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Water Cooled, ASUS 2070 Super & Ryzen 7 3700X Computer $2179 + Shipping @ Titan Tech


Free $20 steam card VIA ASUS promotion!

Hey OzBargainers!

We have had some requests for a B550 build with higher specs then the last ones so we are proud to present an ASUS 2070 super & 3700X system with a B550 board with integrated Wi-Fi. This comes with a 240mm watercooler, Corsair RGB Pro RAM and a Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD.

Keep your eyes out for the launch of our new website and massive launch day deals!


If you need to contact us urgently
please message us on our facebook page; www.facebook.com/TechTitanIT

Or call us on 1800 011 341!

Spec list

Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B550M-A WIFI AM4 Micro-ATX
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X with 8 cores & 16 threads at 3.6ghz base speed
CPU Watercooler: Deep Cool Gammaxx L240 V2. 240mm Closed loop CPU water cooler
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4
SSD: Kingston A2000 500GB NVMe
PSU: Thermaltake 600w Gold Rated 80+ Power Supply
Tower: Deepcool Matrexx 50 Tempered Glass Window and 3x Pre installed RGB fans

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Titan Tech
Titan Tech

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  • The RGBs should give a slight performance boost.

  • +7 votes

    Asus GeForce RTX 2070 in spec list, 2060 in title?

  • Ryzen 5 3700X? Good post but whack title OP

  • In the market for a new PC right now … looks great. I like the B550 for futureproofing. The 3700x is the sweet spot right now. Quality componenets (maybe a 650W or 700W power supply to make it even a bit more futureproof). Very tempted to just purchase it … ahhhh … or wait until your new website deal (and maybe a bit cheaper prices with the release of the new 30xx series cards in a week.)

    Titel mentions a 2060super … and the text a 2070super? And when go on the website it is $2079!

    • +1 vote

      It was a duplicate title, updated now.

      New website should be live within 1-2 weeks. If you purchase now and see the same PC for cheaper, we would be happy to compensate you.

    • And the notification listed the price at $1879 so who knows!?

    • Thanks for fixing up. (you got me excited for a moment … :-). Was a killer deal at the $1879 and might have even purchased without waiting for the new chips. Ah well. It's still a very solid offer with nice parts used.


        I can assure you we cannot build this PC any where close to that price i'm afraid :/

        • That's OK. Price will get there at some stage. Or maybe I settle for a smaller package when I can't wait anymore.
          As I saw the deal at $1879 I instantly thought about purchasing it :-) and got instantly brought back to reality.

          I guess it's fair that you need to make a profit too. The deals you have are pretty competitive and look professionally built (reading some comments here and on whirlpool). I like the approach of getting quality items in a nice package … not saving on things like powersupply and mainboard … keep it up. I might be in for the next deal :-). But I like this combination … just a bit over budget.

          Maybe mention on your website what you get when you upgrade the storage to 32GB … is it 2x 8gb or 2x16gb.

  • +2 votes

    Solid offering, though I think a lot of people are holding back to see if 30xx will lower prices.

    • Yep … happy to wait 6 more months (or even longer) … but maybe a cool deal will just get me impulse buying :-).

  • Seems like an actually ok purchase!

  • Would of thought 2080 for this price point?

  • Can we get a system with a 3700X stock cooler and a 5700XT? Shave off $300-400 compared to this system? Maybe $1779? Thanks. Still a decent build and price point nonetheless.

  • Am I the only one thinking it's the 2070 that's water-cooled?

  • Hi what would be the warranty for this? Site says manufacturer warranty, does this mean that any issues I have to deal with them directly rather than your shop?

    • +6 votes

      Warranty is a year of full store warranty from us. However most parts have up to 3 years manufacturer warranty which we can help you with as well!

  • Looks like a pretty good offer TitanTech!

    The R7-3700X comes with a Wraith Prism Cooler as it's Stock Cooler.
    (Which is quite a good cooler - especially given it is "free")

    Is there any special reason you've chosen to ditch it and go with the Water Cooler?
    (I'm currently using the Wraith Prism on my R7-3700X, so I'm interested to know your thoughts)

    • Pretty sure Hardware Unboxed did testing on the stock vs an AIO liquid cooler on the 3700X and found minimal drops in temperatures for the CPU. Unless you're doing serious overclocking it doesn't seem worth spending another $105 on a liquid cooler when the Wraith Prism is just fine

    • Noise, aesthetics, better performance.

      • i haven't heard the AMD stock cooler, but a top of the line AIO is usually louder than a excellent air cooler like the Noctua NH-D15. I also doubt a Deepcool AIO could be considered top of the line.

  • Might also get a $20 Steam card from ASUS: https://www.asus.com/au/events/infoM/2314/

  • What if downgrade to 3600 for purely gaming, not video editing, OC etc.. It wont be bottleneck for the 2070 right?

  • but Will it run Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Build wait times.. (real ones, not ambitious ones) ??

  • May also be worth looking into other case options you could offer buyers. Gets a bit boring seeing the same Deepcool case. Variety is the spice of life after all

  • What’s the best CPU for streaming rn

  • Liquid cooling for this CPU is really unnecessary (3700x, and it's a really bad time to buy a 3700x. Much better to grab a good deal for the 3600 (which seems to pop up almost every week now), then get ready to jump up to the 4000 series once the 'hot demand' period is over and those prices start to come down a bit sometime next year. Likewise for the GPU, 2070S will drop steeply once the 3000s are released. The case isn't my style, for a little bit more you can get a much better looking (and functioning) case. Also, this is personal preference, but mATX Mobo inside an ATX feels like a lot of wasted space.

  • Do i need a plumber to install this

  • The inclusion of the AIO watercooler is nice, but the included L240 V2 isn't ARGB so it won't do the rainbow effect along with the case fans. Also the GPU support bracket in the photo isn't included either I assume. I suppose most people here don't care, but if you want to outdo the competition, one way is to take actual product photos instead of (using) stock photos, especially when you already have more than one ready to go. Just my 2c

    • I have the deepcool V2 AIO in a matrexx 55 (same case really) RGB is run through case controller, and it all syncs
      btw, I bought the gpu holder for $19, it also is plugged to the case controller and syncs

      • They may look and sound very similar, but the Matrexx 50 and 55 are not the same. The 55 costs more and has a dedicated RGB button on the case. The RGB controller on the 55 is the most important point of differentiation. The RGB compatibility promises made on Deepcool's product page for the 55 do not appear on the product page for the 50. Assuming them to work the same could prove to be a huge disappointment for those who care


          I am not 100% sure if it is the same as the 55 or not, but the 50 does have an dedicated RGB button and RGB controller in the case. Again, not sure if this is the same as the 55 but it does have them!

          • @Titan Tech: Maybe you could just clarify whether the AIO fans do rainbow or not. Thanks!

          • @Titan Tech: Sorry, I was looking at the product page for the vanilla 50 with no fans. Yes the RGB version of the 50 case does come with a controller that is compatible with the RGB features of most motherboard brands (just like the 55). It misses out on a button on the outside of the case seen in the 55 that allows you to change mode/colours without opening up the case. Not a big deal for me.

            The key issue remains whether the fans on the L240 V2 AIO watercooler could do the rainbow effect (and if it does, whether the machine would ship with this properly configured).

      • And I'm sure your AIO is not the L240 V2 because the L240 V2 uses 4-pin +12v RGB connectors which 100% can't do rainbow

        Edit: Actually, maybe the fans on the L240 V2 can work with the Matrexx 55 RGB controller. It might be just the RGB controller that comes with the L240 V2 that is 4-pin. That would be a pretty neat way of saving on the AIO as ARGB versions cost more. More than happy to be wrong on this one!

        • yeah, it worked, atleast with the 55, you maybe right about the 50 though, I didn't realise it doesn't have the case controller

  • Hi guys,

    Newbie question…

    Fast forward a few years, how future proof is this unit?

    Would it be possible to upgrade CPU and GPU ?

    Considering for work station (i run a lot of programs at once) and very basic gaming, like total war series.


    • You could easily run this for 5 years without upgrading.

      More RAM is optional and extremely easy to add.
      GPU upgrade after 3-4 years depending on the games you play - if you want ultra graphics on total war, gpu upgrade is about every 3 years otherwise you can still run it at very high - high after 5.

    • B450 survived 2 generations officially, 3 if the board manufacturer releases a BIOS for Ryzen 4000

      So likely 3000, 4000 and maybe 5000 series Ryzen if they don't change socket..

      Even then, this CPU is only half what's available core count wise in current Gen..

      GPU, you should get many generations out of it..

  • The motherboard will support the next gen AMD CPUs but the PSU will need an upgrade for the 30XX.

  • How well would this run a game like Valorant? And in terms of future proofing, is it good?

  • OP, what's the store Sydney CBD pickup address?
    Do you provide a tax invoice? Your ABN isn't registered for GST.

  • OMG TitanTech, I told myself I'd wait for next gen GPUs before I bought my next build and then you make this incredible offer lol
    Always a pleasure communicating with you guys as well! I'll try to hold off until next gen 😅

  • I'd really love to see an option with aftermarket coolers like the ones from Deepcool instead of water cooling!

  • Hi, would this be a good build for a gaming/streaming/video editing PC (with two monitors)? 4TB HDD, 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM for $2,574.00.

    Or do you have another pre-built you'd recommend? Thanks.

  • Thanks, OP. I will wait until you launch the new website next week for the massive deals. Hope you will make a new post for OzBargain too.
    I was checking Scorptec and MWave to purchase AMD Ryzen 3700x a couple of days ago. They are issuing free *BONUS copy of Assassins Creed: Valhalla via redemption from AMD Ryzen 3000 series if purchased between July 7th 2020 - October 3rd 2020 Release Date TBA for the game title)**.

    Any chance we can claim this with you guys since the 3700x is eligible for this offer?

    Link here: https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/equipped-to-win

  • No activated windows 10

  • Shipping is $12 (PCCG) + $11 (Umart, 2070 Super) and Centrecom is free. So the total cost is $2070, HMMMMMM. The B550M-A Wi-Fi is also $219, but the VRMs on that thing are terrible compared to the Pro-VDH Wi-Fi. The price is decent, but it's not as good as previous deals. I guess it can be a better value with the ASUS GPU and the Corsair RAM, but neither will make a noticeable difference.

    PCPartPicker Part List

    Type Item Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $519.00 @ Centre Com
    CPU Cooler Deepcool GAMMAXX L240 V2 69.34 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $109.00 @ PCCaseGear
    Motherboard MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $219.00 @ PCCaseGear
    Memory Team T-Force Delta RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $125.00 @ Centre Com
    Storage Kingston A2000 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $92.00 @ Centre Com
    Video Card GALAX GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB EX (1-click OC) Video Card $749.00
    Case Deepcool MATREXX 50 ADD-RGB 4F ATX Mid Tower Case $109.00 @ PCCaseGear
    Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower GX1 600 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply $125.00 @ Centre Com
    Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
    Total $2047.00
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-08-25 11:15 AEST+1000
    • Thanks Rajeh. I bit more waiting for me until we get the next great deal.


      We stopped using galax due to massive stock shortages all over Australia with the 3000 range coming out soon. Even at retail level it was hard to find them in stock.

      If you click the link of the 2070 super you mentioned it will show you that mwave is out of stock along with almost every other retailer. They may have 3-4 in stock but not enough for us :( mwave is charging $780 which brings the price up to 2100! Add the corsair ram and its only 50$ less then the price of our system but we build it for you!

  • I have purchased my pc from them and they have been very helpful with communication and everything else is good as well. I will recommend them based on my experience.

  • Do you guys accept zip pay or other payment platforms?

    Im interested in this, but I have a 2080ti on its own atm which I got for very cheap off a mate.

    The other build I've been looking at is the 3700x GTX550 productivity build from Techfast, but I realised that is quite an old deal from last month, so I don't know if its still a bargain. I was thinking of getting that and putting the 2080ti in.

    Or should I just buy this tower here. And sell the GPU. Thoughts any one, I'm assuming I can get close to 1.5k for the GPU