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[eBay Plus] ASUS RX580 8GB Dual OC GPU $224.10 Shipped @ Computer Alliance eBay


Is there a better value GPU for $225?

Combine it with the $180 i5 9400 for a $600 gaming PC.

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  • where these nos cards coming from - someone found a pallet at ingram etc? surely they cant be still making them?

  • Got one thanks OP

  • This or the Galax GeForce GTX 1650 Super EX for $239 delivered?

    • Super would have better performance, however much less vram.

      If you were to buy a gpu NOW, RX 580 for sure. Games are going to use a lot more vram. being a little bit slower on the processor is no biggie at this price.

      • You're not buying any of these cards to be futureproofed lets be real here.

        Once you need that extra vram more than the actual GPU power, both these cards are going to be out of date

      • The 1650 super has better performance, like you said.

      • nvidia use less vram on same game settings…. they have something called …. forgot what it is

    • https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2572?vs=2524

      They look practically the same, the RX 580 has the advantage with 8GB VRAM vs 4GB VRAM for the 1650 Super.

      The Nvidia card has a newer architecture, so it's likely to receive driver updates and optimisations for longer than the RX 580. It'll also consume less power and generate less heat (the RX 580 is quite power hungry for its performance).

      My gripe with the 1650 Super is that it's 1 x HDMI, 1 x DP and 1 x DVI, which is a terrible combination of ports IMO, but maybe I'm the crazy one with 4 monitors.

      Overall, close call.

    • Buy the cheapest one now, you will upgrade it in the next two years.

  • The 1650 super is $15 more + delivery if you need NVENC/CUDA. IIRC it's about 3% faster (negligible) so pretty identical in terms of performance, however this is much newer so it may have slightly better resell value. It does have half the VRAM though so not as good for high graphical/texture settings. Strictly for gaming use, the RX570 is probably the best out of the three in terms of value

    • https://www.centrecom.com.au/galax-geforce-gtx-1650-super-ex...

      Alternatively Centrecom as well.

      however this is much newer so it may have slightly better resell value

      Nah, in my experience of flipping PC parts, higher end last gen stuff always sells for more than current gen lower end parts. Look at the 1080 Ti still fetching more than the 2070 Super new, despite them being pretty even (1080 Ti probably a few % faster?). The RX 580 8GB is a flipper's classic, it looks/sounds better than the 1650 Super for the normie buyer.

      • this is something I can't understand, people are buying 1080ti for over $800 apparently, when they could get new with fairly comparable performance and price.

        Like why, if you can afford to pay $800 for a video card, you should be reasonably well-off, why would you put yourself through the pain of using others people used product

        For example, I recently sold my portable monitor for $200 which I bought for $230 in November. And the dude that bought it, came to pick it up in a Merc AMG, like what the (profanity)!!

        • Not everybody is as knowledgable/up to date, that's what I'd put it down to.

        • People don't know what they're buying. If you have something that's an "i7 CPU" or "80-series GPU", people will instantly think that it's good because they've heard those terms somewhere.

  • 1 RX 480 = $1.30/day



    • 190 watt kills it really. Otherwise a good buy for a RIG.

      • 100W/30mhs is easily achievable if you get lucky with the memory, nobody mines at 100% tdp unless you get free power and even then you'd have problems with cooling

        • 100 watts is not bad at all then, I did a quick google search and it returned 190W 32MH. I might buy a few then.

          • @icheema: i'd be more worried about fluctuating profitability it was at 30c/day in january 不不不

            also i have no clue whats happening but apparently eth 2.0 = PoW = mining going away possibly

            • @abctoz: Yeah I know what you saying. I have quite a few rigs right now, so this just compliments them.

              All of them have paid them over almost 5 times due to current run-up. All were setup last year, been mining new coins such as hns, nimiq and Eth, which pumped. So not too bothered about ROI at this stage, I have 15kw solar so would like to utilize it fully.

              • @icheema: How much did that solar cost you total?

                We're looking at going solar but never find the right price or whatever.

                Is there a recommended solar deal on ozbargain as free electricity after X years paid off or $Y is great.

            • @abctoz: End up buying 10 lol, wish me luck.

      • Who mines at stock? You need to drop power and oc.

        Even then this is still op.

        • Yeah I am aware, it was a quick google search, I don't currently own these.

          Now a proud owner of 12 :P

  • Thanks. Purchased one as a spare video card whilst in between upgrades (such as now whilst waiting for Nvidia's Ampere video cards to be released). I was getting sick of offering $185-190 for used ones (which looked like they had been in dirty warehouses for the last 24 months) on eBay and getting the offers declined.

  • only for ebay plus??

  • Combine it with the $180 i5 9400 for a $600 gaming PC.

    How? I already exceeded $600 without a case or power supply,

    • I heard shoeboxes make excellent pc cases…

    • yeah only possible with an i3 9100f I think


    • which mobo to make a 600$ PC with these two parts above?

    • Well I built a gaming PC last year for less.
      $150 for a used i5-6600 and 2x8GB HyperX 2400 ram from my mate.
      Swapped my old xbox one for an Galax 1050Ti from another mate.
      $60 for a Asus H110m/A-m.2 from a local computer store.
      A samsung 1TB sata SSD I bought years ago for around $150 (with cash back).

      And here comes the cheapest steal: $10 Antec case with 380W gold PSU from gumtree.

      Then slowly over the months:
      I sold the Samsung SATA SSD (about 500MB/s read/write) for $150, and bought a new 1TB intel M.2 SSD for $150 (over 2000MB/s read/write).
      Sold the 1050Ti for $150, bought a new gigabyte 1650 super for $250.
      Bought an i7-6700K for $250, expecting to sell my i5-6600 for around $150.

      So all in all, spent about $570 for a decent gaming system which is capable of VR and almost 60fps 4K gaming minus monitor and keyboard/mouse (reused my home office rig).

      • 1650 Super 4K60? On what?

        • Most competitive titles, League, CS:GO, Dota…etc. will run at 60 fps+ at 4K. You probably wouldn't want to be playing CS:GO on 4K at 60 Hz, but for RTS, 4K60 is good. Not everyone plays Metro Exodus, Tomb Raider, and Assassin's Creed you know.

  • its pretty good that this is still a worthy purchase for 1080p gaming after many years of being available, the larger amount of memory means it does a better job than a lot of similar priced cards.

  • Free returns in 30 days… guess see how ridiculous nvidia 3000 series prices are
    Don't care that much about max settings

  • Is this a worthwhile upgrade to a RX470 8GB?

  • Wait until 3000 series is released for GTX 1650 super to go down in price.

    • Only the RTX 3080 ($1200+ AUD) and RTX 3090 ($2100+ AUD) are being released in September. The RTX 3070 ($900+ AUD) will follow in October, with the RTX 3060 ($600+ AUD) possibly at the same time or later in the year. These will affect the prices of the entry level video cards very little.

  • Any good for VR in Quest with Questlink?

  • Bought a used 5500XT 4GB for $260 a few weeks ago… Regrets…

  • Didn't need one.. Bought one..

    Now I gotta buy the other components. and tell the wife we are building a new PC !!

    Yay !!!

  • Thanks.. will claim on price protection insurance

  • Omg Yess!
    I have a 570 and it's still killing GTA . Can't wait to get a 580 too

  • Haven't got eBay plus but this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561500 Gigabyte 580 is available again for $229 so grabbed one with local store pick up.
    May work out cheaper with delivery than the Asus model for those that don't have eBay plus.

    • I bought the one from Austin yesterday, sucks that this was posted afterwards. Bought this one and sent their support a message stating I want to cancel. Will see if they pull through, if not I'll have two cards =( . I have plus so this ones a better deal.

    • Which one better, i've got a computer alliance up the road.

      ps. kind of keen to make a second pc from some old case/psu with stuff like this when it works out cheap enough, play gta on the tv with dualshock 4 (once can get working over bluetooth).. at least another option/setup than ditching the entire pc. I've got a Radeon HD 6950, prob not worth much? Can't play any modern games but fine for desktop.
      Got a Fractal refine R3 still decent, not the best airflow but need a new mobo

    • the real Ozbargainers should have 2-3 eBay accounts so you could take advantage of the $1 eBay Plus offer

      • How do you get this? I signed up and then cancelled, they offered me $30 voucher to stay on

        • there's 2 promotions that they run regularly, either pay$1 or pay$49 and get $50 gift card. I just sign up my accounts to eBay Plus, then cancelled it. A few months later, one of them got targeted for the promo

          • @ln28909: Have one eBay account almost 20yrs now, and couple junk accounts that were used for eBay plus discount offer. Never been targeted for any promo.
            Got eBay plus the year it came out, now plus deals appear to be mostly, though not all, a reason for sellers to increase (Jack) their prices !

            As much as it pains me to say it, and Bezo has way to much money, but i get better value for money in my opinion from Amazon prime.

  • Does anyone think I should return this because the price will drop further with the recent drop of 30 series and BIG NAVI
    I want to resell this but not lose much in 6 months

    • How much cheaper will it really get though, ~$220 is a pretty good deal.
      I remember paying heaps back in the day for a 1 or 2GB mid range card.
      Good point though, but if you're worried about things getting better and cheaper than computers are the worst ha.

    • I'm in the same boat. Thinking about returning and wait until the 5600xt comes around $300ish. But then I'm just a casual gamer with only MSFS2020 my latest game and the rest just Projects Car 2 etc.

      • Same, was thinking of a small itx build, something more than a nas, apparently this gpu gets a bit hot though in a small case. Could probably just run onboard for a while, got a 2060 super and hardly play many Games after using PC all day.

        Guess don't need it may as well send it back (but possibly keep the i5 for $200)

  • 3000 series prices don't seem too bad. So hopefully and will be even more competitive.

    • Think this RX580 good to keep for a spare, prob can get something similar again for similar or cheaper?
      Crazy even buying hardware for another pc but my previous old one sitting around, not worth building with old case, psu ok for a spare. Just need to get rid of redundant stuff (ddr3 ram and gpu can go for a cheap price good getting anything back)

  • this deal is still going