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Intel NUC Mini PC i7-8705G with RX Vega M GL Graphics $1299 (Was $2199) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Seems like a good price. Static Ice Link

Core i7-8705G processor with Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics (Between GTX 1050 and 1050ti)
16GB DDR4 memory

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  • Didn't intel/amd stop updating the graphics drivers for this?

  • Someone tried to charge $2200 for a NUC!?

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    How well do you reckon this would perform with modern games?

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • If you google "RX Vega M GL" and search for images tagged with it, you'll see performance graphs.

      To say the least it is about as good as a GTX 1050 Ti. That's a last generation 2017 mid-range GPU which is only good for 1080p gaming and it's probably lacking Oomph for newer games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

      Remember with NUC you pay the premium for the fits-on-the-palm of your hand form factor. You are not paying for the performance.

    • I currently use it to play Fall Guys in the living room. Absolutely no problem running it.

    • Will it run Windows Defender?

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      heeey i have this exact NUC and there is a huge lack of info on it online so i made an account to give people some help. I have 16GB of RAM and an SSD.

      Firstly, it is not as powerful as a GTX 1050. That image online is comparing it to the mobile version of the GTX 1050.

      Here are some FPS of popular games that I play very regularly, all at 1080p:

      Valorant (Medium): 144 fps+
      CSGO (Medium): 144 fps+
      League of Legends (Max): 200 fps+
      Overwatch (High): 100 fps+

      Older games and other esports titles all run very smoothly (Fall guys, Garry's Mod, Grid, F1 2019, Mortal Kombat 11, Portal 2, Risk of Rain 2, Total War Shogun 2, Hearthstone, Minecraft)

      Newer titles will seriously make this thing struggle though. Do not buy this if you want to play the latest titles. Two examples that I play:
      Total War Warhammer 2 (Medium): <60 fps
      Total War: Troy (Medium): 60 fps

      I want to point out that in benchmarking my system, the processor is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the graphics card (in terms of percentiles vs other systems). The processor benchmarks around an i5-6600 (better than the average system), while the graphics benchmarks somewhere a bit worse than a GTX 950 (Bottom 30th percentile). This is why the e-sports titles get such great FPS with this machine, but modern titles run quite poorly.

      The cons of this machine are quite simple: you can get a system that could trounce this thing at $1300-$1400. We are talking about 2-3x the performance. I would think carefully about this system because of this point. And just FYI this bundle defs doesn't retail anywhere close to $2199.

      However, if you don't like having a 40L metal box next to your desk then this is a super compact and very nice machine!

    • Here's a quick timespy comparison I did with my HVK unit (i7-8809G w/ Vega M GH); One as stand alone, along with one with a RX 5600 XT + Razer core eGPU:


      For reference to other lower end builds - RX 570 + Ryzen 5 2400g, and GTX 1050ti + i7-4770

  • This use to be my daily driver it was solid until I upgraded my machine. It's now repurposed as my Proxmox hypervisor and it's doing a stellar job.

    • How was it for gaming?

      • I have the i7-8809G variant so I'm not too sure. The i7-8809G did surprisingly well for the games that I was playing like Rocket League and the occasional Witcher 3. This wasn't my main gaming rig though, I have a proper desktop for that. This machine was mainly used for my day job compiling software. The 2 nvme slots is pretty nifty selling point and is useful for me as I was switching between diff operating systems and wanted to keep my two disks separate.

    • I've always tried to nab one second-hand when I see it for exactly this purpose. I ended up settling on an ex-lease Lenovo P310 SFF. If I were buying a new mini hypervisor, I'd definitely go for a NUC next time around.

  • This is a 3 year old Intel NUC, is this still of good value?

  • Important to note that these work remarkably well with a eGPU, hooked mine up to a 1080 and it runs most games on max just fine. I do have the 8809G variant though.

  • Going to be obsolete made by Renoir-based mini PCs coming out, such as ASRock’s 4x4Box. Im sure you could shove a 4800G in a Deskmini and still come out on top too.

  • Looking to replace and old Mac mini that I use as a media server. Would this be overkill for that? Considering Mac minis are now at a premium price I am looking at other options. Would be great to stream 4K content

    • Yes, overkill for sure. Even a recent Celeron NUC with suitable decoding capabilities handles this fine for 1/4 the cost.

      Depends what else you may want to do with it however. A regular i5 NUC would be a safe media all rounder.

  • Will this run Flight Simulator 2020?

    • Oh, good question, I have a regular NUC and would love to be able to play Flight Simulator 2020 when it's released in the next week or so.
      I was thinking of buying this NUC to play games such as this.

      • I was actually joking, sorry … lol

        I wouldn't recommend playing FS2020 on a low specced machine.

        For the $$, you'd be better off buying the new Xbox, but of course its an xbox…

      • Try FS 2004 or FSX.

  • Any better value NUCs with similar GPU performance?

  • What is the advantage of this over a laptop with similar specs?

    • Gives you more flexibility and options I reckon.

      You can plug into different accessories like monitor, keyboard, mouse, eGPU, etc, most of which you can do with a laptop anyway.

      You can customise and upgrade RAM, SSD, and again, most laptops would allow you to do this.

      • I think the advantage of NUC is so that you can play PC games on your TV or use it as media server.

        • Yeah, again, possible with a laptop too.

          But I agree - if you want to use it as a media PC in the living room, it's not a bad option I guess.

  • Geez, I posted and purchased an All In One for my mother the past week for $1455.70

    She loves it, It is overkill for her YouTube and web browsing habits but a part of me thinks I should return it within the 14 day return period and future proof it with this.
    Whilst she doesn't do gaming it always comes in handy, Would just have to shell out for a 27 inch monitor for her.

    CPU appears to be similar to what she has but the GPU kills her one.

    Worth the hassle you think?

    • Dell includes a monitor, webcam, speakers, keyboard and mouse.
      I would personally stick with the Dell as it is a nice design for parents.

      • That's right, I didn't think about all the other components.
        I've never seen the parents do more than YouTube, Upload holiday photos and the odd web browsing.

        Cheers Congo

    • The one you posted has a 10th gen. The CPU in the one in this post is 8th gen a couple years old.

      The main difference would be GPU. That's up to you if you're going to be gaming.

      And that's also not considering peripherals.

      • Thanks mate, strictly for the parents so no impact on gaming for them or me.
        Was just thinking more about re-sale down the track or future proofing but seeing as it won't be used for gaming then I guess they are better off with the Dell.

        I have my own laptop which surprisingly I got from a another Dell sale thread for gaming - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/554619
        Love this site :)

    • The raison d'etre for these is that you can hook them up to your 75" wall mount and sound system, whack on a wireless KB and mouse and get some gaming and great media performance without a big ugly loud box in your lounge room.
      If you think they would prefer that setup to an AIO, its worth the hassle i guess.

  • Any reason why you wouldn’t just use a laptop with a hdmi cable?

  • Probably should have put 'Hades Canyon' in the title. Its what its known as.
    April 2020 review concludes its still relevant

    • +1 vote

      If it matters, that review is for the HVK variant with a Core i7-8809G CPU and GH graphics.

  • But can it run Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  • I've been using one of these (8809G HVK model) for around 1.5 years and it's been nothing but amazing for its size!

    Hades Canyon NUC deals have been posted a few times before on OzBargain but they've been negatively received by mostly ignorant members of the community.

    I'm surprised that this deal has turned out to be positive :)

  • Hmmm…this is like a laptop byo screen and keyboard.

    I would like it but it is a luxury that I can ill afford at the moment. I need a proper PC or laptop at the moment.

  • My son convinced me that this deal was too good to miss. Ruddy 12 year olds.

  • I bought this model a couple of months back in an EOFY sale and I'm very happy with it. I was a little disappointed to learn of the driver situation, and Linux support turned out to be less stellar than advertised (at least right now — things could change at any time), but it's a capable little unit.

    I get PS4-ish level performance from most games I've tried. Usually 1080p or 2K at Med to High settings, depending on the game. I'm fine with that.

    Yes, you can build a cheaper, more powerful PC. But this thing is tiny, it's got an absurd amount of ports for its size, and it only pulls 65W.

  • Are these good as a home PC? I am just looking for something small that will stick on the back of a large monitor and that will run office and some accounting software without issue……and for a few years.