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[eBay Plus] LG CX 65" 4K Smart OLED TV (OLED65CXPTA) $3591 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


[eBay Plus] LG CX 65" 4K Smart OLED TV (OLED65CXPTA) $3591 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay

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  • Please tag this with "OLED65CXPT" so it comes up with all prior and future deals. - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/lg-oled65cxpta

  • I have one of these on the way to replace another LG that has been playing up and is a couple years old . Under "warranty" after much work by my parter when she insisted :)

    • Consumer Law?

    • Congrats.

    • As a note, my in-laws had a Samsung (admittedly it was a top end model) that died about at about 3 years old.

      They called up Samsung expecting a shit fight but it was assessed and then they were offered either a replacement with a new model or a full refund of their purchase price, no questions at all about it being 2 years out of "warranty".

      clearly they took the ($3700) refund and then went and bought a new one themselves, so then the "warranty period" starts fresh 🙂

      Just thought I'd post up a positive experience with warranty claims.

  • No rural postage, again.

  • These are due for a drop in a month or two. Don't bother until they're below $2800.

    • Based on what? Could easily go the other way when supply can't meet next gen console demand

      • Launch console sales are a drop in the ocean compared to the TV market.

        Major price drops for TVs start in October, and continue through to January, then the TVs start to go on clearance between than and March-April. That's the annual release cycle.

        Economies of scale go up as they perfect their manufacturing process. You can go look at the previous C series models for 5 years and see what I mean, which would cover your console argument as well.

      • The C9's went down to almost $2500

        • Before coronavirus was a thing and and the bottom of the console cycle.

          • @iMagoo: I couldn't imagine console sales for TV's have any impact. Most serious gamers wouldn't buy an OLED anyway. Casual gamers like me it's fine, but if you game a lot OLED would be a terrible choice.

            • @onlinepred: LG OLED's are a great choice for serious but non competitive gamers. They have all the features you would need like good HDR, Adaptive Sync, and 4K 120hz. The input lag is a bit high for competitive gaming and you have to be careful about burn in, although I still need to do more research into how much of an issue that really is. But you would never use any TV sized display for competitive gaming anyway because your eyes can't take in the whole thing at once.

            • @onlinepred:

              if you game a lot OLED would be a terrible choice.


              • @snuke: Only due to burn in. Many games have static HUDS that do not change, if you game ALOT, then you will get burn in over time.

                I have a C9 OLED, and I am very wary about it, and at the end of the day, I wish I just got a QLED as to not have to worry about it. I do understand that every now and then I can game all day and not worry about it, but the thing is that having an OLED is just something you have to look after and be aware of. So if you game a lot, I wouldn't recommend an OLED at all. It's incredible watching movies/tv shows on though!!!

                • @onlinepred:

                  if you game ALOT, then you will get burn in over time.

                  MAY get burn in. Tests done by RTINGS and Vincent Teoh (Vincent's were far shorter) suggest that burn in should not be an issue at all.
                  RTINGS are over 9,000 hours in on their test, the FIFA18 screen has some issues, the CoD one does't.
                  What I would like to see is how much of an issue those panels that now have some uniformity issues are in general viewing.

                  • @snuke: Yep 100%. My old man ran channel 9 for 4 hours a day for 3 months and got burn in so bad it's mostly unwatchable (for me at least as I'm picky - hence why I bought an OLED). Each to their own, you can see how long you go without issue, but it's at your own risk hey. There are many that have had burn in within months of use, while others like rtings aren't seeing much at all even after very prolonged use.

                • @onlinepred: Even if you got burn in wouldn't you get warrenty on it? I wouldn't worry.

                  • @Orazio: No, if you really push there might be a chance, but burn in is not covered under warranty. Both LG and Sony do not cover it.

                    • @onlinepred: Everything I've seen online indicates LG are especially forgiving with burn in, even out of warranty and will fully replace your panel.

                      • @Sliver37: I would hope so, but just saying that they explicitly do not cover it under warranty. I think they should, and as you say some people are getting it replaced, but it's worth knowing that it isn't explicitly covered.

                    • @onlinepred: They wouldn't have a choice, and why there are several responses in the deal about full replacements or refunds outside of warranty period. Aus Consumer Law trumps any and all manufacturer warranty.

                      Part of this vague law is that if you wouldn't purchase X (TV) product because it acted like Y (Burn In) then you are entitled to a replacement or refund.

                      My 2016 Apple 16" Macbook Pro had an issue with its screen, and issue that is part of a few class action law suits in the US as the 13" is being warranted . I took it in, and they said "Yep, easy warranty, under Aus Consumer Law we will replace the screen at no charge"

                      • @snuke: Look I think we discussed it enough, but it's a limitation of the technology they use. It's in the manual.

                        You can't compare to your Macbook pro at all. That is a fault in a product.

                        If I buy a blender, and the manual says don't run it for longer than 5 mins, and I run it for 20 mins and it breaks, I'm not covered. If I have a mixer that says do not use mixer for dough that weights more than 3kgs, and I put 5kg of dough in and it breaks, I'm not covered.

                        With OLED you could claim stupidity and ignorance perhaps, say that you expect a TV to last no matter what tech they used and how you treated it, but at the end of the day, it's not explicitly covered under warranty, I couldn't care less if some people are able to get it replaced, I'm just letting it be known that both LG and Sony do not cover it in their written warranty.

                        • @onlinepred:

                          If I buy a blender, and the manual says don't run it for longer than 5 mins, and I run it for 20 mins and it breaks, I'm not covered.

                          Correct, you are using it outside of it's design/engineering parameters. Watching a TV, does not fall outside the design/engineering parameters of a TV, you are doing exactly what it was designed for.

                          it's in the manual.

                          I went over the last 4 years worth of manuals to see how it progressed. What is clear is that none say long term image retention is not a warranty. At best they only cover the topic of short term image retention.

                          Here is the the thing, the manual could very clearly state that any type of image retention is not covered by warranty, and that would be absolutely nothing in Australia, as Aus Consumer Law trumps any claims they make if you are using a product as intended. I import and distribute many things across two different industries, several of my brands have sections on their website just like LG do to cover Aus Consumer law, here is LGs:

                          Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

                • @onlinepred: Hmm.

                  I was going to get one for the PS5/XBX, but all this burn in has me worried now.

    • Doubt you will see below $2800 anytime soon, maybe low $3k next 2-4months, no Panasonic competition here anymore, rrp up from last year (I think), lack of stock retailers not dropping prices aggressively due to pandemic, 55” CX overpriced & still hasn’t seen a reasonable drop yet, no tgg or bing lee 20% off eBay sale yet this year, 48” model out soon, still to early in the cycle to see CX 65” near $2800

      • RRP is down, pricing is down compared to this time last year as well. Maybe read into what you're advising on before you start advising people?


        Last year's model didn't reach this price until September, this year's model hit it in May before stock dried up. Next major price drop won't be until October, but clearly stock is rolling back in now.

        • “ Maybe read into what you're advising on before you start advising people?” wow calm down, you stated your opinion on price I stated mine, end of the day I really don’t give a Fck, hope it gets cheaper as quick as possible, for today this the best price longer you wait no doubt it will be cheaper all the best 👍

          • @RogueWolf: Mate I'm all for your right to an opinion, but just double check basic facts, because they're not hard to find on this website, or to Google.

            At least I assume you're here because you're doing a bit of product research?

        • Dunno if you've been living under a rock, but you can't compare this year to previous years for fairly obvious reasons.

          • @iMagoo: And I didn't: prices have only just normalised again now, but they're still ahead of last year at the same time.

            The parts for this stuff are made and assembled in China, Korea and Taiwan, two of which barely saw a hitch from covid, but all of which are through the other side.

            It just comes down to demand, which has settled in this price bracket, and shipping delays, which have also subsided.

            New consoles aren't going to see a huge spike in demand for 4k TVs because they've been the standard TV offering for 5 years. The vast majority of people aren't going to go spend $1500+ just for a 120Hz panel if they already have a 4k TV, especially with how limited 120Hz support appears to be currently.

            Further to this, the first year of console sales tends to be quite slow. This time will be different, but globally you're still only looking at 20 million units at most, as people struggle to justify the higher price right now when games are still being designed for the previous generation.

            Sony and XBox seem to be going hard on forward compatibility and bringing exclusives to PC, so they both know they have a weak sales pitch all things considered.

            But sure, I'm the one fumbling around with rocks.

  • I've just ordered - Great timing as I started looking into a new TV a few days ago. According to rtings this TV is pretty much the gold standard for OLED especially at this price range.

    Previous years C9 is the same if not slightly better, and has been on sale for cheaper in the past but pretty sure stock doesnt exist for it anymore.

  • I've waited long enough so I might as well wait for a better price.

  • Great TV, worth every penny.

    • I actually don't think it's worth anything over $2600 as an OLED. I got the C9 for $2550 last year, I would probably consider an LCD next time around. I worry way too much with this OLED tv.

  • This sucks. Just had an option for refund or replacement unit. Chose replacement as refund would be stuck with JB hifi. If anyone interested for a 55 and want to swap with the difference, ping me please! Great find.

  • Bought c9 55 inch for $1800.

    • Any idea what sort of difference there is between the CX and BX?

        • https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-cx-vs-lg-bx/10619...

          RTINGS really are losing all credibility with me, they gloss over so much vital information it's ridiculous. I downvoted their CX vs C9 video because they presented false info about the 40Gbps on the CX and completely missing the detail that CX doesn't pass through DTS while the C9 does.

          This CX vs BX misses a massive detail in the difference in processor. The BX has the Alpha 7 while the CX has the Alpha 9.
          The Alpha 9 being more powerful will likely receive firmware updates for longer than the Alpha 7.

          The CX is 50% brighter than the BX, in the "Real World" test, that is not a small difference, that is huge.

          As always, it comes down to what the extra benefits are worth to you. Everything has a value, and maybe those extras simply aren't worth the extra $500 or so, and you can't argue with that.

          • @snuke: Everyone's requirements are going to be different and i'll keep this short.

            Processor upgrade doesn't mean much too me. Unless algorithms have been rewritten to take advantage of faster processor and actually make a real difference, i don't care, i couldn't see a difference in picture/motion. I use external players i.e Shield/PC to play content, so slightly faster webos doesn't mean anything to me, neither do upgrades unless they unlock some massive picture difference, which is unlikely.

            "50% brighter for HDR": remember eye perceives light in a logarithmic manner and most will only notice brightness differences of around 100nits, so while 50% more sounds a lot, 200 nits difference in real world scenes is not much at all.

            You are right regarding value, some might see these things as worth it :).

  • Great set, had a B6, got a full refund, store credit … got this + gift cards. Best bit was the fact I bought it via a 20% off paypal deal (which was capped at $1000) and also cashrewards. Anyway the math worked out well, essentially I paid $3200 to have a B6 for four years and then a free upgrade to a CX :) Got one of the first CX's into the country. The colour profiles out of box are fantastic (unlike the B6 which was terrible with skin tones for some reason)

    • About to embark on the same journey. Instead of getting store credit, got the replacement as I bought it on a discount. C6..infact, if I can, I will try to buy this unit as this is the last 3d curved TVs.

      • lol my step parents got a C6. TBH the way the curve focused any light sources back at you was a real pain, and I'm pretty sure the 3d was never used.

        • I don't have that problem as it is not in front of direct sunlight. Played tomb raider in 3d. Pretty good for 1.5 hrs at a time. "auto 3d" was not that bad tbh. The tech could have been great if it is was supported further.

          Given that they will most likely junk the set (can't repair) and sent to landfill or something, I would love to buy it and have a second set :) Not sure what they would say.

    • Was this due to image burn?

      • A dead spot in a corner. I never mentioned consumer guarantees, they said because of the purchase price they were transferring it to a special team. Originally they were going to repair (which I was fine with), but then the repairer said they had no idea when or if they would get replacement screens. So they offered full refund. Took a couple of months, but I was always polite and not pushy

        Think the court case from a year or so ago sorted them out.

        • Thanks for the info. My 55 B6 has bad burn in. Got a ticket going with LG support - warranty/consumer guarantees not mentioned at all yet.

          Can't say I'm looking forward to the months of back and forth. Paid $3400 for mine back in Sep 16…

  • when is the 48" releasing?

  • Is this worth jumping on?

    I'm looking to pick up one before the first week of October. (My old Panasonic 54 plasma refuses to kick the bucket but moving to a new house I've decided it's time).,,

    • I'm in the same boat, old Panasonic just refuses to fail after 11 years. But it's time for an upgrade.

    • My Samsung plasma is still going strong after nearly ten years, and I honestly don't see any compelling reason to upgrade. 4k PS4 would be nice, but not for $4k.

    • Is this worth jumping on?

      Better off getting a trampoline, cheaper and will last longer.

  • Disappointing they won't ship to Perth.

  • I love my C8. HDMI 2.1 with VRR and higher 4K refresh rates would be nice, but i'll probably wait for next year's model

  • Not really a bargain?
    Can be head for $3.43k no?

  • Anyone have a recommended table top TV stand VESA mount so I can fit an LG SN11RG soundbar under it (63mm in height), the stock mount sits it too low. Don't have the ability to wall mount unfortunately. Ideally the stand would place it just above the soundbar ~65mm-70mm in height with the ability to swivel. I'm conscious of the VESA mounting holes being situated quite low on the rear of the TV and don't want it to be elevated more than necessary.