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Razer DeathAdder Essential Right Handed Gaming Mouse $47 Delivered @ Amazon AU


You may be able to use the targeted, app only, first order only APPONLY10 code with the official Amazon Shopping app to get $10 off bringing it down to $37, plus free shipping if you have Prime. (Mod: Old code that expired on 30 Jun)

Seems like a good deal compared to other places and has some decent reviews. Only has two side buttons though.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • These are really good from experience. I have the old ones without the buttons from 2011 and it still works quite well.

    • noob Q, but what makes this better than a normal mouse?

      • It depends what you mean by a normal mouse and what you want to use it for.

        Compared to a $15 logitech 'basic' mouse you gain extra side buttons which I personally use all the time.
        Generally more sturdy construction with nicer plastics/rubber side grips.
        The mouse button switches are probably slightly better quality. They will register when you click and less likely to register false clicks.
        The sensor on the bottom is generally higher quality with a higher DPI.

        In reality you can probably get by with either for any given use. I personally think they are worth the money. There are many very very minor advantages over a basic mouse but they add up to a tangible difference IMO.

  • I can’t use promo code. Why?

  • Thanks. Worked for me without prime!

  • Thanks OP

  • Is there any wireless version equivalent to this?

  • Made a new amazon account and used with a new credit card. Did it on my phone too. APPONLY10 didn't work for me.

  • Can you confirm that the APPONLY10 code works? (Did you actually use it and see the discount at the checkout?)

    From the previously posted coupon deal that code expired on 30 Jun. I can't find any reference to it having returned. I can confirm that if it is indeed alive again, it is definitely targeted as I don't see a "Get $10.00 off only on the Amazon mobile app" under the price and I can't apply the code to this product in my first ever app order attempt.

    • Try contacting amazon live chat support. They gave me $10 off even though I probably wasn't entitled to it on a new account.

      • Thanks for the tip.

        I'm not really after the $10 off so much as wanting to know if the code is alive again (or indeed didn't actually expire, never mind the Terms & Conditions saying otherwise), so that I can edit the deal correctly.

        I think I'll hit up the chat support and see what they say.

    • OK… I rang Amazon Customer Service, and the APPONLY10 code didn't come up in a search of their system.

      I've edited the deal to remove the code until such time as the code can be confirmed as working again.

      • Code is definitely targetted then as I had used it on the deal.

        I just realised its most probably because I had the targetted app10 code a while ago but I never installed the app or used the code so maybe thats the reason I could still use it.

        • 🤔 Interesting. Usually, if you're targeted but don't install the app/use the code then when the code's expiry date comes up that's it. No second chances.

          Given what the Cutomer Service bloke said, I think it's best to wait until somebody else confirms that the code is working before re-editing it back into your post.