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2x Metal 4 Shelf Units $69.99 (Save $27.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Part of the father's Day catalogue starting the 27th.
Good for general storage around the garage/shed

Detail Specification
* Length: 800mm
* Width: 300mm
* Height: 1500mm
* Weight: 14kg
Load Rating: 150kg per MDF shelf

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Full Product Info
Furnish your workshop the cost effective way with this tough, powder coated shelving unit from SCA. These shelves have a sturdy 150kg weight limit per MDF shelf and the frame is of powder coated steel construction for scratch resistance and a longer lifespan. The shelves can be adjusted to basically any height to cater for a huge range of items big or small. The whole kit that can be assembled without tools thanks to the slip joint design making changing shelf heights just as quick and easy as well.

Frame manufactured from powder coated pressed steel for superior corrosion protection
2 adjustable MDF shelves rated at 150kg each, for general use around the home and garage
Boltless slip joints for easy assembly, protective feet for uprights are included

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Anyone has this? Deciding these or get those from Bunnings.

    • Don't get these, I've heard nightmares about them.

      • Yes, these are garbage. I bought 4 during the a previous deal when they were cheap with plans to line the walls of the shed with them for storage.

        After building two (with plenty of cursing and throwing of tools), I gave the two unopened boxes away and put the two half built ones on the nature strip for hard rubbish and sware never again.

        Bought ones similar to the OP here from Bunnings that more or less click together with a light tap with a rubber mallet to lock everything together.

    • These are craps. I bought 4 and have to throw them away.

    • I have 3 of these. They do the job. Dont expect to put anything heavy on them, they tend to start leaning. I use them in the garage for putting all my ozbargains purchases on, mainly light things like nappies etc

    • I've had lots of those in the past. Unless you're on a really tight budget they're not worth it.

      They're made from stamped and pressed steel - so the edges are sharp. You don't want to brush up against them or stub your toe on them because it will bleed. You don't want kids near them.

      You have to screw them together with nuts and bolts. It takes ages and you have to make sure they're tight or the shelves will sway.

      They rust.

      Spend the little bit more and get the powder coated hammer lock ones. We have the 2400x1800x500 hammer lock ones in the garage now. They're about $180 per span, but they're so much better in every regard, and only about twice the price per square metre I think.

    • I just put together one yesterday.
      Box states 'assembled in minutes' try 45 mins.
      You kinda get what you pay for really.. but $14 I'm not complaining and its doing the job thus far!
      If you are on a budget its a great buy, very industrial looking but I dont mind!

    • Get powder coated shelves! They are so much better than the raw metal ones. The raw metal ones often have sharp edges that the power coated ones don't.

    • This thread has a lot of reviews for this specific shelf -
      Not good, I would infer.

    • These $14 cheapies are great. I have at least 20 of them stacked 1 and 1/2 on top to make approx 1900mm tall. A few screws to back wall and these are very sturdy. I got them when they were around $10 each. Some I have had around 5 years and there is no rust. Mine are kept in my storage room.

    • 50kg per shelf?!

    • I have these also, nightmare to put together. But cheap and get what you pay for. Package has takes minutes to put together but took around 2 hours to get right.

    • These are the types you see thrown onto the side of the road for council pickup.

    • I have about 8 of these $14 dollar ones in the back yard for putting pot plants on. They are ok for that purpose, however putting them together was a pain so make sure you have a cordless drill screwdriver on hand and a pair of pliers for holding the retaining nut.

    • They are ok if you are on a budget and have loads of time but I won't buy them again because they take too long to assemble.

  • Any good deals on socket wrench sets? I'm looking for one.

    • Doesn't help you now but the 81 piece Toolpro set was half price last week, was good value for $125

  • Any good deals on screw driver sets? I'm looking for one.

  • I got these 2 years ago for 2 for $55. They are going strong. It was a bit annoying to assemble and it doesn't click in nicely. You'll need a mallet and cloth to hammer it in sometimes and there goes the black paint.

    They're quite sturdy however the metal holding the board is a bit warped outwards and the board isn't a snug fit. I use it to hold weights/dumbells, sports equipment, electronics and no issue.

    • Can you make the tope shelf sit flush with the frame?

      • not exactly flush because of the way the side bars clips in.

        • I think they mean like the Bunnings ones - the top shelf meets the top of the vertical posts, rather than the SCA one where it appears the vertical posts go a little bit higher than the top shelf - and doesn't look as nice.


    $35 each everyday. easily to assemble too. Plus taller at 1800mm

    I bought 8 of these and strong as. Hold tiles and paint easily.

    • I second this, was just about to post it.
      I have a few of these and they're great.

    • Do you know of a unit half the length of this one ? Got a fridge space in the kitchen - the fridge is too big - so want to utilise that space

      • If you look closely, these unit are actually two smaller units that are joined in the middle by way a joiner piece. You 'should' be able to use the top and bottom half of the shelf on their own. (Would make it 750mm tall)

    • This looks good.
      Click and collect aren’t too close to Sydney unfortunately.

  • How are these shelves a bargain, too small, and there are numerous better buys post here from bunnings and stratco….

  • Related - anyone got a good deal for garage drawer storage? I have around 2.2m width to play with and would love to have a heap of drawers

  • If you get a unit like this with mdf shelves, you need to plan on painting them first, because otherwise they'll grow mould like crazy, at least if you live in a place with any humidity. Ours did, anyway.

  • Perfect. Might get these to use as a makeshift squat stand. Gym equipment is just astronomically expensive right now.

  • Do the shelves in the montgomery ones buckle under weight ?

  • Loving the insightful and helpful comments. Thanks OzB community, really do appreciate the anecdotes.

  • Am I the only one being suspicious that this deal might actually be a 4-tier shelf unit that is separable into two units of 2-tier shelves?

    Otherwise, a 800mm x 300mm x 1500mm shelf MDF shelf for $70 isn't really a good deal IMO.

    • Considering there are many other similar options for around $35-40 on their own, and your can get this one for under $50 currently at SCA I would think that's definitely not the case…

  • Would this fit into the boots of a Mazda 3 if put the back seat down?

  • Ummm'd and agggrd in getting these… decided I will (upgrade to the shitty $14 Bunnings once I have)
    Site shows 'In Stock' for a local store when on product page, get to check out, it shows 'Not Stocked'.
    Tried another bunch of stores around Melbourne when in cart, all show 'Not Stocked'… maybe a website error?