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The Good Guys Commercial Access by Joining Your Salary Benefits (Not for Profit Employees)


Mods: Please remove if considered duplicate/plagiarism :) Credits to the guys mentioned below.

Was reading the comments on The Good Guys Commercial Access with SunSuper
when I saw kcbworth’s comment
Created an account with YourSalaryBenefits yesterday and just (took about 24hrs) got an email with access to Goodguys Commercial. No need to worry about opening another Super account/ATO or any bad effects. Purely free :)

You can fill in any company you work(or don’t work) when filling the details for YSB. I don’t work for a not-for-profit and did put my company, but got approved without any verification.

Worked just now (11.20pm Melb time) on PC, Chrome. Mobile site (Chrome on iPhone) doesn’t look to be working.

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  • Never heard of this site before.

    "Your Salary Benefits is an online buying portal for all NFP employees. Your Salary Benefits is an employee benefits programme specifically developed by Church Resources to benefit people working in the NFP sector."

    So meant for Not for profit orgs?

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      I don’t work for NFP and did think twice before putting my company name, but got approved. Guess they don’t really care 🤷‍♂️

    • Why would the church be in on it then? Perhaps to keep their non paid employees happy? Or tax dodges for mate? It will be to their advantage (business wise) some way.

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    It's already listed here

    Which is probably more appropriate.

    I understand that you managed to sign up even though technically not associated, but still.

    • Yeah, I did see that. Apologies if this post doesn’t belong here. Just wanted to let others know this too how to get TGG Commercial for Free without any strings attached.

      • Just wanted to let others know this too how to get TGG Commercial for Free without any strings attached.

        I just emailed TGG yesterday with my ABN, Business Name, Address & Contact Number and they created me a commercial account for free with no strings attached.

        • So you didn’t go through any of the memberships on the lists below?

          That’s quite cool!
          Thanks for sharing mate

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            @lakmal: Just use the contact form on the website and say you want to create a login for the website. Just like JB hifi commercial they'll give it to anyone with an ABN. Unless you want to open a credit account with them there are no requirements to meet just for a cash account.

    • And after seeing comments of concerned citizens yesterday on opening another Super account (which I didn’t want to do as well), this method seemed safe. And again, please take down the post if considered inappropriate :)

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    Can't get past State field eventhough I choose something

    • Worked just now on PC, Chrome. Mobile doesn’t look to be working.

  • What does Goodguys commercial offer?

    • +2

      cheaper prices than retail

      • Hmm, I got given access to an account in January (gov worker, not not for profit). Haven't seen any decent deal yet. 10% off sale + gift card is just as good, of not better.

    • +5

      Non-jacked prices.

  • +1

    Just signed up, thanks OP

    • How did you get past entering the state?

  • Post code is not accepted///

    • had to use a pc

  • I got an email saying it was approved…do they then send you an email the next day with link to the good guys commercial invite?

    • What post code did you use?

      • Had the same problem, worked when I went via PC!

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      Yup, took me a day. Almost 24hrs

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    YourSalaryBenifits *

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      Cheers mate :)

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    Cheers hopefully saves me signing up for SunSuper and thanks for posting it here (and thanks to the original people who discovered it) I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

    • How to register plz?

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    This is called fraud and not condoned here.

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      Why is it fraud?

      • +6

        Maybe couldn't signup.

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        Sorry, it specifically says "Your Salary Benefits" if for not-for-profit employees

        Please don't ruin it for those who might deserve it…

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          Sometimes my employees don’t make a profit, so all good.

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          with covid my company isnt making any profit anyhow.

    • Not sure why you're getting negged, it IS illegal to claim a charitable status to obtain financial benefit. People negging aren't fully grasping the seriousness of the situation.

      But by all means, give all your personal info and buy something.
      I'm sure you'll be fine… even in years to come when someone somewhere does a little checking ;).

      • +4

        Wow! How's all the butthurt downvotes?! You are 100% right.

    • how so? they say its for not-for-profits

      around here we're for-the-bargains

    • LOL, it's ALWAYS condoned here.

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      than you dont sign up if you dont like it. its just a unethical loophole at worst

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      This is called fraud

      The private sector carries out fraud as standard operating procedure while fools claim that this is better than the Government who did not carry out fraud.

  • Great Thanks OP

  • I filled in all fields but keeps saying required field even though i have done it all. Do i need to use a certain post code or?

    • Are you trying on a mobile? Because the mobile site looks to be broke.

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        I just made an account for YSB but page is blank when trying to register for TGGC.

        • I believe once you have signed up of for YSB that the TGGC regisration is automatic. Just have to wait 24 hours.

    • I guess you need a PC to register

  • If you use a mobile phone even with desktop site, it doesnt work.
    I tried more than 5 times before.
    With the laptop, works just fine.

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      Go with Firefox

      • I did it with google chrome. Worked fine.
        Did not try with firefox.
        Already signed up..

        Thanks for the tip though

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    Those who are trying to register through mobile, get Firefox browser, select desktop mode and voila. Been crazy 1 hour for me to find the way. Cheers!!!

    • I have signed up for a YSB account but where do i now sign up for TGGC?

      • You will receive the details of TGGC login details with 24 to 72 hours. That's what it states there

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          i can't find bring the page up to sign up to TGGC is what i am saying, i signed up for YSB but page link here to sign up for TGGC goes blank.

          • +1

            @Shanetrain: My answer is still the same. Just sit back and relax. You will receive the details

            • @Mahip: No worries! So is it tehcnically dodgy or can you get in any trouble for it or?

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    Just to confirm , once i have signed up with them(YourSalaryBenefits), how do i sign up for TGG commercial as i cant seem to find any way to do that?

    • +1

      This is exactly what i am trying to ask haha!

    • +5

      As everyone else and even the website mentioned,
      yoursalarybenefit creates an account for you in the TGG commercial

      • ohhh okay! I am silly just read it all properly, thanks!

  • Please note that this process takes 24-72 hours from the time we receive your request. You will receive a notification e-mail with your login details from The Good Guys after which you can access their commercial website here >> Good Guys Commercials Login.

  • Doesn’t work with any browser on an iphone.

    • Try laptop or firefox as @mahip mentioned

  • The State field keeps saying required even when completed.

    • Firefox browser in desktop mode

      • I tried but still didn't work for me. Firefox on Android in desktop mode.

  • Try fill in the postcode before anything else.

  • Try on PC, post code error solved.

  • I didn't get errors signing up in Chrome on PC.

    It looks like phone is not fine.

  • +46

    I think most people taking up the offer this way aren't fully considering the potential repercussions of their actions.

    "Obtain Financial Advantage By Deception" is a pretty serious offence, and this could bite you big time in the future and have all sorts of repercussions you never even considered.

    You're giving all your contact details… so IF they choose to pass on your details to either law enforcement or even the ATO (because you're wrongly claiming NFP status), you're opening yourself up to a world of hurt.

    For what, a couple hundred bucks discount obtained fraudulently?

    Yes yes, cue the people calling me the 'fun police' or overreacting… but this is a lot more serious than getting a sneaky discount. It's against the law and depending on who's handling your information, this is definitely one of those 'bite you in the a$$ moments'.

    I'd be very careful taking up this offer.

    • I definitely see where you are coming from but i mean doesn't someone have to approve the requests so bit of fault on their part? I am pretty weary myself but you could also just use false details and a random email but could all be tracked i suppose.
      Risky for sure

      • +1

        Depending on their disclaimers and what you agreeing too, they would definitely cover their ass and of you used faked details for the sign uo you will be using legitimate details on your good guys orders.

      • +28

        Them approving your request in error doesn't absolve you from making the false claim in the first place.

        All I'm saying is that at any stage in the future if someone does an audit on any purchases made under this scheme, and they ask for proof of your NFP status at the time of the purchase, your goose is cooked.

        False details and a random email gets you access. The purchase details and subsequent delivery of the item to a physical address cooks the goose.

        And legalities aside, from a moral/ethical point of view, claiming a discount reserved for charities/churches/etc is pretty low.

        It's wrong whichever way you look at it, because unlike having a discount code to get a cheaper price (it typically doesn't have conditions), claiming Not-For-Profit status wrongly is a big deal.

        You also need to consider that fraud/theft offences (where your honesty is questioned) can have huge repercussions on future employment and travel opportunities as well. All over a silly discount.

        It's just not worth it.

        • Bet these guys used the same argument when withdrawing their super. "I did it cause I could and you were supposed to stop me"

    • +1

      Yep and it's funny because they choose this a safer option compared to opening a super account lols

    • +2

      Get what you are saying, likely outcome from this regardless is that all accounts created in the past 24 hours are removed.

      The other side of me thinks that yoursalarybenefits are running a business and might be happy to have the sales.

      Who knows.

      I signed up and didn't even put the NFP part of it together - I was too excited for Goodguys Commercial access.

      • OzbeD I'm surprised the moderators haven't closed the thread down yet.

    • You're giving all your contact details

      None of the details that are being provided are validated. There is no identity verification. And that's on them.
      Sure, they may record your IP address when you register your account. Once again, this can easily be obscured.

      • Keep reading…

  • If anyone's got access to GoodGuys Commercial, can you please tell me the price of a LG NeoChef 42L Microwave (Part No. MS4266OSS).
    Trying to see if it is really cheaper than market rates.

  • I have made a your salary benefits account but when I click the 'click here' portion of this webpage: https://www.yoursalarybenefits.com.au/page/white-goods-exclu... there is nothing on that page.
    Anyone having this same problem? Any fix?

    • I assume you can now do product search.