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$3 Bonus on $100 Discounted Woolworths Gift Card Purchase @ Cashrewards (Activation Required, Stack with 5% Discount, OzB only)


Hi everyone. Another nice bonus for our members which works out to a 8% saving on a $100 gift card, although the bonus does apply to any purchase of $100 or more. Please read the terms and activate the offer prior to shopping. Once activated, shop as normal via the 'Shop Now' button on Cashrewards. Valid for purchases made from 3:00pm 28/08/20 to 11:59pm 28/08/20 (AEST). Thanks for your support as always. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • To be eligible for the AUD $3 bonus, you must first activate the promotion via the main link in this post, then shop as normal via Woolworths Gift Cards on Cashrewards.
  • Transaction must be made between 3:00PM AEST 28/08/20 and 11:59PM AEST 28/08/20.
  • $3 bonus is eligible when buying an eGift or physical card with face value of AUD $100 or more in a single transaction (excluding physical card delivery fees).
  • $3 bonus will not be added to your Cashrewards account at time of purchase. It will be credited separately as approved by 12/09/20.
  • $3 bonus is over and above the advertised 5% discount which still applies to the transaction.
  • Transaction is valid if made online via desktop browser, Cashrewards mobile app, or mobile browser.
  • $3 bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Separate transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  • $3 bonus is ineligible if your order is cancelled, changed, returned, or rejected.
  • For queries regarding the purchase of Woolworths Gift Cards, contact Woolworths Customer Contact Centre on 1300 10 1234 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm AEST, Sat/Sun 10am-4pm AEST), or email [email protected]
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

WGC 5% discount is not a cashback offer - it's an instant discount on purchase - electronic delivery varies from instant to 24 hours (controlled by Woolies). Your WGC transaction can take up to 7 days to report into your Cashrewards account, and the $3 bonus will be added on or before Sep 12, 2020. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +3

    T___T I just bought $200 gift card this morning.
    gotta do ti again

    • +1

      I bought $300…

      • +2

        thanks for making me feel a bit better lol

  • +12

    We got Bonus $2 for $50 last time
    Can we get $4 instead?

    • $4? Can we get $4000 instead?

  • Will just wait for 2$ bonus on 50$ purchase deal, which is published regularly.

    • +23

      Or do both. TA bonus on Woolies cards is better than bank interest.

      • +3

        1.60% after 1 year, and you get taxed on that too.

      • +2

        That is a great way to pitch this deal

      • oops. ignore this.

  • So, it is $8 discount for $100 worth of gift card.

  • +17

    i've felt missed out on the $20 targetted offer. so wont be using cashrewards for a while.

    • i feel pain in my heart

    • +1

      I just used ShopBack on a purchase

  • +5

    $3 bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account

    This is a pretty lukewarm deal.

  • +1

    Just to be clear, it is $3 bonus for $100 gift card, i.e. $95 spend? Not $100 spend is that right?

    • +7

      with face value of AUD $100 or more

  • +2

    Cheers TA!

  • -1

    Do we still get it if we do 2 x $50 cards?

    • I suspect so? As long as the 2 cards purchased are in the one transaction that totals $100 in face value or more.

  • Cashrewards getting ready for the stock exchange launch! I bet (but hope not) that they will stop after launch.

    • +1


    • +1

      If I were them I would go ASAP with the huge US tech bubble ( driving tech stock worldwide to crazy prices ) definitely going to make the IPO be overs day 1 :)

      TA can retire lol

  • Any thoughts on the push for us to buy Woolies cards? Using the stats to sign up more companies to offer same, or hopefully to convince Coles to do it.

    • Using the stats to sign up more companies to offer same, or hopefully to convince Coles to do it.

      Boy oh boy that would be insane, they only offer it as part of work programs at the moment.

      • +2

        Yeah. It's getting frustrating having to head to Woolies all the time when a Coles is more convenient. I do pop in now and again to view the out of date specials.

        • +9

          Except the Coles Gift Cards you can't even use online. WW Online is light years ahead of Coles Online.

          Also WW GC's have no expiry, whereas Coles are 3 year expiry.

          • +2

            @abc: Agreed, but Coles Flybuys points program is light years ahead of Woolies Rewards program.

  • Can i buy through app

    • +1

      Of course, but activate the offer on desktop or mobile browser first (activation not available on the app).

  • +1

    Got one.

    Thanks! TA

  • +2

    free money!

    thx mate

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question - does it have to be a Woolworths gift card or can it be a Wish gift card? There's a few options on Buy Gift Cards for Woolworths.

    • +1

      Good question actually. Says you have to buy from the Woolworths WISH gift card page, so anything from there should be fine.

    • +1

      A woolworths gift card IS a wish gift card. You can use it throughout their network.

  • not impressive with Cashrewards tracking recently, basically had to contact them several times each, especially the Caltex one

    • I had an issue with Caltex as well.

      I bought something from Aliexpress for 12% cashback but still no tracking until now.
      It looks like I will have to contact them again soon.

    • Hi webtherapist. You are correct re Caltex and it certainly was an issue as a number of outlets inadvertently changed terminal IDs which then failed to track sales via Visa & Mastercard back to us. However, every single claim was paid. Hope this was the case for you too :)

      • I had issues with tracking as well but didn't make a claim because I forgot to save the receipt :(

      • +1

        I second TA. I too had issue with Caltex but fortunately saved receipt and opened claim. It has now been tracked.

    • Yes, my Dan Murphy's purchase didn't track a couple days ago with the extra $3 discount..just waiting to lodge a ticket. Although I must say they have been mostly good in the past, I'm sure it will be fixed up.

  • +2

    not a dumb question at all, I just bought a wish card and now I realise maybe its not ok

  • +4

    I don't need this. I don't need this. I don't need this.

    I bought this.

    I don't shop at Woolworths. I used to use them on petrol, but I don't buy that anymore. It'll eventually get used on booze; together with the $150 worth that I already have.

    • Stack with discounts for first pick up shop, delivery etc 😀

  • +3

    Thanks. Keep them coming please.

  • Hi T.A, Any idea when will CashRewards will be offering cash-back on gift-cards bought from AusPost online shop again?

    • +5

      Hi Bob. We're hoping real soon. They have a minor tracking issue we've asked them to fix, so waiting on that to be resolved.

      • +2

        Even their postal tracking is down right now, so might have to hold your breath and wait.

      • +1

        Great. Thanks for the update.

  • Just noticed on the Money App that at the bottom you can show the barcode to scan the gift card. Tho I feel like this has been a feature here forever…

    • +3

      It's a new feature. Make it way easier at the checkout.

      • Oh so it is new. I used it yesterday and it either wasn't there or I didn't pay enough attention.

    • +1

      Yeh the system has had some upgrades. Also now if you return something they can credit it back to the gift card rather than issue you another card.

  • +1

    Thanks TA!

  • +2

    Thanks TA.

    Would long time Ozbargain member able to get IPO when it happens?

    • +1

      That would be great if they offered members the chance to make the 'spread' allocations first before they offer it out to Equitise, Raisebook etc. And it would save them some broker fees.

  • +1

    Thanks TA. $100 egc it is then…

    …Woolies site not working well - very very slow

  • Bought one!

  • +2

    Can't get enough of the bonus credits. Keep it coming TA. Thanks!

  • +2

    Set a deal reminder for the 13/9/20 so you can check you got the bonus.

  • Can anyone confirm whether or not you can purchase iTunes cards from Woolies](https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560719)/Big W with Woolworths gift cards?

    This old Facebook post says that you can

    The T&C on the Woolworths site say that you can't purchase "Gift Cards or eGift Cards", but that's just what they call their own cards all through that site. Do iTunes cards fall under that?

    • I tried it in store and no you cannot buy a gift card with a gift card. Not sure if it is just ITunes, has to do with money laundering laws

    • You can't anymore, you used to be able to buy any gift card with wish gift cards, but they stopped that a long time ago.

  • +1

    Thanks just bought $100 keep the deals coming

  • +2

    Nothing like trying to pump up the active users / revenue metrics ahead of an IPO.
    Was wondering why there’s been so many bonus offers from CashRewards lately 😉🤑


  • +2

    Thanks TA!!! these bonus deals are the best

  • Thanks TA.

    Any offers on Repco or Super Cheap Auto anytime soon?

  • Im confused if I add $100 gift card to my cart it comes up as $95 so do I need to spend $100 to get $3 cashback? so add $105 gift card?

    • You buy $100 worth of gift card at the cost of $95. The $3 cashback will be given to you later.

    • "eGift or physical card with face value of AUD $100 or more".
      Face value, so you will pay $95 but the gift card will say $100.

  • +1

    If you use you CDC card you'll get another 10% cashback as well.

  • -3

    How to activate this offer please?

    • +3

      Really? Your not serious are you?

      • +1

        I used to work there, but got my own business now. But OzBargain doesn't allow me untick the employee box.

        • Please contact us privately here

      • If you look at the commenter's posts and comments, it's all basically this. Zero comprehension skills and always asking for help rather than providing help and/or deals to the community. You know it's them when the word 'please' is used …

        You have to contact the moderators if you want to remove an Employee tag from the company you used to work for.

  • +1

    Done !
    Thanks TA

  • +1

    Thanks TA.

  • awesome - just ordered Woolies $100 card from CR and came within 1 minute - I've been doing it from AGL rewards but it seems even easier with CR since I'm always already logged on

    I'm looking at my rewards and I've got an overdue reward from first half of July (bloody adidas) - I've followed up twice already with CR customer service and I get the feeling it will permanently stay on pending - anyone else experience something similar?

    • thanks TA - I should have messaged you to investigate - always solving problems quickly

  • +1

    Tried to resist. But couldn't. Thanks TA!

  • +3

    Wow, it doesn’t take much to excite you guys does it?

    • +5

      Takes less than 50 cents to excite us 😝

  • The description of the terms of this offer seem contradictory to me. Here is part of the listing:

    "bonus for our members works out to a 8% saving on a $100 gift card, although the bonus does apply to any purchase of $100 or more.
    $3 bonus is eligible when buying an eGift or physical card with face value of AUD $100 or more."

    So, on the one hand it says that the bonus does not apply to a purchase of $100 or more, but on the other hand it says that the $3 bonus is only eligible for a purchase of $100 or more!

    Good grief. Which one is it?

    • +5

      Try reading again: "the bonus does apply to any purchase of $100 or more."

    • +2

      It means you get the same $3 bonus even if you order a bigger gift card. So if you buy a $200 card you'll get the usual 5% discount ($10) on the spot then get your bonus $3 later… so you'll essentially pay $187 for your $200 voucher, which of course isn't as good a percentage as if u paid $92 for a $100 voucher.
      Any clearer?

  • +2

    Thanks TA!

  • -2

    Sorry, the offer has now expired.

    • +2

      That's what the EXPIRED tag in red is for 🙄

  • So this gets emailed many hours after it expires again

    • I received an OzB front page notification email a few minutes after posting the deal (see here). Check your OzB settings for email preferences.

      • +1

        He's probably talking about the daily 7am ozb newsletter.

  • Still no tracking from Friday so will have to wait out the 7 days and then claim :(

    • +1

      Tracking for what? There's nothing to claim here. It's an instant discount.

      • +1

        I think he mean a tracking to show he bought the gift card through cash rewards.

        I always see a transaction when a buy the Woolworths gift card via Cash rewards.

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