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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black 100,000 Qantas Points + $150 Back from $425 Annual Fee ($3,000 Spend in First 3 Months)


100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $150 back to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black

When you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

Plus get 75 bonus Status Credits and an additional 30,000 bonus Qantas Points when you keep your card for over 12 months.

T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply (including annual fee, currently $425).

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  • Not as good as previously, but surely this is the best cc deal going? Everyone else seems to be running pretty ordinary offers.

  • +6 votes

    Still a good deal.
    And because this always comes up for ANZ cards - I was recently able to get the FF Black (previous 120k and $275 back deal) and clear the minimum spend. As soon as I got points and rebate added to account, I moved the FF Black on to my Breakfree package then called the Breakfree team and had the full $370 annual fee (minus $55 rewards) credited back. So I made $95 - easy. YMMV.

    • Just general question - I am paying package fees for my Bank of Melb - do u reckon this will work with BOM as well?

    • What's breakfree package?

      • ANZ Home Loan packaging - gives you discounts, fee free credit cards, specific accounts, etc. for a flat annual fee.

    • How did you move your card to the break free package? Did you do it online yourself or you called some team in ANZ and asked them to do it for you? Thanks.

    • I might try this too

    • Just wondering if you could now close this card and wait for the new deal and do the same on another card? Or the package can only cover fees for one card (in total) per year?

      • You could - but many of the points and rebate bonuses are much like other cards with timeframes of previous cards (12-18 months).

        • That's true and also the package generally covers only 1 card

        • What I was looking at doing was first putting partner's card under the package, cancel the card, apply new card for me and then put that under the package. Any idea if the annual fees would be covered for both cards since there will only be one active card at any time?

    • I have done this previously with Anz, Nab and St George (where I had home loans at the time) but never delayed it until after the points cleared, just straight away, so that no annual fee was triggered. With St George it actually was but then got it refunded when I rang them.

    • What does ymmv mean?

    • By moving the card to your Breakfree package, that means you won't be eligible for future ANZ FF Card deals (since you have an existing ANZ FF card)?

      I thought about doing this too, but I won't be able to take advantage of future similar offers from ANZ.

      • +2 votes

        Correct, and that is fine for now. I've done AMEX, now with BoM. Next will be Westpac or others, plus my wife also has some churning to do.

    • I just called ANZ and they said that since I am linking the card after opening the cc account the won’t waive the first year fee. It took them 3 months to finally credit the FF points even though I completed the spend in 2 months. I said my “friend” meaning other ozbargainers was able to get the fee back but the guy I spoke with from the Breakfree team said he hadn’t heard of that and it’s not possible.

      How did you convince them to refund the card fee?

      • Hang up and call back until someone can do it for you. If that means 10x then so be it.

        • But they need me to fill in a form with signatures from both Breakfree package holders - they won’t link over the phone. Were you able to link over the phone?

    • I am in the same boat. I already received 100k points and $275 rebate. When I call up ANZ they advised if I link the card to breakfree package, there will be no bonus points. Can they withdraw the points that is already been credited into my QFF account ? Your points are still all there ?

      • Points are all still there. I very much doubt they would/could and if they did complain and complain.

  • Ouch, way worse then previous deal. $275+ annual fee after the cashback hurts me in the ozbargains.

  • ANZ = hopeless CC application process , (waiting for >month, no communication, very poor experience)

    • Agree. Apparently Covid-19 is the new "A dog ate my homework" to these businesses too.

    • Agree. I'm still waiting on them to process my application submitted 4 weeks ago.
      They've removed their contact helpline as well.
      I had to email [email protected]

    • Agree. Reasonably responsive +/- a week for my app for recent black deal, confirmed some details, but got rejected for both it and the lower platinum card!!! then applied for westpac plat mastercard, approved within 48 hrs with a quick check day after my app. chalk and cheese experience. never had Amex, St G, Citi cards refused, no change in circumstances (but ANZ prob has given royal comm etc re criteria?). who knows what ANZ doing, prob met quota and just data mining me

      Still, not a bad offer, if you can get it. thanks OP

    • Same here. Applied for the 75k pointshack deal weeks ago, still nothing even after "escalating". Absolutely hopeless bank.

      • Got my CC validation yesterday, total 8 days. What are the variables ? I just sent them an email telling I needed to by furniture for my recent move in.

    • Agree. Warning others too.

      My recent application for a new card was simply awful. Have had relatively straightforward applications for many ANZ cards in the past including one I was still holding (and had applied for under unchanged circumstances)

      My application was deferred to an offshore location that ring you at random times with very difficult to understand english and noisy lines. Initially supplied documents then I did not hear from them for weeks on end and with the local contact closed, the only contact is to email them and hope they get in touch with you eventually. Turns out 2 payslips is not enough they want 3, then more documents and so on (all weeks apart). Had to supply bank statements, then when they rang had to actually walk through them with the lady who seemed confused with "debits" versus "credits" and what period a "quarterly transaction statement - period x to y" actually covered.

      Looking through the comments on other thread for ANZ CC deals appears this a pretty common thing since COVID happened…

    • Agree they are useless

  • Thanks 🙏

  • On the ANZ Platinum pointhacks deal now… Not sure what offers there will be come December.

  • Had a great experience with signing up to ANZ. I read the application form carefully, have a good credit history, have no unusual debt, clear income evidence. You have to realise that there is a person at the other end just ticking boxes. If you give them a reason not to tick the right boxes, expect pain.

  • $425 annual fee kills the deal

    • $275 after cash back if you meet the minimum spend criteria. Still not as good as the previous credit card deal posted a few days ago though.

  • Just be careful if you getting home loan in near future, not to open too much CC.
    I had so much trouble getting a loan.

    • Cancel your unused credit cards. As long as you have a closure letter to show the lender, you're good to go

  • Nearly $300 annual fee is a bit rough. Pass for now.

  • Quick q, I have this card just under my name with my wife as an additional card holder. Does anyone know if she be elible for the Quants points if she signed up for her own card?

  • question re this,

    can i get the 2 lounge passes added to my QFF or do i have to buy stuff to get them?, then cancel the card and keep them?

    or will they be removed cheers

    • You need to call ANZ to get the digital passes. Each pass is valid for 1 year once it is issued to your QFF account.
      Your passes are still valid after you cancel the credit card.
      You don’t need to make any qantas purchase to qualify for the passes.

      • Appreciate it thanks.

        • That's right. Try order it a week or so before you close the CC so you could get almost 12 months before expired.

          Sigh, I got about 4 passes going to expired by mid next year. Don't know if we can even fly out by then.

  • There is $65 fee for supplementary cardholder, correct?