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Gigabyte Radeon RX580 Gaming 8GB Graphics Card $229 @ Austin Computers


Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8GB Graphic Cards (RX580GAMING-8GD-R2.0)

Core Clock: 1355Mhz in OC Mode,1340Mhz in Gaming Mode
WINDFORCE 2X with Blade Fan Design
RGB fusion – 16. 8M customizable color lighting
Memory Clock 8000 MHz

1 x HDMI
3 x DisplayPort

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Austin Computers
Austin Computers

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  • Great value. Static ice has the next best at $277

  • I might order this for my Ryzentosh

    • I was looking at the Sapphire Nitro+ - but decided to go with this for the price

    • you can use any AMD card for Ryzentosh at this stage really. I upgraded from RX 580 to RX 5600 XT and it was a breeze.

  • Good time to sell off your graphics card before the eventual dealpocolypse

  • is it much better than RX 570 for simple gaming ?

    • Roughly 30% better performance for close to the same price point. If you don't have a card - get this one, if you already have an RX 570 that's a harder decision, probably yes - but your trading off a second hand card to pay for a new card

  • $15 shipping to Melbourne though… still a good price, but if it was free shipping I'd jump on that instantly. With all the new cards about to come out I'm betting all these older cards will be sold cheap soon!

  • Been hanging out to upgrade my 2013 R9 280 for ages. This'll do, thanks!

    • I think if you can wait this long for an upgrade. Wait for RDNA 2.0

      • Was going to wait for the nVidia 3000 cards but there's not going to be anything that comes close to this price and I don't use it enough to justify the price that the new cards are going to be. This will do for now at least.

        • Yep, entry level cards will be released after all the high end stuff, so there might not be anything new in this price range until next year even.

        • I hope its not too late, but I would recommend against it.

          I have the rx580, but before that i had a r9 290.

          increase in fps is not really worth it i feel. I only did it because back then r9 290 were being snapped up by miners so it was zero loss for me.

  • What is the stream processors? Please.

  • Thanks op. Got one for my hackintosh as well.

  • That went quick

  • I have this exact card. Bought it 2nd hand a year ago. It's great! I can play all modern AAA games at High Settings at 1080p. I even use it to stream and game at the same time (not the best but it works).

  • Bugger. I was just about to place an order.

  • Wouldn't surprise me if miners hogged it all.

  • Alright remember, this has been good value at this price for, wow how many years? I mean there was the RX 480 in June of 2016, and we're now in September of 2020, gosh that's a sad state of affairs when a card from 2016 is still being bought and is still good value.

    Nvidia is about to release new cards in a week or so, then AMD will release some a month or so after that so, just wait, everything will be cheaper, new cards, used cards, performance per dollar should go up.

  • Fan is loud like a vacuum.

  • Does OzBargain just have very vocal minorities or does everyone here:

    • Have a 100TB NAS.

    • Have a Hackintosh.

    • Have a Ubiquiti router.

    • Have a beefy PC.

    • Have a HTPC.

  • This is the best card for mining Ether.

  • Can I use this on a crossfire set up with my Rx580 ROG Strix 8gb or does it need to be exact same card.
    Also do I need a full ATX mobo or a m-ATX will do?

    • You just need two of the same RX580 8GB, the brands don't need to match.

      You need a motherboard that has the right chipset that supports crossfire, the form factor of the motherboard is largely irrelevant.
      In most motherboards typically the second slot runs at 8x speed and not 16x.

      Also unless you're using your GPU's for some professional related task or deep learning, you shouldn't be buying multi-GPU setups for gaming. There's too many disadvantages with multi-GPU for games that makes it not worth the trouble and the financial outlay. Not to mention you run into crazy thermal throttling issues when you have two GPU's sandwiched together.

      A single powerful GPU is going to give you better performance than two mid-ranged ones, simply due to how poorly games support dual GPU's.

    • I used to run crossfire but there's so few games that actually support it that I was running 1 card for pretty much every game I played.
      If you're still keen to do it, check whether the games you'll be playing support it and run it well, otherwise it's pretty much a waste of money.

      • the mining cards are definitely affected by mining profitability just use whattomine.com and put in 1 rx 480

        they're doing roughtly $1/day currently, back in january they were around 30c/day, this is still no where near the 2017 boom you could get $5/day easy and there were days you could get $20 because little people knew about mining lol

        i picked up a mining card cheap during the 2014 bust, 4 years later it was worth more than i paid for it because of the next boom, back in january i was posting $90 rx 570 deals and nobody was interested now they're going for $150: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514997

        tldr markets are insane

  • Well, that sucks. I've been scouting out Amazon, eBay, OzBargain, etc. for days trying to find a decent deal without luck. I was so desperate I almost pulled the trigger on an ex-mining RX 480 for $220 from AliExpress (thankfully, the additional 10% import tax during checkout changed my mind). I'm surprised they haven't really dropped in price over the last 18 months (and they currently lack AMD's Raise the Game promotion).

    • Just go for the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super similar performance but due to the 4GB GDDR6 you are kinda limited to 1080p resolution but still a great deal & only $239 delivered or wait for the new gen of video cards later this year.


      Nvidia GTX 1650 Super
      * Better Power Usage (Approx. 100 watts)
      * Released Q4 2019
      * Similar Performance on 1080p resolution to RX 580

      RX 580
      * Requires More Power (Approx.180 watts)
      * Released Q2 2017

      The 1650 OC version performance is at least 20% slower than the 1650 Super version so always best to go with 1650 Super which appears to be only a 5-10% more in price.

  • Looks like the deal is active again. However, regular post within the same state is $28. Is it being chauffeured?