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TP-Link Deco M5 3-Pack Mesh Wi-Fi System $180 + $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


The TP-Link 3-Pack Deco M5 AC1300 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System offers fast connection speeds of up to 1267Mbps with optimum stability for up to 100 devices, making it a practical choice as a busy networks centrepiece.

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    Just bought it from ebay at $243,,,but I don't have the TGG commercial access anyway.
    It is definitely a bargain for $188 including delivery!

    • is the 3 mesh pack any good?

      does it have VLAN as TPG, internode and iinet needs them for internet

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        I have a set of these with IINET and all works perfectly.

        • So you plug it from the nbn box and ready to use? No other routers required?

          • @Poor Ass: You plug it in the nbn router box (I assume the nbn box has built in router ) with a LAN cable, download the app on your phone and follow pairing instructions , super easy and simple. The other ones you just position them in the house where you want them, open the app again and follow setup instructions. All done in less than 10 mins. I was quite impressed.

            • @Omarko: The NBN connection device is a bridged modem and it doesn't have a built in router. The Deco is a router.

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        The Deco M5 has VLAN

      • they're awesome. no more dead spots around the house(double storey) - consistent 100mpbs ! i was planning on hard wiring the rooms so already bought a switch and some cables. but now I probably don't need to.

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        It has vlan.
        They are now pretty good after I update the firmware to the latest.
        The signal strength may not be full bars if you have a couple of walls between each device.
        But somehow they can give you nearly full speed, around 97 Mbps(my NBN is 100/20).

        The WebUI is rubbish comparing with its mobile app.
        Another downside is that it only supports Alexa for smart integration and their service agreement with IFTTT just finished on 31/07.
        Not sure how to schedule reboots or the firmware updates for the routers during the night.

        • Thanks for the heads up about the firmware update!

        • You can't schedule reboots or set an auto firmware time yet. Reboot manually or use a smart power plug.

      • +1

        I have the 2 pack and using it with TPG, yes it has VLAN. Speeds are great in all rooms.

        I hate the App and Web management interface but you dont really need to use it after setup.

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      I got it last week for about $260 at Bunnings! Great piece of kit though, wish I had upgraded to mesh earlier.

  • Really have to get access to GG Commercial

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    Cheap, now I am really glad I sign up G'day rewards.

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    That is a CRAZY Price

  • How do you get a commercial account?

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    Anyone have experience with this? My parents have FTTN (so have an existing modem/router and phone line) but need more range in their Wi-Fi system.
    I am a bit of a noob with this. Does this plug into their existing modem or replace their modem? And how would they set it up?

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      I have FTTN and set these up recently. I have the nf18acv modem and can help you out if it's the same modem/router.. otherwise wouldn't be too confident.

      Basically you turn off the wifi in your modem/router and then one of these plugs into the first ethernet port, and then you can place the others elsewhere.

      • Is it better to have it plugged into the modem/router or use it as a standalone?

        • Plugged in modem so if anything wrong from isp they can do remote checking in modem. If you are pro then can replace modem & use it but for noobs connect after modem.

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          I don't think stand alone is an option with FTTN.

        • Ah ok makes sense, I'm on FTTP - just curious if it affects the speeds in any way?

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          Hook up the Deco into the NBN NTD.

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      I have them set up on my HFC connection (one unit plugged directly into the modem via ethernet and replaced my existing router) and it was incredibly easy. Plug and play really. I've staggered them down from one end of the house to the other, and now I get great speeds at the other end of the house (previously, the connection would drop in and out intermittently and I wasn't able to stream in certain rooms).

      • I'm gonna give them a go! Hopefully they'll do what they need them to do.

        Thanks guys!

        PS. If you're a noob like me with this stuff, there are a lot of good YouTube vids explaining how to install them and reviews. Seems easy as!

        • +2

          its super easy to get it basically working.. like getting devices connected to the internet etc.

          but if you need a single network, e.g. for file sharing, printer sharing, plex, etc then you need to set your modem to bridge mode and theres a few more steps.

    • Deco doesn't replace their FTTN modem. Take an ethernet cable from 1 of the Deco and plug it to the LAN port on the FTTN modem.

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    Need tgg membership :(

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    done I was bummed when I missed the $215 open box special now im happy

  • Is it better than my current asus rt-ac68u that I bought from Amazon us? Currently wifi is really bad to my granny flat on the back yard.

    • +1

      This is the best you can get right now, especially for this no brainer price.

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        Just buy another aimesh device and pair them up. I use 2x AC67U, excellent mesh with full router capability.

        • Do you need to connect the other router to a lan port to configure Aimesh? I also have rt-ac68u and looking for the cheapest asus router with Aimesh support.

          • +1

            @johnyBgood: No. Your current AC68U will be acting as the router/main node in the mesh network. Any additional ones will tag on as satellite for additional wifi coverage. (similar to a range extender, but at full speed and utilising either lan cable/2.4/5.0 whichever the system determined to the best connection.

            I set all devices to connect via 2.4 and using 5.0 80mhz as the dedicated AiMesh channel.

            Used ones (AC68U, Blue Cave) are cir $100-120 on gumtree. I believe Asus started rolling out AiMesh on some cheaper routers AC66U B1, AC59U V2 - lower speed to AC68/67U.

            • @keyboardwarrior: Thanks mate, can you use the lan ports in the secondary node with normal speed? Planning to connect my nas into the 2nd mesh via its lan port if possible as I don't have wired connection in this room.

              • @johnyBgood: Yes. node lan port will be at full speed. but overall limited to whatever connection is used by the node to communicate with the main node.

                I find hanging on the wall, just under the ceiling to work best for plasterboard walls.

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    The Deco M9 dual pack is also available for $240.
    AC2200 vs AC1300 on this one and with 1 less unit.

    For smaller households maybe.

    Netgear Orbi RBK20 available for $248

    • I got the orbi RBK20 it just arrived this week. Happy with it so far but still wrestling with trying to get router mode to work with TPG HFC

      • How do you have everything connected?

        Have you configured the VLAN 802.11q?

    • tempting.

      my current router is needing daily reboots but was trying to stagger along till WiFi 6 & ax options came down in price a bit but might just bite the bullet

    • @ahara Does the Deco M9 come in 3 pack with TGG Commercial?

      • +1

        Just see the two pack version

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    Too many requests, can't do more

  • how can i get access to GGC? damn it's necessary

  • How does it compare to google nest deal?

    • +3

      Deco M5 has 2 auto sensing WAN/LAN for a total of 6.
      Deco M5 is AC1300.
      WPA2 security.
      Firmware updates less often.
      More in depth parental controls by Trend Micro with a 3 year free trial and after there are monthly fees.
      Amazon Alexa.
      VLAN 802.1q support.

      Nest wifi router has 2 auto sensing WAN/LAN and Nest wifi point has none WAN/LAN.
      Nest wifi router is AC2200 and Nest wifi point is AC1200.
      WPA3 security if your device supports it.
      Firmware updates more often.
      Free parental controls forever.
      Nest mini with Google Assistant built in to the Nest wifi point.
      No VLAN 802.1q support.

  • +1

    Those that already have the Deco m5 / m9, are the added features antivirus security, parental control, qos working well ? What happens after 3 yrs ? Any experience?

    • I want to know this too. What is the cost of Trend Micro security after the 3 years? Can't find it anywhere

    • I’ve been using these things for about 1 to 2 years and the Trendmicro security options are either, turn off or on. No ability to customise whitelists, rules etc and the reporting is really basic (hopeless really). On another note, if you are going to use Ethernet backbone, then read the online forums on how to do this and pay attention to comments on using network switches on your backbone, some are not compatible.

    • +1

      I have the 2 pack, I have no idea if I am even using these services or not. One of the feature I use regularly is to blacklist the Ipad so that the internet stops working on the Ipad and then my kid goes to bed.

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    Happy to help those in Melb… Seems like no c&c options available so needs to be delivered. PM me.

    • Much appreciated, pm send :)

    • PM sent, cheers mate!

    • PM sent cheers

    • PM sent

    • This product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale.

  • How does this compare to the Tenda Nova MW3?

    • +1

      Deco M5 comes with a beefier CPU & more RAM to handle more connected devices at one time & has more powerful wifi radios. Who is your ISP?

      Deco M5
      1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.
      Quad-core processor @ 638MHz & 256MB of RAM.
      Dual band AC1300 with 4 antennas on each node.
      VLAN 802.1q support.

      Nova MW3
      100 Mbps WAN & LAN.
      Single-core processor @ 600MHz & 64MB of RAM.
      Dual band AC1200 with 2 antennas on each node.
      No VLAN 802.1q support.

      • Hi my ISP is Aussie Broadband ! Thank you so much

        • +1

          Both are suitable for Aussie BB.

          • +1

            @Twix: Does the Deco M5 work on Exetel FTTC? Do I go NBN NCD->M5 and ditch the crappy ZTE modem they supplied?

            • +1

              @Fairmont: Yep that's all right for FTTC Exetel.

              • @Twix: Sorry can I connect NBN box -> Deco and get rid of the Exetel ZTE device?

                • +1

                  @Fairmont: Yep NBN connection device to Deco router. ZTE router is not required.

  • How does one become a TGG commercial member?

  • Any advantage to replace a Nighthawk R7000 ?

    • Better wifi range. Apart from that no.

  • +1

    Bunnings did not price match. Is this correct? They told that's not retail price.

    • +2

      This isn’t available to the public - it requires membership - so that’s why they won’t.

  • Nice deal. Managed to snag. Thanks OP.

  • Got order shipped email already, with consignment number.

  • This or the m9 2 pack for 249?

    • if you are a lite user, go for this.

    • I would go for the M9 for faster speed

      Depending on your house size it I got a m5 2pack and the wifi is full strength throughout (Initially thought I would need 3 pack) but with these you can add them later

      So m9

  • This or 2 Deco M9s?

    • +2

      Positives of M9 over M5:
      - dedicated channel for mesh connectivity (when not connected via Ethernet/not daisy-chained)
      - Higher capacity on 2.4Ghz channel (400mbps vs 300mbps)
      - USB port (reserved)

      - one less device included in pack (2 vs 3)
      - more expensive

    • M5.
      Dual band AC1300 with 4 antennas on each node.
      Quad-core processor @ 638MHz & 256MB of RAM.

      Tri band AC2200 with 8 antennas on each node and bigger wifi range even with 2 Decos.
      Quad-core processor @ 717MHz & 512MB of RAM.

  • Ah so this one isn’t a modem too. May cancel my order. Seems overkill for my 2 bed apartment just need a better modem.

    • Are you on FTTN or FTTB?

      This is just a router.

      • FTTB I think?

        • Deco is compatible if you connect it to your VDSL modem.

          If you just want 1 device replace the VDSL modem.

          • @Twix: Ah ok so I need something else. I’m ok with computers and tech as a whole but hot damn this confuses me. Does google nest have a modem?

            • @cc23: Nope Nest wifi is a router. Double check if FTTB for me here

              • @Twix: Yep I’m FTTB just checked

                • @cc23: Look up the TP-Link Archer models.

                  Asus DSL models don't have the best VDSL chip in them and can have slower sync speed.

            • +1

              @cc23: For a two bed apartment just get a second hand asus xDSL modem. I'm using the dsl-ac68u, but a dsl-ac55u works great and is much cheaper.