN 144hz Kogan monitor that did me greatly for a while. I think after a year or so it started to get really bad backlight bleed and so I returned it and bought an LG ultrawide.

    Now I'm running that ultrawide still but also a Samsung VA 1440p 144hz, otherwise I would jump on this. IPS would be very nice although I do really like my 1440p144 VA

    • How can you return a product after a year due to something that is very common for monitors?

      • I messaged support, sent some pics and they said I could return it. So, luck, I guess?

        • I guess, I should do the same with Amazon. My monitor has backlight bleed in a corner and bad gray uniformity. Sadly, they don't have my monitor anymore in stock and in general monitor availability is quite bad these days due to COVID-19, so if I return it I am without a monitor.

      • +5 votes

        Common just means they have to replace more, it does not mean its acceptable.

      • What does owning it for a year have to do with it having a defect?

        • I read a lot of people saying they were unable to apply warranty, because it is considered normal. Of course, it depends how extreme backlight bleed is.

      • Warranty?

    • Sorry for sounding ignorant, but I thought only IPS panels got backlight bleed commonly referred to as IPS glow?

    • Are the LG monitors more reliable? Which brands are the most reliable?

  • Thinking of this for WFH office work. Is it worth getting a curved one?

    • Curved monitors don't make much sense unless it is a very large or an ultrawide monitor, in the 30+ inch range.
      Curve also mitigates the color shift from lower quality VA panels (due to lower viewing angles) but on a 27" IPS display, that's not really neccessary.

    • I have both 32" curved and 27" flat 1440p at home. I prefer the flat for WFH purposes.

  • Does anyone know when this model was released? It scares me that it has a VGA port, most modern QHD monitors won’t have this.

    This is certainly cheap compared to brand name monitors with the same resolution, but I’m hesitant due to it being Kogan.

    • …It scares me that it has a VGA port

      Why? Does it really matter?

      • A VGA port screams out "old technology" to me and doesn't represent a modern monitor. Hence I'm wondering when the model was released.
        Not to mention that you would be crazy to connect to this monitor with VGA, because you will never achieve 1440p resolution with it. If you want to use VGA, you would by a cheaper, lower resolution monitor.

    • The freeSync almost cancels out the “old technology” smell of the VGA!

    • At the minimum you ll lose quality because of the double signal conversion digital-analog-digital. Some people don t care/can t see the difference.

  • Anyone know if this has vesa mounting? It doesn't say on the page anywhere it does but then under the description it says "need a wallmount buy it here".

    Lose yourself in the ultra-smooth and bezel-less performance of this stunning frameless monitor, providing an expansive platform that takes your work and gaming to the next level.

    Stunning 27” bezel-less design with QHD 2560 × 1440
    Up to 16.7 million display colours
    Rapid 75Hz refresh rate
    Eliminate tearing and stuttering with FreeSync
    Need a wall mount? Shop the range here

    • From the look of the back of the screen it looks like it. 4 holes on the back is usually a sign of vesa

    • Does look like it has one from the picture.

      Edit: Ahh I see it now. But weird placement for it.

      • Perhaps the bulk of the weight is near the bottom of the monitor, hence the requirement for stronger support there.

      • If you look at the side profile, the monitor is very thin. Cant put screws through the screen.

    • VESA mounting instructions in the User Manual. https://help.kogan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040756174

    • but then under the description it says "need a wallmount buy it here".

      What's wrong with that? You can buy a wall mount to mount via VESA bracket…

    • It says wall mount (75x75) under Specifications - Dimensions. The position of the screw holes looks worrying though, normally they're in the middle of the back panel. Would the position on this create any issues with balancing the weight?

      • Have a look at the side profile of this monitor, with how thin it is, putting a vesa mount through the middle would put screws through your screen.

      • balancing the weight

        It's being attached with screws not balanced.

    • It does and it's a great mounting point, lower on the monitor. Some monitors have their VESA mount in the middle and it's horrible if you want to get your monitor at eye level using most arms.

  • I despise everything branded Kogan.

    • I got an $18 kogan powerbank, PD, USB-C, 18W fast charge
      I find that to be really good
      Apart from that, I dunno about Kogan lol

  • So tempted… but is 75Hz enough? Probably.

    • If you're playing FPS-type games where you need super refresh rates, AND have the hardware to drive it at 1440p 144Hz, then maybe not.

      Otherwise, 75Hz is fine.

      • Yeah I play FPSs but with graphics maxed so <100fps (@1200p)

        • I play Siege and I don't feel disadvantaged at all when playing, in fact 75hz is still higher than 60hz which more than 50% of PC gamers have.

    • 75Hz is 25% more than 60Hz. Could also try overclocking the monitor if you wanted.

      • Yeah its not much of a gain is it. But I've tried that and couldnt get above 65Hz. This also has the dvantage of freesync (I assume between ~40-75fps).

        • Im just deciding whether to EOFY this or not as I've been using TN panels so far. But not quite future proofing without USB-C

      • Good luck with an LG monitor. I tried but they have a soft block past stock refresh rate, I managed to tighten the monitor's timings a ton meaning I could achieve 85hz with stock pixel clock but they put an "Out of Range" overlay on some, and for me it completely blocks everything.

  • I have this monitor. I had low expectations, after I bought it and someone pointed out the slow response time. Have been playing borderlands 3 and apex legends and I have to say I love it. Can't go wrong for $300

  • My 21" BenQ is now 13 year old and still works, will this one last that long?

  • Would be perfect for a second monitor for work purposes. Got a Acer Nitro for gaming.

  • For lower refresh rate (60-75), I would go for 4K, otherwise go for 144Hz at 1440.

    • For lower refresh rate (60-75), I would go for 4K, otherwise go for 144Hz at 1440.

      I regret buying 4K monitors almost every day. At around 27-32", you need probably ~150% scaling for it to be usable. Honestly, scaling in Windows still sucks with many apps not supporting it properly.

      • My laptop is MSI 3K, scaled at 150%.
        Most apps I use it looks alright.
        Some older legacy apps won't support the scaling however.

        But the higher resolution does look real nice.

        • My laptop is MSI 3K, scaled at 150%.

          You sit around 3 times further away from a big 27-28" monitor vs. a laptop, so the pixel density can be up to 9 times less without any perceivable difference.

      • I have a Dell U3011, going on 9 years.
        30 inch 16:10 ratio, 2560x1600 and IPS, and literally every kind of input there is (vga, Dp, hdmi, dvi, and component)

        The backlight is starting to dim a bit, it will be a sad day when it dies.

        The modern version is the Dell UP3017, and costs around $1800, I think I paid $1200 for mine.

  • 14ms response time. holy. I'm just gonna walk away quietly now.

  • remember to use the targeted $20 off voucher from Citi if you got.

  • I bought these monitors before the freeshipping; I can vouch that they are good monitors (I bought two for dual screen at home).
    Another nice piece is they both just slip under the $300 threshold for tax time.

    • Would you say they'd be o.k. for sometimes video/photo editing? (i.e. somewhat decent color accuracy…)

      • I would say yes. They are a Kogan product however; if this is your professional gig I'd reccomend the best you can buy, but for a hobbyist, the colour display is good.

  • Just noticed you could also get it at the start of this month for the same price delivered with Kogan First trial. Give us some real EOFY deals Kogan!
    Passing as I have durability concerns with unbranded monitors.

  • for $100 more you can get Acer 28" and full 4k UHD (3840x2160) delivered. See officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/acer-28-4k...

  • Can I cast YouTube from my phone to this monitor?

  • What about this puppy for $389.00: ViewSonic VX3276-2K 32inch WQHD IPS Monitor, 2560x1440, 4ms, 1200:1 Contrast, 2x HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2a, Mini DP, Speaker, Tilt, VESA, Ultra-Slim Frameless Design https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Monitors/25plus-inch/727...

    • 60Hz vs 75Hz here if it really matters.

    • I have this Viewsonic monitor, and I really like it. I wanted a larger screen but didn't want 4K, nor spend a fortune. It's great to be able to use Excel on the wider screen and without zooming in! I do game on it (RTS and FPS) with no complaints about the colours or picture, but if you're fussy about refresh rate, it's probably not the best choice.

      Only genuine complaint I have is that mine started occasionally going black (without turning off). Eventually confirmed it's the monitor, not a cable or graphics card issue, so I'm in the process of getting it picked up to be inspected for repair/replacement.

  • With HDMI 1.4, and this line here

    FreeSync: Yes, HDMI: 60Hz | DP: 75Hz

    Does this mean it can only do [email protected] on HDMI, or is this only with freesync as well? I noticed that there is no included displayport cable. If so, would a hdmi 2.0 to displayport cable be able to display the 75Hz?

  • Pricehipster tells me history low was $249.

  • Anyone know if this is G-sync compatible?

  • Wouldn't you be better off geting the 32" for $359 with free shipping? Am I missing something? Obviously the <$300 immediate tax write off is lost, but - other than that, it seems a better deal overall.


    • Not really. It depends if you prefer larger size or higher ppi (personally I would choose 1440p at 27” over 32” every day of the week!).

      If you just want a bigger screen / lower ppi, then yes, you might prefer the 32”.

      (Not to mention the $300 instant write off)

      At 32”, I would want 4K (ppi a bit TOO high, so I would probably use some amount of scaling to get it back down to 110-120ppi).

      • Thanks for explaining it. Seems like things were a lot simpler beck in the old days of "do you want VGA or SVGA?"

        I've got a Surface Pro 3 that's been on the shelf for years because it's so unreliable. My replacement laptop is running ubuntu and it's great but I'm going to do some online study soon and having a Windows box will help. Hence, I've decided to solve the Surface problems of the rubbish keyboard, cracked screen, rubbish mouse and flaky audio by using the docking station permanently and setting it up as a defacto desktop.

        I won't be gaming on this system, so my use case will be browsing, studying, office stuff, YouTube / video and the like. I recently had to get reading glasses and want to get the best outcome where stuff is easily readable and isn't jarring on the eyes.

        My last desktop was 10+ years ago, but I had dual screens and loved it and I'll probably do that again.

        So, given all of this - the 27" or the 32"? From what you've explained already, I'm thinking 2 x 27", bought separately, would be the way to go. Does that sound reasonable?

        Cheers for your input too, I appreciate it.