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Bosch 70-Piece X-Line Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set $30.42 + Shipping (Free With Prime With $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Bosch 70 piece drill and screwdriver bit set is on offer again at a lower price than before. $49 spend for free delivery. Lighting Deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $20 shipping without Prime

  • I just need an empty drill bit box, have all the drill bits but no case/box to store them properly. Anyone know where they sell empty cases?

    • check fb marketplace

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      I thought this box would be good to use as the bits die but after getting one of their similar sets from a previous deal, probably not.
      Most of the small rectangle holders are rubber blocks which just are just gripping into the slots, not rotating hinged flippy holders, and it grips onto the bits quite strongly so it's actually kinda annoying to take them out sometimes.

  • Got one thank you

  • missed last deal, bought one, thanks

  • What's the grey block thing on the top right of the set?

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      measuring tape

      • Thank you

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    thanks OP. was sick of buying craftright drill bits but didnt want to spend lots on drill bits

  • So $30 with $20 shipping or $42 and free shipping?

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    Oddly, to make up the difference to get to the $49 free shipping, it can be an item from Amazon US, although this item is Amazon UK. Sounds a little nonsensical to me but hey, it works!

  • I can't see the price.

  • Don't get sidetracked by the German brand name. The last time I bought a set of Bosch bits (looked similar to this but bigger) they were cheap for a reason. They're fine for odd jobs here and there but don't expect them to be high quality.

    • I second that. Bosch do make some nice bits, but they won't be found in this garbage kit.

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    Price coming up as $47.50 for me.

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    Price was coming up as $30.42 at first, but now $47.50. Maybe deal is over?

  • It's a shame because I look at this page on Amazon every now and then waiting for a deal.

  • Dammit, that looked great and I've been looking for a all in one drill bit set.

  • Nooooo again missed

  • Damn its gone :( was looking for a $20 item to add to get free shipping

  • I have ryobi hammer drill and new DIYer. Can some one confirm if this will work with hammer drill ( drill and drive set ) and what alternatives are there in bunnings or other store so i can keep an eye for future deals.

    • Unless you have an SDS hammer drill then these will fit for sure. The big question is what are you drilling? Make sure you use the right drill bit, and at the right speed and pressure, for the material?


      • Thanks i dont think so i have sds.I mostly use it on wood occasionally concrete. I currently only have drill bits for wood and no screw driver bits. So was looking around which one to buy.

        I have this model will this be compatible

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          Yes, it has a 13mm 3 jaw chuck so it will take round or hex shank bits. Wood is easy to drill, not too fast or it will burn the wood. Concrete can be tough with a non-SDS drill, just use hammer feature and correct masonry bits, again don't go too fast unless you want your drill bit to glow.

  • Have all amazon uk products been removed from amazon au?

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