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$10 off $150 Minimum Spend @ Woolworths Online


$10 off Minimum $150 Spend Online. Code only applies when you have $150 in cart.

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  • $20 off $120 is better

  • Targeted, or not applicable in VIC?

    "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion."

  • Has anyone else had issues with their order (delivery)? I’ve had problems with my last 2 orders; items were damaged including one where it was unusable. It was literally torn open and I had to throw it away (feminine products).

    I think $20 off $120 spend would be more preferable.

    • We've had a few damaged or missing items. They're pretty good about resolving issues.

      If it's just one or two things missing or damaged beyond use, the website has a section for letting them know (slightly hidden in the FAQ/Help section), and they'll send you a refund/credit. Once it was several bags missing - including most of our veggies - which we didn't spot till the truck was gone. We called their 1800 number and pushed through to speak to a rep, who tried to call the driver and get him to come back. He wasn't able to reach the driver till it was too late, so he arranged a free re-delivery for the next day, rather than a credit, so we didn't have to re-order things or pay another delivery fee.

      That said, we scored a free 750g steak from Coles when they accidentally shoved it into our bags instead of someone else's, so, you win some, you lose some, I guess? :D

      • You were lucky. Early on I did a drive thru collect order and trusted them to get it right. Got home and found all the fridge items missing. Got on to online chat but they ould only give me credit and had to make another order to get the milk and butter etc.

    • I had issues with 3 in a row
      1) missing items (i gather either they left the bag in the truck or at the deli)
      2) they made an inappropriate swap (jar of spicy dill pickles, instead of jar of Fehlbergs special burger pickles, which taste identical to McDonalds)
      3) A bottle of wine broke in the delivery drivers car (luckilly one survived)

      All 3 times, i got a refund (and in the last case, got a refund and a credit, which i completely forgot about) within a few hours by going to the contact us section of the site and 'talking' to Olive (their chat bot).

      • Re #2 Under your account details - preferences, there is an option 'Would you always like to opt-in for a substitute when an item you have ordered is not available' which defaults to Yes. I have not had any swaps since changing it, unavailable items are then refunded.

        • I wouldn't opt-out altogether from swaps - you can leave a comment on any individual items regarding what not to swap or what specifically to swap with

          They have to swap with something of equal or higher value normally so got some Woolworths free-range eggs upgraded to another brand which costs a bit more. I also wanted a specific sourdough bread and it wasn't in stock. I left comments to swap to any other white sourdough bread and since the other stuff that was in stock was 30 cents cheaper I got substituted for 2 of the cheaper ones :) Score. I had a bit of trouble eating it all so had to freeze some to make breadcrumbs.

          I also I've had to use Olive the chatbot a couple of times (takes way longer to call the 1800 number so the chatbot is the way to go). You can find Olive in My Invoices section on desktop (not sure about mobile). https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/myaccount/myinvoices
          I've not had to submit photos of damaged items or anything like that. Very smooth process.

          • @slick7: Yes it really is pot luck. With Coles I ordered 5 kg bag of potatoes, it as OOS so they gave me 2 x 3kg. But another time ordered 500g frozen blueberries, OOS and they gave 1 bag of creative blueberries 300 g only.

        • according to a rep via chat told me you "can't opt out of the substitute because of the pandemic". so they'll always try to sub an item before refunding. that happened to me

          • @OzBoganYeah: what was that rep smoking? there are individual fields for each item when you checkout allowing you to leave a comment regarding substitutions - don't really think they can force you if you say "NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ACCEPTED" :)

            I wasn't quite sure how it all worked with first order and I was annoyed I got multigrain bread substituted when I wanted white bread for toast (I've tried to convince kids to eat multigrain but keep failing)

    • They have an automated online chat thing in the Contact Us section. I have had refunds for damaged items for the last 3 weeks, and for substitutions which were not particularly useful. Once you have submitted it seems to take anywhere from an hour to a couple of days to process the refund.

      I haven't been asked for evidence or anything so far, but I assume if this happens to frequently or the value hits certain thresholds that they may start questioning things.

      • Good to know I will claim cracked eggs

      • good to know - I can see that Contact Us > Woolworths Supermarkets > Chat online leads to the same Olive the chatbot from My Invoices section. The automated options seem to be more general here though (feedback for the store, stock levels or opening hours) but if you type "problem with order" or similar it leads you to the same section I've been using

      • I think it happens so often they have figured out that it is cheaper for them to just pay out using the bot than having a human chase/analyse/process proof.

        • It's also the positive customer experience turning into more customers - I've told at least 4 ppl about the positive experience I've had with Olive the chatbot and at least 2 of them have since used online order with pickup since. Pretty good considering they replaced some broken eggs in a carton worth about $5

  • Don’t think apply to Victoria?? Works when I change store to outside VIC

    • It's working for me at some Victorian stores, but not others.

      • Is it working for pick up only at some stores? How do you change stores (I usually shop at coles)? Because I tried and delivery isn’t working for me.

  • I wonder if you can combine this with 10% off your monthly shop (didn't work with SHOPNOW20)

  • The 10AUGUST didn't work for me and I didn't get my 10% off monthly shop email this month (for being insurance customer), but guessed code being AUG2020 based on last month being JULY2020, which worked.

  • Anyone in VIC notice there are no longer decent bonus point offers?
    Used to regularly get offers of 1000-4000 points for $x spend, but now nothing since lockdown.

    • Supermarket sales must've doubled if not tripled since we cannot go out to restaurants to eat.

  • It did not work for me in VIC delivery.

  • Can this be used multiple times or just once?

    • used this only once on the weekend - added $150 to my cart just now and tried again for you

      Sorry, the Coupon: "10AUGUST" has already been used the maximum number of times.

    • Get more accounts. You will get multiple offers.