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TP-Link Deco M5 3-Pack Mesh Wi-Fi System $180 + $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


The TP-Link 3-Pack Deco M5 AC1300 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System offers fast connection speeds of up to 1267Mbps with optimum stability for up to 100 devices, making it a practical choice as a busy networks centrepiece.

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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              • @neilpatrickharris: Thanks for that, the ac68u is $214 at Amazon which seems an alright price.

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                  @cc23: You’re looking at the router version. The prefix RT means just router. If you want both modem router you need to find the model with the prefix DSL. I.e. DSL-AC68U

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                  @Twix: ARTICLE 120 A Bro always calls another Bro by his last name. Stinson out!

  • Is it worth buying these just to use them as access points?
    I currently have my server running a pfsense VM, which is connected to my modem/router but I have to worry about double NAT. I am hoping to get rid of the double NAT by turning my modem/router into bridge mode and using these M5's as access points for pfsense.

    • Yep you can put Deco in as access points.

      • going to sound dumb, but atleast one of these needs to be wired into the modern right? Can't just all act as wireless APs

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          1 has to be wired to the modem or NBN connection device. The 2nd and 3rd can be wireless or wired.

          • @Twix: hmmm okay that sucks. need a 4 pack. damn NBN contractors picked a basement phone port as the connection point…

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              @shadow131: You can get the 3 pk from TGG and a 1 pk elsewhere.

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            @Twix: Thanks for the response tho!

  • Is there anyway to work around the sing up for a TGG Commercial? Or can I sign up for free?
    My parents were asking for a new router and this seems better deal than the dual Nest at $299 from BingLee

  • I regret I bought a couple of Ruckus AP. Should have bought this one.

  • Anyone with GGC can you please tell me what the cost of the Bissel Crosswave Cordless Max (2765F) is worth on GGC? I have just applied for a membership not sure how long it will take.

    • Bissel Crosswave Cordless Max - $457.00

      • Thank you

    • Looks like different memberships maybe see little bit different price.

      I can see the Bissel Crosswave Cordless Max (2765F) for $438.00

      • Interesting. I still haven't received my membership. I applied yesterday. How long does it take? I'm hoping my local store doesn't sell out before I get access.

      • Just out of interest how did you get your membership?

  • Would this be good for wireless Oculus Quest via Virtual Desktop? Anyone in the know with this stuff?

  • Does anyone know if this is M5 V1 or M5 V2?

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      Version 3.

      • Thanks.

  • How does this compare to say the Google Nest product? Thoughts?

  • This or my current google Wifi mesh? 1000/50 ABB connection FTTP

  • How does this compare to the Deco M4 ($120 / 2 packs)? For a 3 bedroom small house should I spend the extra $60 and get the M5 3 pack?

  • This product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale.

  • Is anyone still able to access this deal?
    I was hoping to buy but can't see it

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    Item no longer available :( dead link now

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    Hey can anyone comment on this M5 or M9 versus the wifi 6?? @Twix - nice little analyses

    • Deco X20, Deco X60 or wifi 6 in general?

      • just out of curiosity what's the x20 2pack go for via commercial site?

        • I'm not sure.

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      • WiFi 6 in general but was looking at the x20. Vs m9 for the zigbee as I have a hue bridge. Or is it unnecessary?

  • I'm in an apartment on level 1 with NBN FTTP. My current RT-AC68U provides decent coverage for the unit and I can just get a signal on 2.4Ghz on the ground level but it's spotty. I want to improve the ground level signal. Will this work if I plug one to the router and put another one on the ground level?

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      Yep setup the Decos as access points.

      • Thanks. And sorry for these noob questions coming up. I can't use them all as access points right? One has to be connected to the router via ethernet? Does the Asus remain as my main router?

        Also they have the X20 2 pack for $270. Seems worth the extra over the M9, is there any disadvantage to the X20?

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          After a quick search on google it seems most people recommended the M9 over the x20 when they are a similar price.-


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            @videoman: Great pickup video man, looks like the main difference depends on if you can connect all the access points to ethernet or not. If you can't then the M9 is better as it has a band dedicated to backhaul so there won't be more latency hops.

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          1 Deco has to be wired via ethernet to the Asus router or straight to the NBN connection device. The 2nd and 3rd Decos can be wireless or wired.

          Do you want to use the Asus or Deco as your router?

          • @Twix: I'm happy with the Asus as the router atm…I would probably want to keep it as the router as it has more ethernet ports (I have a HDHomerun and my NAS connected to it via ethernet, may want to connect another router to broadcast a permanent VPN wifi). I don't have a wired network in the unit it's all wifi. My main aim/reason I'm looking into the Deco is to provide better wifi coverage to the ground level where it barely reaches atm.

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              @sav11: Maybe get another compatible Asus mesh router.

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                @Twix: Thanks didn't even think of that LOL. Will look into an upgraded Asus router to use as the main one and re-purpose the AC68U as the mesh access point.

                As you seem to have knowledge in these matters would you happen to know what is a decent Asus router to buy atm?

                • @sav11: How much do you want to spend?

                  Wifi 5 or 6?

                  • @Twix: Seems to make sense to get wifi 6 for future proofing? I'm willing to spend more for that and better range/speed, more ethernet ports, useful features. But not go nuts and I don't need any 'gaming router' etc.

                    • @sav11: Wifi 6e routers might show up early 2021. You can read about wifi 6e benefits here

                      Asus RT-AX3000 would be my pick.

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                        @Twix: Yep I was just looking at the RT-AX3000.

                        Thanks for your help and the link. Always a problem with tech whether to wait for the next thing coming out soon or buy now.

                        • @sav11: Yep that's assuming no delays.

        • Does your Asus support AiMesh? If yes, buy another AiMesh router.

  • Anybody received theirs yet? I elected to click and collect from my local store but haven't heard back after the initial order confirmation.

    • Mine was dispatched same day but Auspost is slow here in Melbourne so it's still being processed at the facility apparently.

    • I'm in same boat. Opted for click and collect as local store showed stock now my order status is stuck in backorder. I'm ok to wait a little while for it but am a little worried it will get cancelled.

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        I called my store and they just said it was still on backorder. They never mentioned anything about cancellation, fingers crossed.

        • Got mine today had no indication it was coming then a sudden ready to pickup email

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    Received mine today @ Mel, should’ve chosen click n collect rather than shipping, auspost driver left a card even I was home.

    The M5 works like a champ, covers the whole house including front & backyard, no more dead spots, and able to receive full network speed, 50mbps in my case.

    Thanks OP!

  • It ran out of stock before my TGG commercial account got activated. Anyone had luck requesting back orders?

    • When I called to follow up my M9 order I asked about the M5 also as my parents need an upgrade. They said they have more stock on order and will be back online soon. It is still showing on their retail site so maybe stock isn't far away.

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    Ordered one on 21/8 called up today to see where they are at and they haven't even prepared it and it's in stock. Now have to wait another week.

    They just ship it from your local store not from a centralised warehouse.

    If you haven't got your order don't be afraid to call up

    • got mine today finally

      • Nice. When you make the order?

        • Not long after the post went up (maybe 2 hrs) but still got backordered like they fulfilled postage purchases first.