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Monza-X Racing Simulator $249.99 (C&C) + $49.99 Shipped (RRP $345) @ Supercheap Auto


Full Product Info
Bring the racetrack into your loungeroom with the Monza Racing Simulator by Autotechnica. The Monza Racing Simulator provides fun for the whole family thanks to the fully adjustable frame design suitable for adults and kids alike. Includes race proven “Monza-X” Fully moulded sports seat that offers comfort and support even during those long and tiring endurance races. The Monza Racing Simulator is compatible for use with most popular steering wheel and pedal combinations from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. Assembly is quick and easy and once assembled the Monza Racing Simulator packs up neatly thanks to the folding seat, collapsible steering console and adjustable frame. Be sure to pick up yours today, before they all race out the door!

Heavy duty racing simulator frame with race proven Monza-X fully moulded sport seat
Fully adjustable frame design provides hours of fun for both children and adults alike
Folding seat, adjustable steering column and adjustable frame allow for neat storage when not in use
Compatible for use with popular gaming consoles, PC's, steering wheels and pedals
Includes gear shifter mount to provide a true racing experience
Console, steering wheel and pedals not included

Tech Spec
Product Detail Specification
Supported Max Weight 100kg
Dimensions Standard Length 95cm x 50cm
Dimensions Full Extension 130cm x 50cm

Brand Compatible Models
Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, Driving Force GT
Thrustmaster T500 RS, Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on, TH8 RS
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S

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  • +48 votes

    Must….not….buy….bought it.

  • +14 votes

    Good deal for Santa…

  • Nice find!!

    I was in the market for one, but my requirements are that it folds away. So considering the Playseat Challenged or the F-GT Lite, both of which are more expensive than this listing, but I'd choose this listing if I could easily relocate it as required.

    • +2 votes

      It does say it has "Folding seat, adjustable steering column and adjustable frame allow for neat storage when not in use"

      • Yes, I looked into what that meant further. The seat just folds in half but the whole base unit is still rigid. The adjustable steering is to allow the wheel up and down telescopic adjustment.

        My need is for it to pack away in a cupboard when not in use.

        Cheers for follow up :)

    • You should take a look at the Next Level Racing or Trak Racer FS3 wheelstands if you want something that can fold away.

      Both don't come with a seat but the NLR stand can be upgraded to a seat if your needs change over time.

  • Any good deals with the Logitech g29. Been dying to get one but the prices are really up there like the switch…

  • Thanks OP, racing wheel stands almost never get reduced by much. I have been waiting years for a good deal.

  • Is the seat adjustable? Does it slide forward and backward?

    • Not sure whether the seat slides, but the wheel stand does allow telescopic adjustment and height adjustment. I think the pedals would be fixed in so much as an adjustment would require loosening the bolts - I've had a similar stand in the past.

      A sliding seat would alleviate all the adjustments though

      EDIT: Appears the seat won't slide (like a traditional car seat) but the whole base can be adjusted


  • Not compatible with newer Fanatec products?

    • Wouldn't be worth it anyway, from reports I've read this whole unit is way too flimsy, and the pedal plate is made of plastic.

    • Compatible yes, ideal? Hell no. I have a csl elite and a wheel stand similar to this one without the fixed seat and even with me welding and bracing it with two metal bars I still can't push over 60% ffb on my wheel without the thing twisting up and listing a leg. The only review on this thing is terrible too. The guy said he had to weld stuff on and it's still bad. This is heavily discounted for a reason imo, it's trash.

  • Stuck in a checkout loop, continue to payment takes me back to cart, tried 3 browsers.

    Anyone got a fix for this?

  • I'd advise against this for anyone interested in buying one, few guys over on iRacing Downunder FB group were discussing it earlier and it seems to be very flimsy with a lot of movement, and the pedal plate is plastic (would be useless for anything with a loadcell, I'd imagine). Might be okay with lower end wheels (G920/G29, T150/TMX), but anything with stronger FFB would probably be a horrible experience on one of these. Save up a little bit more and get something better, even a Playseat Challenge or something.

  • New WFH gaming station.

  • Bought it for the Grandson (winks).
    Been waiting for something like this since I got the G920
    Thanks OP!

  • These are cheap but at the same time, they're cheap. Don't expect to not have a lot of flex in the frame. Don't try and use anything stronger than a Logitech or a T300 on it (even a T300 will give it some punishment) Having said that it's a great price to start out on.

  • Is this compatible with Thrusmaster T150 Pro?

  • Nice find! Sadly I already got the stand (without the chair). Probably build the upgrade myself.

  • This looks like it would work pretty will with the Logitech Yoke/Throttle for Flight Sim.

  • ordered one Thanks

  • dream seat! but I haven't got a steering wheel yet….

  • For anyone looking for a cheaper alternative, you can get a wheel stand (without the chair) fairly cheap on ebay (under $100), there are some models which are more foldable than others if that is a requirement.

    • The chair it self roughly around $200 on Ebay + $100 wheel stand = $300.00 (same price n less pain)

      • The whole idea of the wheel stand is it can be folded up and stored. You use a regular chair with it instead of having a large cockpit taking up space.

      • Do you have any links to the chair ?

  • Look out! Buying cheap simulator stuff is a slippery slope. Before you know it your rig will be worth 10k+ :D

  • Can we fix a laptop on it?

  • Been eyeing the DXRacer one for 399, but bought one of these. thanks op. DXRacer sim seat folds up quite a lot for those interested

  • Bloody hell… Last thing I thought I would buy today, is this… Thanks though :p

  • Looks good, but wife will shower me with endless complaints.

  • For anyone considering this one, be wary. From what I've been told in racing forums, these are pretty flimsy and don't support anything other than entry level wheels and pedals and the whole thing has a huge amount of flex.

    You might want to look at something better 2nd hand, although currently, you'd likely pay inflated, Covid pricing.

  • Would love to see how quick this would collapse on itself with DD wheel installed.

  • My dad and I built a racing simulator like this a few years ago out of PVC piping! Cheap and super sturdy, but obviously can't be folded or anything. Great bonding project lol.

  • Assembled last night and took it for a few test drives. Seat is better than I expected for the price. The plastic pedal plate is bad (don't have an issue with it being plastic if it was a better design and higher grade plastic), the mount for the shifter has no real adjustment, and the mount plate for the wheel needed to be a thicker gauge or reinforced. As I expected it will need a few modifications to make it more rigid etc. but will be a fun weekend project.

    • thanks for the review!

    • Do you think it is worth the 300 still or would've skipped it having tried it out?

      • May be worth looking at some of the Sim Racing groups on Facebook for a secondhand Next Level rig or similar. Won't be a lot more money but would be far superior construction and longevity. My rig I have had for around 7 years now, no mods needed, rigid enough for anything below the pro-style DD units etc.

      • I managed to click and collect which cut the delivery the cost. In hindsight, no I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m going to have to mod it to make it better, which, while I’m happy to do and have the gear to do it, probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    • We got ours and it looks like pedal plate is missing. Was it just packed in the box not hiding in seat or anything? Do you have an upclose photo of pedal plate. Might have to try and replicate it. No stock locally anymore.

      • I’m a bit unsure actually, close to the bottom maybe, I think it may have been one of the last things to unpack. Not at home at the moment. I’ll get back to you with a picture, may be tomorrow, got a busy one today.

        • OK thankyou yes I must have got unlucky it's missing. We spoke to super cheap. They are going to email supplier but will probably take a few weeks to see if they can get it. Fingers crossed.

      • Hey sinrap, if you’re still after a photo enable messages in your account and I’ll send you a link to the photo. If you can’t get one from Supercheap you’re welcome to mine. I’m going to replace it completely now so I have no use for it. Just pay the postage and I’ll send it to you. I did drill six 8mm holes to enable me to screw down my pedals and to stop movement but they don’t reduce the functionality of it.

        • Thanks so much. We have managed to create a work around so if they can't arrange one I think we should be good but thank you so much for your generous offer. Really appreciate it very frustrating that it was missing but glad we could make it work anyway. So much better then our old setup of table chair

      • X2

        Just unpacked and I don't have a plate either

        Also the instructions are pretty useless.

        Shitting fuzzy diagram and font.

        • My local supercheap arranged for one to be sent to them and we picked it up from there

  • got one thanks!

  • Can finally buy one of these now that my girlfriend has broken up with me!

  • https://youtu.be/CoqSrM9Goek

    From this review it seems ok

  • Somebody just put this review on SCA a few hours ago-

    "Very average
    Instructions are vague
    Flimsy, build quality average
    Had to modify to fit Logitech shifter
    Spot welds holding captive nuts on already cracked
    Seating position average
    Can't expect much for the money and from autotechnica but for $250 I expected it to at least do the job
    Barely fit for purpose, ill strengthen it and keep it, still better than a table and chair but concerned how long it will last with the quality of it"

  • Got a similar seat to this, best value for racing seats!!

    Am I the only one thinking wth is a car auto shop selling video games peripheral?!? It's funny that it actually kind of make sense, since when they started selling video games stuffs?!?

  • We just picked ours up it looked new and sealed but we can not see the plastic pedal plate. Was it packed by itself in the box or hidden in something like the chair padding.

    • I'd be contacting the store of purchase to see if they can check that for you

      • Thanks yep spoke to super cheap no stock avaiable they are going to email them to see if they can get the part but apparently they take a while to get back to them.

  • Just picked mine up and put together. VERY HAPPY! Sturdy and adjustable for my 6 foot son and 5 year old niece!

  • +3 votes

    Picked this up on Friday. Yes it seems thin and flimsy but it does the trick. I'm still playing around with the various adjustments to get comfortable though. Will figure out the durability in due course I suspect.

    FYI for anyone mounting the Logitech G27, you'll likely need to do a Bunnings run to pick up some bolts for mounting. G27 uses M6x1.0, I bought 30mm bolts but you could get away with a little shorter too.

    Has anybody figured out how to mount the G27 shifter on to this? The holes line up with the plate but the shape of the shifter doesn't seem to allow it to be mounted.